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    25 January 2011, Volume 50 Issue 1
    Singularity Expansions for the Solutions of a Class of Modified Hammerstein Equations
    CHEN Jie;ZHANG Yongdong
    2011, 50(1):  1-3. 
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    It is important to obtain the singularity expansions of the solutions of the integral equations, which reflect the physical characteristic of the equations and allow us to have approximate solutions with physical significance. The singularity expansions of the solutions of the weakly singular modified Hammerstein equations with logarithm kernel are obtained.
    Existence and Uniqueness for m-point Boundary Value Problem of Fractional Differential Equation
    WANG Jinhua;;ZHAO Yulin ;XIANG Hongjun
    2011, 50(1):  4-8. 
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    Using fixedpoint theorems, sufficient conditions for the existence and uniqueness for mpoint boundary value problem of fractional differential equations are established. Moreover, examples are given to show the effectiveness of our works.
    Solving Nonlinear Equations Based on Improved Genetic Algorithm
    YAN Lewei;CHEN Shuhui
    2011, 50(1):  9-13. 
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    Some methods such as population isolation mechanism, optimum reserved strategy, arithmetic crossover, adaptive random mutation and heterogeneous strategy are used to improve genetic algorithm. Besides the advantage that the optimal solution can be found only by the value of objective function, the local searching capability is enhanced in this improve genetic algorithm. This algorithm is applied to solve nonlinear equations. Numerical examples demonstrated that this algorithm can solve the optimization problem which has nonlinear equality constraint. Furthermore, the heterogeneous strategy speeds up the process of convergence and raises the convergence probability of global optimal solution.
    Static Output Feedback Control for a Interconnected Systems
    GUO Gang;NIU Wensheng;CUI Xining;ZHU Min
    2011, 50(1):  14-17. 
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    The problem of decentralized static output feedback control for a nonlinear interconnected system which is composed by a number of TakagiSugeno (TS) fuzzy bilinear subsystems with interconnections is presented. Based on the Lyapunov criterion, some sufficient stabilization conditions are derived for the whole closeloop fuzzy interconnected systems. The stabilization conditions are further formulated into linear matrix inequalities (LMI) so that the corresponding decentralized controllers can be easily obtained by using the Matlab LMI toolbox. Finally, a simulation example shows that the approach is effective.
    A Negotiation Based on Improved Genetic Algorithm and Its Application in Competitive E-commerce
    LI Jian; JING Bo;YUAN Caixia
    2011, 50(1):  18-22. 
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    To make the agents negotiate more efficiently in bilateral multi-issue negotiation in multi-agent based competitive e-commerce, an agent negotiation model in competitive environment is presented, and the Improved Genetic Algorithm (IGA) is applied in the model to enhance the negotiation efficiency. After 1000 times of experiments for the four kinds of agents in the same condition, the Standard Genetic Algorithm (SGA) averagely needs negotiation of 360 runs, Genetic Algorithm based on Metropolis rule (MGA) averagely needs 230 runs, Adaptive Genetic Algorithm AGA averagely needs 207 runs, while the IGA averagely needs only 151 runs. The experiment results show that the IGA can gain the optimal negotiation result more efficiently than other three kinds of genetic algorithms in competitive bilateral multi-issue negotiation.
    Stage Structured Predatorprey Model with Impulsive Perturbations on Beneficial Insect and Delay
    CHENG Huidong
    2011, 50(1):  23-26. 
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    Predatorprey model of a stage structured impulse delay HollingII functional response, in which predator(natural enemy )is released impulsively and the prey has stage structured and maturation time delay are discussed, and a systematic mathematical and ecological study are performed. Using the discrete dynamical system determined by the stroboscopic map, we obtain the existence of pesteradication periodic solution. And show that the pesteradication periodic solution is unique and globally attractive by using the basis of impulse and delay differential equation. Further, we prove that if the pulse releasing rate or impulsive period for natural enemy is within an appropriate range, the pest population can be controlled under the economic injury level(EIL)E, that is, the pest population and the natural enemy population may coexist. The results provide reliable tactical basis for the practical pest management.

