›› 2010, Vol. 49 ›› Issue (增刊01): 53-59.

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关金平1,钟永浩2,王炼军2,林 琳2,朱 竑2   

  1. (1.同济大学 交通运输工程学院,上海 200092;2.中山大学地理科学与规划学院,广东 广州 510275)
  • 收稿日期:2009-10-29 修回日期:1900-01-01

What is the Future of Water Bus Research on Reasons of Low Riding Rate of Water Bus in Guangzhou

GUAN Jinping1,ZHONG Yonghao2,WANG Lianjun2,LIN Lin2,ZHU Hong2   

  1. 1.Tongji University School of transportation Engineering,Shanghai 200092,China;2.Geography and Planning School of Sun Yatsen University,Guangzhou 510275,China
  • Received:2009-10-29 Revised:1900-01-01

摘要: 作为有河流经过的城市中独特的交通方式,水上巴士是城市发展与城市交通的重要组成部分。然而,广州水上巴士客流量少、存在低乘坐率问题。通过调查和数据分析,得出结论:现有站点设置虽合理,但线路较短,部分江段缺乏站点设置;候船时间长、收船早,对公众出行选择水上巴士影响较大;水上巴士与其他交通方式一体化换乘接驳较差,公交、地铁站距水上巴士码头500 m以外,对远距离潜在乘客吸引较弱;应借召开亚运会契机,将交通、休闲两功能结合,发展其为休闲性交通方式。研究成果将为广州水上巴士未来发展提出建议,为城市发展与交通规划的政府决策提供技术支持。

关键词: 广州水上巴士, 乘坐率低, 休闲性交通, 规划决策

Abstract: As the unique traffic mode of city that has river flowing through, water bus is an important part of urban development and urban transportation. However, water bus in Guangzhou exists problems like low passenger flows and low riding rate. Through survey and data analysis, the conclusions are drawn out as follows: the current setting of stations is reasonable, but the line is quite short and lack of stations in some river reaches; long waiting time for water bus and short operation time, which influence the public choosing water bus as travel choices; the transfer between water bus and other traffic modes is not good enough, and bus station/metro station are over 500 meters away from water bus station, which leads to the poor attraction to potential passengers; it should use the chance of holding Asian Games to combine the transport function and leisure function of water bus together and develop water bus into a traffic mode with leisure. Such conclusions of the research will provide suggestions for the future development of water bus in Guangzhou, and provide technical supports for decisionmaking of government in urban development and traffic planning.

Key words: water bus in Guangzhou, low riding rate, transport with leisure, decisionmaking in planning