›› 2014, Vol. 53 ›› Issue (5): 14-19.

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Fingerprint Image Watermarking Algorithm Based on Block Compressed Sensing with Variable Sampling Rates

ZHAO Huimin,CAI Jun,WEI Wenguo   

  • Received:2014-04-28 Online:2014-09-25 Published:2014-09-25

Abstract: Content protection of fingerprint image is an important application field for information security, and robustness is a key techniques. An actualization method of block compressed sensing watermarking (BCSW) with variable sampling rates is proposed to aim at content security protection problem. Firstly, the watermark image of fingerprint is performed discrete wavelet transform (DWT), and divided into several sub block in which the block size can be adjusted according to structure features of the blocking image. Secondly, block-based compressed-sensing sampling is deployed independently within each subband of each decomposition level of a wavelet transform of an image. Finally, the formed watermark data are embedded into all sub-blocks of the LLn sub-band of the transformed host image by using quantization technique. Experimental results show that the introduction of compressed sensing theory improves the robustness and security of the protected fingerprint image.

Key words: compressed sensing, fingerprint image, variable sampling rates, content protection, watermark

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