    Inequalities for Two nDimensional Simplexes with Applications
    YANG Shiguo;QIAN Di
    2011, 50(1):  27-30. 
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    Using the theory and method of distance geometry, the problems about geometric inequalities for the edgelengths and volumes of two n dimensional simplexes in the Euclidean space E-n are studied. Two geometric inequalities for the edgelengths and volumes of two n dimensional simplexes are established,and the n dimensional Pedoe inequality and PengChang inequality are improved.
    Continuoustime Meanvariance Optimal Portfolio Selection with Regime Switching when Stock Prices Follow Geometric Levy Processes
    WU Huiling;LI Zhongfei 
    2011, 50(1):  31-33. 
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    A continuoustime meanvariance portfolio selection model when stock prices follow geometric Levy processes is investigated. The primal parameters, such as the interest rate of riskless asset and the Levy measure, depend on the market states modulated by a continuoustime Markov chain. The existence of optimal solutions is analyzed, and the optimal strategy and the efficient frontier of the model in closedform are derived by dynamic programming. 
    Breaking Traveling Wave Solutions of KadomtsevPetrishvili Equation with Nonlinear Dispersive Terms
    GAO Zhenghui;YANG Liu
    2011, 50(1):  34-38. 
    Asbtract ( 1255 )   PDF (877KB) ( 129 )  
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    Bifurcation phase portraits of traveling wave solution for KadomtsevPetrishvili equation with nonlinear dispersive terms are given by using bifurcation theory of dynamical systems. Parametric representations of breaking traveling wave solutions of KadomtsevPetrishvili equation with nonlinear dispersive terms are obtained.

    The Research on Capacity Optimization of “WindPhotovoltaic” Hybrid Power System Based on GBMMAS Algorithm
    XIE Lei;WANG Fei;YU Shijie;CHEN Xiaogao
    2011, 50(1):  39-43. 
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    The research focus on the optimization of components capacity of “WindPhotovoltaic” hybrid system under the premise of reliable power supply. A Graphbased “MaxMin” Ant System algorithm (GBMMAS) has been proposed to optimize levelized cost of energy (LCE) of system under the premise of certain loss power supply probability (LPSP), and finally figured out system components capacity corresponding to minimized LCE. The simulation and operation results show that the optimization algorithm proposed is effective, the optimization results is reasonable and feasible.

    Study on the Energy Consumption Economy of Electric Vehicle Based on Test Bench Simulation
    LIU Zhongtu;WU Qinglong;ZONG Zhijian
    2011, 50(1):  44-48. 
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    The evaluation of EV energy consumption economy is emphasized because of energy and environmental issues. The work studies the energy consumption economy based on the method of test bench simulation, which included a dynamometer and related software. Taking the ECUV vehicle as an object, hundred kilometer energy consumption is tested in different vehicle speeds and driving cycles.Energy consumption economic characteristic curve is depicted in figure and drving range is calculated. Vehicle mass influence on the energy consumption economy is analyzed through testing the EVs hundred kilometer energy consumption. The result is used to improve the ECUV vehicle energy consumption performance and increase the driving range,and also provides the references for the development of other EVs.

    Excited States of PuO3 in External Electric Fields
    XIE Andong; WU Donglan; LUO Wenlang; RUAN Wen; ZHOU Lingling
    2011, 50(1):  49-52. 
    Asbtract ( 1149 )   PDF (899KB) ( 121 )  
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    The ground states of PuO3 under different electric fields ranging from 0.005 to 0.005 a.u. have been optimized using density functional theory DFT/B3LYP with RECP for Pu and 6-311+G* for O. The excitation energies and oscillator strengths have been calculated under the same electric fields employing the time-dependent DFT method. The results show that the electronic state and excitation energy are strongly dependent on the field strength of applied electric field. The total energy of the ground state decreases linearly with the applied field strength. The dependence of the calculated excitation energies on the applied electric field strength is fitting well to the relationship proposed by Grozema. The excitation energies of the first five excited states of PuO3 decrease as the applied electric field increases because the energy gap between the HOMO and LUMO become close with the field, which shows that the molecule is easy to be excited under electric field and hence can be easily dissociated. The spectra of the first five-excited-electron of PuO3 are in the region of far infrared. The wavelength is in 900.2~2063.3 nm
    LSSVM Prediction Model for Chaotic Time Series Based on Reduction Strategy
    XIONG Shenghua;ZHOU Cuiying
    2011, 50(1):  53-57. 
