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吴剑龙,胡学森,马 林   

  1. (中山大学化学与化学工程学院,广东 广州 510275)
  • 收稿日期:2009-11-10 修回日期:1900-01-01
  • 通讯作者: 马林

The Study of Antioxidant Activity of Polyhydroxybenzophenones

WU Jianlong, HU Xuesen, MA Lin   

  1. (School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,Sun Yansen University, Guangzhou 510275,China)
  • Received:2009-11-10 Revised:1900-01-01

摘要: 采用FriedelCrafts反应合成18个多羟基二苯甲酮系列化合物,并从清除羟基自由基和超氧阴离子自由基能力两个方面研究了该系列化合物的体外抗氧化活性。结果表明,该系列化合物对上述两种自由基有较好的清除效果,其中羟基自由基的清除能力比Vc强,而超氧阴离子自由基的清除能力比Vc稍弱。本文的研究填补了多羟基二苯甲酮系列化合物在抗氧化性能研究的空白,为该类抗氧化剂的设计合成提供了有益参考。

关键词: 多羟基二苯甲酮, 抗氧化性, 羟自由基, 超氧阴离子自由基

Abstract: This experiment is designed to synthesize 18 kinds of polyhydroxybenzophenone by using FriedelCrafts reaction, and measure the oxidation resistance from eliminating hydroxyl radical and superoxide anion radical in vitro of them. The result comes out that most of them have relatively good ability of eliminating hydroxyl radical and superoxide anion radical comparing with Vitamin C. The study of antioxidant activity of polyhydroxybenzophenone is a good reference to designing and synthesizing antioxidant of polyhydroxybenzophenone.

Key words: polyhydroxybenzophenone, antioxidant activity, hydroxyl radical, superoxide anion radical