›› 2014, Vol. 53 ›› Issue (5): 29-31.

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Study of Silicon Dioxide Masking Layer in IBC Solar Cell

LI Li, JIANG Chenming, HUANG Ming, SHEN Hui   

  • Received:2013-10-11 Online:2014-09-25 Published:2014-09-25

Abstract: In the fabrication process of interdigitated back contact (IBC) solar cell,one is using SiO2 as a masking layer after boron diffusion and then diffusing phosphorus is used to form local back surface field (LBSF). Under the protection of SiO2, the p-type emitter would stay unchanged and the area without SiO2 will become n+ LBSF. A gap covered with SiO2 separates the emitter and LBSF. Thickness of thermal oxidation SiO2 in different temperatures, from 0 nm to 124 nm, is investigated. Sheet resistance, minority carrier lifetime and diffusion profile by ECV before and after phosphorus diffusion are measured to see the effect of different silicon dioxide masking layers. With all these factors taken into consideration, the best thermal oxidation technique is determined for the following process of the IBC solar cell.

Key words: IBC solar cell;SiO2 mask, sheet resistance, minority carrier lifetime, ECV

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