    Asbtract ( 1395 )   PDF (1470KB) ( 135 )  
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    As chaotic time series are large, least squares support vector machines(LSSVM) have disadvantages of bigger memory spending and slower training speed on prediction. According to data characteristic of large chaotic time series, it adopts ideas of data sets partition and data correlation coefficient to propose a LSSVM prediction model for large chaotic time series based on new reduction strategy. The model partitions large chaotic time series is split up into several different subsets based on the mean cycle of chaotic time series.Some nonsupport vectors from all subsets is reduced except the end based on the values of Lagrange multipliers.The reduced data sets combines with the end subset based on the correlation coefficients,and is used to regress and predict by LSSVM method. The proposed model is applied to the forecast of large chaotic time series on correlative experiments,and the results show it hardly loses prediction precision and takes quicker training speed.
    Zero Steadystate Error Tracking Control on Output Current of Gridconnected Photovoltaic Power Conditioning System
    ZHOU Longhua;WANG Fei 
    2011, 50(1):  58-63. 
    Asbtract ( 1473 )   PDF (1483KB) ( 151 )  
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    The output current tracking control for inverter is crucial for gridconnected photovoltaic power conditioning (PVPC) system. Firstly, the work builds the threephase PVPC model and analyzes its dynamic structure, introduces the feedforward compensation strategy for grid voltage disturbance. The current closedloop system is simplified to analyze the PI control correction technology. A zero steadystate error traking technology is presented for inverter output currents to make the system output current track the gridconnected order current in real time, eliminating the effect of grid voltage disturbance. Finally, simulation and prototype experiment results validate that the control strategy is reasonable, reliable and practical.
    Study on Interaction Between Undercrossing Shield Tunneling and Adjacent Structure in Different Distance
    FANG Ming;LIU Zhen;ZHOU Cuiying;SHI Haiou
    2011, 50(1):  64-69. 
    Asbtract ( 1388 )   PDF (1523KB) ( 128 )  
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    The influence of undercrossing shield tunneling and its interaction with surrounding environment is one of the hot issues in the underground engineering field. The urban tunnel construction will cause the deformation or even damage of the nearby buildings. With the construction of undercrossing tunnels, more and more undercrossing tunnels are adjacent buildings. It is a crucial problem to ensure the safety for stabilizing the superstructure and undercrossing tunnels. By means of 3D-FEM, the undercrossing shield tunneling construction of adjacent structures is simulated and studied. The results show that the influence of adjacent structure on the undercrossing shield tunneling construction cannot be neglected, and the influence scope can be expressed by L/D, which L is defined as level distance from the new tunnel axis to building axis and D is defined as outer diameter of tunnel. When L/D =0 to 2, undercrossing shield tunnel construction has great influence on building, especially, the building is in danger when L/D =1.5. When L/D=0 to 3, the value of the existing tunnel deformation and the new tunnel lining force increases obviously. Out of the region, the influence on the buildings is ignored.
    Triterpene Saponins Isolated from Ilex pubescens (Ⅲ)
    ZHANG Cuixian;LIN Chaozhan;YANG Jinyan;XIONG Tianqin;DENG Jiewei;WEI Yulong;ZHAO Zhongxiang;ZHU Chenchen
    2011, 50(1):  70-74. 
    Asbtract ( 1458 )   PDF (1159KB) ( 128 )  
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    Traditional chinese medicine of Ilex pubescens (Mao-Dong-Qing) is commonly used to treat the cardiovascular diseases in South China. The preliminary bioassays showed that the total saponins isolated from Ilex pubescens exhibited significant potent degrading the plasma viscosity in rats. Meanwhile, our recent works indicated that the n-BuOH soluble fractions of ethanol extract (70%) from the root of the same species obviously inhibited the contraction (60 μg/mL) of rabbit thoracic aorta induced by norpinephrine in vitro. As a continuation of bioactive constituent from the n-BuOH of Ilex pubescens, five triterpene saponins were isolated. Their structures were elucidated by chemical, physical methods and spectroscopic analysis methods. As a result, they were identified as mussaendoside R (1), ziyu-glycoide I (2), Lucyoside H (3), ilexoside A (4), ilexoside O (5), excepescially. Compounds 1, 2 and 3 were firstly obtained from Ilex pubescens.
    The Effect of NanoCaCO3 on PC/PS Properties before and after Physical Aging
    LI Gu;WANG Qingguo ;DING Qian ;JIANG Juan;;MAI Kancheng;
    2011, 50(1):  75-78. 
    Asbtract ( 1208 )   PDF (891KB) ( 118 )  
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    The glass transition (Tg), β relaxation and dynamic mechanical properties of PC/PS/ nanoCaCO3 and PC/PS/encapsulated nanoCaCO3 composites before and after physical aging were characterized by DSC and DMA analysis, in order to study the effect of nanofillers on the segment relaxation movement of PS. The results showed that the nanoCaCO3 accelerated the segment relaxation of PS due to the weak interaction between the matrix and the nanoparticles, the Tg, loss modulus peak temperature and β relaxation temperature of PS phase decrease. On the contrary, encapsulated nanoCaCO3 preferred to improve the interface interaction and thus increased the Tg temperature, the loss modulus peak temperature,β relaxation temperature and storage modulus of PC/PS/encapsulated nanoCaCO3 composites compared with PC/PS/nanoCaCO3 composites. The Tg and enthalpy loss of PC/PS, PC/PS/nano CaCO3 and PC/PS/encapsulated nanoCaCO3 composites all increased with the time of physical aging, but the increment was fewer for PC/PS/encapsulated nanoCaCO3 composites. Physical aging induced different enhancement in the storage modulus of PC/PS/nanoCaCO3 composite.
    Investigation on the Reaction of Ciprofloxacin and Chlorine
    ZHOU Haiyun;OUYANG Qunxiang;PENG Minzhi;LI Wei
    2011, 50(1):  79-84. 
    Asbtract ( 1306 )   PDF (1404KB) ( 104 )  
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    In the present study, the reaction of ciprofloxacin with free available chlorine was investigated. The reaction products were concentrated and isolated by solid phase column and analyzed by Mass Spectrometry and NMR. Five products were identified,in which monochloro and dichloroquinolones were the major compounds. Mass fragment pathways of identified products were also elucidated. Chlorination reaction center concentrated on the position C3 and C8 of the quinolone ring. Besides of chlorination, the piperazine ring on the position C7 of the quinolone ring was broken to form amine. The side chain alkylamine was further dealkylation and hydroxylation.
    Preparation and Characterization of La-CdS/TiO2 Photocatalyst
    GAO Hongtao;LIU Yuanyuan
    2011, 50(1):  85-88. 
    Asbtract ( 1481 )   PDF (1068KB) ( 110 )  
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    The La-CdS/TiO2 photocatalysts were prepared using hydrothermal method by metal doping coupled with semiconductor composite method. The products were characterized by SEM, XRD and UVvisible DRS, respectively. The photocatalytic performances of samples were studied on the degradation of methyl orange (MO). It was found that the absorption of La-CdS/TiO2 enhanced significantly, both in ultraviolet and visible light region. And the absorption edge was 452 nm, which shifted to the low energies (visible light region). Compared to bare TiO2, La doping reduced combination rates of the electronhole pairs and the coupled of CdS improved the response of TiO2 to visible light, which resulted in the optical response enhancement. After being irradiated for 15 minutes, the degradation rate on MO for the La-CdS/TiO2 catalyst almost reached 99%.
    Prediction of Potential Distribution Areas of Olive Fruit Fly(Bactrocera oleae) in China
    ZHANG Xue; LI Baini;WEI Wu;ZHANG Wenjun
    2011, 50(1):  89-91. 
    Asbtract ( 1494 )   PDF (953KB) ( 131 )  
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    Two ecological niche models, GARP and MAXENT, were used to simulate the ecological conditions of the olive fruit fly, Bactrocera oleae. Suitability analysis and Geographic Information System (GIS) were applied to simulate potential distribution areas of the olive fruit fly in China. The GARP results showed that the most areas of southern China are the suitable areas of olive fruit fly. MAXENT model showed that the provinces in southwest China,Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan and Guangxi are suitable distribution areas of the olive fruit fly. Comprehensive analysis indicated that Yunnan, Sichuan and Guizhou are the most suitable distribution areas of the olive fruit fly.

    Molecular Cloning and Expression Analysis of Transforming Growth Factorβ1(TGFβ1) from OrangeSpotted Grouper (Epinephelus coioides)
    PING Hailin;WU Jinying;XU Shengwei;HU Kaishun;DUAN Zhigang
    2011, 50(1):  92-98. 
    Asbtract ( 1334 )   PDF (1719KB) ( 116 )  
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    Transforming growth factorβ1 (TGFβ1) is a highly conserved pleiotropic cytokine. In this study, we presented the bioinformatics analysis of TGFβ1 fulllength cDNA sequences from orangespotted grouper (Epinephelus coioides). The full length cDNA is 2477 bp, which contains an ORF of 1161 bp, encoding a 386 amino acids protein. Realtime PCR results showed that TGFβ1 mRNA was predominantly expressed in the kidney, followed by head kidney and spleen of the healthy orangespotted grouper. The expression of TGFβ1 in isolated headkidney lymphocytes was upregulated treated with PolyI:C or ConA, and peaked at 4 hours after stimulation. Lymphocytes groups which were treated with PolyI:C had little TGFβ1 expression after 16 and 24 hours, while the expression of TGFβ1 was significantly higher than the control groups during the whole experimental processing time treated with ConA. In conclusion, we found the structure and expression pattern of grouper TGFβ1 was similar to those of other fish.
    Expression and Localization of Uncoupling Protein 3 and Heart Fatty Acidbinding Protein in Skeletal Muscle Cells of Nuogu Pig
    WANG Yang;RAN Xueqin;WANG Jiafu;;FENG Chengcheng;HU Qian
    2011, 50(1):  99-103. 
    Asbtract ( 1125 )   PDF (1911KB) ( 120 )  
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    Uncoupling protein 3 (UCP3) and heart fatty acidbinding protein (HFABP) are pivotal in the regulation of fat metabolism in skeletal muscle cells. Taking binary crossbreed pig of Large White pig and Landrace as control, the expression and localization of UCP3 and HFABP genes and proteins are detected in the skeletal muscle cells by reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RTPCR) and histological and immunohistochemistry methods. The results show that both of UCP3 and HFABP are detected in the cytoplasm of muscle cells from Nuogu pig and crossbreed pig. Compared with crossbreed pig, however, the expressions of UCP3 and HFABP in Nuogu pig breed are significantly lower based on the scan results of mean optical density (mOD) of positive pellets in the muscle cells. And the content of serum free fatty acids and intramuscular fat (IMF) of skeletal muscle are much higher in Nuogu pig breeds together with larger muscle cells and intracellular spaces. It sounds that the absorption of fatty acids from blood is less because of the lower HFABP in muscle cells of Nuogu pig. And the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is much more effective in Nuogu pig due to the lower expression of UCP3, which seems to be compensation to the less intake of fatty acids for energy supply in muscle cells of Nuogu pig. As a result, the excessive fatty acids would turn to synthesize triglyceride deposited in fat cells inside of muscle and fat tissue, which results in higher intramuscular fat (IMF) and backfat in Nuogu pig breed. It suggests that both of UCP3 and HFABP genes and the expression in the muscle cells are contributed to the meat quality and backfat traits in Nuogu pig breed.
    The Relation of Myosin Heavy Chain Isoform Change and Evoked Potential in the Lateral Gastrocnemius of Rabbits at Postnatal Development
    ZHU Daoli;SONG Xushu;XU Dagang
    2011, 50(1):  104-109. 
    Asbtract ( 1293 )   PDF (3945KB) ( 108 )  
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    In order to investigate the relation of muscle fiber MyHCs change and evoked potential of each subvolume of the lateral gastrocnemius muscle in rabbits at different postnatal ages,Each subvolume of lateral gastrocnemius muscle in rabbits at postnatal ages were examined by applying the clectronic stimulation instrument and sodium dodecyl sulphatepolyacrylamide gel eletrophoresis(SDSPAGE).The results indicated that only the intermediate subvolume's peak voltage was basically uniform,but the lateral subvolume and the medial subvolume were separately some change. At the same time,it could be seen that grown rabbit's duration was longer than infancy in spite of which subvolume. This was greatly related with the component proportion of fiber types of each subvolume. And eletrophoresis bands of myosin heavy chain isoforms(MyHCs)of each subvolume of the lateral gastrocnemius muscle in rabbits showed respectively MyHCsⅡa,MyHCsⅡd(Ⅱx),MyHCsⅡb and MyHCs I. They corresponded to the muscle fiber phenotype typeⅡA(FOG),ⅡX(FO),ⅡB (FG)and I(SO)fiber.So,the relation between difference of function,the composition of muscle fiber MyHCs and phenotype were approached during postnatal development.
    The Inhibition of Expression of SGIV ICP18GFP in FHM Cell by RNA Interferencing
    XIA Liqun ;ZHANG Honglian ;LIANG Haiying ;QIN Qiwei
    2011, 50(1):  110-114. 
    Asbtract ( 1215 )   PDF (2272KB) ( 133 )  
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    Singapore grouper iridovirus (SGIV) is a major pathogen resulting in heavy economic losses to grouper aquaculture. In this study, recombant eukaryotic vector pEGFPICP18 which inserted with SGIV ICP18 gene was transfected into Fathead minnow (FHM) cells, and ICP18GFP fusion protein was successfully expressed in FHM cells with a finely punctate cytoplasmic pattern. Candidate siRNA targeting SGIV ICP18 gene (siRNAICP18) was designed and chemically synthesized.To investigate the inhibition effect of siRNAICP18, pEGFPICP18 and siRNA were cotransfected into FHM cells, and the green fluorescence was observed by fluorescence microscope after transfection. The green fluorescence in FHM cells cotransfected with pEGFPICP18 and siRNAICP18 were 60%~80% fewer than that of negative control, which show the siRNAICP18 can effectively silence the extrinsic SGIV ICP18 gene in FHM cells during 24~48 h after transfection.
    The Fingerprint of Kouyanqing Granule
    GUAN Qianyi;HUANG Lin;PENG Wei;WANG Deqin;SU Weiwei
    2011, 50(1):  115-118. 
    Asbtract ( 1236 )   PDF (894KB) ( 113 )  
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    In this paper, the HPLC fingerprint of Kouyanqing Granule was established with Dikma PLATISIL ODS (250 mm×4.6 mm, 5 μm) column, acetonitrile and 0.1% (φ) formic acid as mobile phase, and the detection wavelength was 254 nm. 23 common peaks were selected as the fingerprint peaks. Seven of these common peaks were identified as chlorogenic acid, caffeic acid, luteolin-7-O-glucoside, harpagoside, cinnamic acid, ammonium glycyrrhetate and glycyrrhizic acid. The method established is selective, simple and reproducible, which can be used for the quality control of Kouyanqing Granule.
    Relationship Between Economic Development and Environmental Protection based on Environmental Kuznets Curve Hypothesis
    DAI Shanshan;XU Honggang;LI Jun
    2011, 50(1):  119-122. 
    Asbtract ( 1418 )   PDF (1006KB) ( 108 )  
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    An econometrical model is proposed to analyze the relationship between protected area and economic and population growth in China. The results show that the relationship meets the hypothesis of the Environmental Kuznets Curve (EKC). The transition period is when GDP per capita is located between 25 000 and 32 000 RMB. Five regions, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Zhejiang Province and Jiansu Province have gone beyond the transition period. Guangdong, Shangdong, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia and Fujian are within the transition period. The areas of their natural conservation areas Gansu, Sichuan, Qinghai and Jilin Provinces are substantial whereas natural conservation areas in Hainan and Guizhou are relatively small although they all have not entered into the transition period.

    Response Relation of Pollutant Concentration Between Outlet and Inlet Sections at Joint Nodes of Plain River Network
    HAN Longxi;;LU Dong;JI Hong
    2011, 50(1):  123-128. 
    Asbtract ( 1161 )   PDF (1301KB) ( 138 )  
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    In plain river network, joint nodes can not be ignored for exchange of water flow and pollutants from different watercourses. Response relation between outlet sections and inlet sections is an important technical parameter for water quality simulation. Aiming at the response relation research of crossed joint nodes with two inlet sections and two outlet sections, this paper builds 2-D hydraulic and water quality mathematical models and validates them by physical models. The results show that pollutant concentration differs greatly for different outlet sections. Based on the work above, a new expression of response relation and calculating equations of response coefficients are put forward. By comparing the response coefficients with those inferred from even mixing hypothesis mainly used in threestep method, obvious errors caused by even mixing hypothesis are disclosed.This study helps to improve the simulation method of plain river network water quality.
    The Ar-Ar Age of the Nanxiong Fault Zone in Guangdong Province and Their Geological Significance
    LI Chu an;ZOU Heping;
    2011, 50(1):  129-132. 
    Asbtract ( 1136 )   PDF (1070KB) ( 116 )  
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    The Nanxiong fault zone is a large-scale extension detachment structure. According to the results of Ar-Ar laser stepheating dating of the syntectonic muscovite separated from a mylonite sample in the Nanxiong fault zone, combining with the field surveying and microstructure analysis,the initial extension of the Nanxiong fault zone occurred at 117.3±2.7 Ma in Early Cretaceous.The strong extension and ductile shearing of the fault zone took place at the end of the Early Cretaceous or the beginning of the Late Cretaceous with an Ar-Ar plateau age of 94.6±0.4 Ma. Two obvious latestage thermal perturbations are revealed with the Ar-Ar ages of 88.9±1.0 Ma and 81.1±2.0 Ma. The Ar-Ar chronology data of the Nanxiong fault zone provide a new geochronological constraint on the Cretaceous lithospheric extension in South China.The transition stage from the Early Cretaceous to the Late Cretaceous is an important epoch of the lithospheric extension in the study.

    Assessment of Fractal Interpolation Method in Geochemical Exploration
    ZHANG Yan;;CHENG Qiuming;ZHOU Yongzhang;XIE Shuyun;LIU Xiaolong;XU Deyi
    2011, 50(1):  133-137. 
    Asbtract ( 1361 )   PDF (1935KB) ( 170 )  
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    The common geochemical data usually show a normal distribution while the abnormal data exhibit a fractal distribution and local singularity. Three typical interpolation methods, IDW, Kriging and fractal, were discussed in this study.The conclusions are as follows: three methods have almost the same effect on the data with normal distribution; fractal interpolation is better than IDW and Kriging for the data with singularity. This study can help to choose interpolation method.
    Multi-objective Programming Optimal Allocation Model of Urban Landuse Planning
    CHEN Meiying;LIU Yihua;DONG Yuxiang;ZHENG Rongbao
    2011, 50(1):  138-142. 
    Asbtract ( 1199 )   PDF (1228KB) ( 116 )  
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    Adjustment of land-use structure is essential to land-use planning, which is of great importance to promote intensive, efficient and sustainable utilization of urban land resources. Using the Gradual Easy Constraint Method(GECM),a multi-objective programming model was built and solved with the interactive adjustment method. This model aims at social, economic and ecological benefits, in which land area, land-use structure, macro programs, resources and technical are set as GECM constraints. The results show that the level of land in 2008 almost reach the rational demand in 2020. This can provide some useful information for decisionmakers.