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    25 May 2010, Volume 49 Issue 3
    Description of the Invariant F(5) of ZeroSumFree Sequence
    GUAN Huanhuan;ZENG Xiangneng;YUAN Pingzhi
    2010, 49(3):  1-4. 
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    Let G be a finite abelian group, and let S be a squarefree, zerosumfree sequence of elements in G. Let f(S) denote the number of elements in G which can be expressed as the sum over a nonempty subsequence of S. When the length of Sequals to 5, the result f(S)≥13 is obtained. All cases of S whenf(S)=13 are described.
    The Group Invariant Solutions of KdV Type Equation with Discrete Delay
    ZHAO Zhihong ;XU Yuantong;GE Weigao
    2010, 49(3):  5-7. 
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    The group invariant solutions of the KdV type equation with discrete delay ut(t,x)+u(t,x)ux(t,x)+uxxx(t,x)=g(x,u,u(t-τ,x)) are studied. According to the definition of an equivalence Lie group for delay differential equations, we construct the determining equations and admitted Lie groups of delay KdV type equation. Then the group invariant solutions of the delay KdV type equation are obtained.
    Pest Management Model with Impulsive Stocking on Beneficial Insect and Chemical Control on Pests
    CHENG Huidong
    2010, 49(3):  8-11. 
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    A stagestructured delayed pest management predatorprey model with impulsive transmitting on predators (beneficial insect) and chemical control on prey (pests) concern was considered. According to the living resources managements reality, improved the predatorprey model, sufficient condition of the global attractivity of pestexterminate periodic solution and permanence of the system were obtained. The results provide reliable tactical basis for the practical pest management.

    Periodic Solution for the Competition Model in the Unstirred Chemostat
    WANG Lijuan;;JIANG Hongling
    2010, 49(3):  12-17. 
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    The existence and stability of semitrivial periodic solutions and the existence of positive periodic solutions for the competition model in an unstirred chemostat are discussed. By using comparison theorems for parabolic equation, stability theory, the maximum principle and the theory of LeraySchauder degree, the existence and stability of semitrivial periodic solutions to the system are proved. The sufficient conditions of existence of positive periodic solutions to the system are obtained.
    Existence of Periodic Solutions for a FourthOrder pLaplacian Differential Equation
    CAO Fengjuan;HAN Zhenlai;SUN Shurong
    2010, 49(3):  18-23. 
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    By means of the generalized Mawhins continuation theorem and some inequality skills, with constructing the appropriate operators, the existence of periodic solution for a fourthorder pLapalcian differential equation is discussed. Using a improved priori estimate, combining the classify of p, two sufficient conditions are presented to guarantee the existence of at least one periodic solution for this kind of differential equations.

    TV Regularization of the Robin Inverse Problem
    DING Shengpei;YANG Hongqi
    2010, 49(3):  24-27. 
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    To investigate the Robin inverse problem. Firstly, formulate the problem to a boundary equation, then apply TV regularization method to solve it. Lastly, present the numerical examples to demonstrate the efficiency of the TV regularization.

    On Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves in Cylindrical Waveguides with Imperfectly Conducting Walls
    LIN Qionggui
    2010, 49(3):  28-33. 
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    The perturbative method for calculating the effect of imperfectly conducting walls on the propagation of electromagnetic waves in cylindrical waveguides is reformulated. The equation for calculating the corrected eigenvalues is obtained in a quite different form. In comparison with the previous result, it is physically more transparent, formally simpler and more compact, and more convenient for practical calculations. 〖JP2〗Special cases overlooked previously are discussed. Results on the coaxial line are presented.〖JP〗

    The Impact of Strong Magnetic Field on Energies of GaAs Quantum Ring with a Positive Charge Placed in the Center
    HUI Ping
    2010, 49(3):  34-37. 
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    The GaAs quantum ring energies and sizedependent effect are studied by Bspline technique in strong magnetic field. The calculated results show: In the strong magnetic field (B>3T), ground state energies E1 and absolute value of Coulomd energy EC increases with magnetic field strength 〖WTBX〗B〖WTBZ〗,and the distance between E1-B curves of different angular momentum(m=-1,-2,-3)are pulled apart by Coulomd field of positive charge placed in the center; As quantum ring radius r0 increase, every E1-r0 curve has a minimum position r00, which decreases as the magnetic field strengthB increasing, and the distance between E1-r0 curves in different magnetic field strength Bare pulled closely by Coulomd field of positive charge placed in the center; The absolute value of Coulomd energy EC decreases linearly as the magnetic field strength B increasing. The ground state energies E1increase with harmonic potential ω0, the E1-ω0 curves of different angular momentum(m=-1,-2,-3) cross each other under the impact of Coulomd field,which lead to a change of the energy levels in the order. The absolute value of Coulomd energy EC decreases nonlinearly as ω0 increasing.

    The Combined Effect of a Magnetic Field and a Charged Impurity on a 2Electron Quantum Dot
    LI Xiaozhu;LIU Yimin;HUANG Gangming
    2010, 49(3):  38-41. 
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    The property of a 2dimensional 2electron quantum dot (QD) subjected to an external magnetic field B and affected by a charged impurity is studied. The impurity is located at the zaxis by a distance d from the plane of the dot. The energy spectra of lowlying state of the QD are obtained by the exact diagonalization approach. The evolution of the angular momentum L0 and the spin S0 of the ground state in accord with B and d has been calculated, the results are summarized and plotted in a (L0,S0) diagram. The (L0,S0) diagram indicates that the transitions of L0 and S0 are matched in peculiar way.

    The Impact on Mechanical Properties of Polypropylene Fiber Reinforced Cement with Different Incorporation Rate
    CHEN Jiangping;ZHANG Yafang
    2010, 49(3):  42-46. 
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    Numuerical models of polypropylene fiber reinforced cement (PPRC) with different incorporation rate have been built to analyze PPRC material. With these models the fracture track, crack initiation, coalescence and development, interaction and final penetration have all been simulated. In the meantime, some basic issues during failure process, like spatiotemporal distribution of acoustic emission and precursor pattern of the failure have also been investigated. The results show that the toughness and the bending strength have been improved with increasing polypropylene fiber incorporation rate.

    Serial Update Scheduling Based on Weighted Average Message of Check Nodes for LDPC Codes
    HAN Guojun;;LIU Xingcheng
    2010, 49(3):  47-51. 
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    For short and middle length LDPC codes, the oscillation of LLR owing to cycles degrades the performance of BP algorithm. In order to minimize the oscillation of LLR during BP decoding process, an improved BP algorithm with serial update scheduling using weighted average message to update the message of checktovariable node is proposed. Currently computed message of checktovariable node and the message of old checktovariable node are weighted and then added up to update the message of checktovariable node. By higher weighted currently computed message of checktovariable node than the message of old checktovariable node, the improved algorithm effectively minimizes oscillation of LLR, at the same time, keeps normal BP message propagation and low compute complexity. Simulation results show that, for short and middle length LDPC codes, the improved algorithm achieves more noticeable error performance than CSBP algorithm at middle to high signal to noise ratio.

    Electron Cyclotron Current Drive in HL-2A Tokamak
    PENG Xiaowei;;GONG Xueyu;LIU Wenyan
    2010, 49(3):  52-54. 
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    A numerical simulation of electron cyclotron current drive in HL-2A tokamak is performed with the relativistic FokkerPlanck equation incorporated into a ray tracing code. With the singlenull divertor configuration on the HL-2A tokamak,the current dirve for the ordinary electron cyclotron wave, injected from the low field side, are analyzed. Numerical results show that current drive efficiency is low and can be affected dramatically by the change of temperature in HL-2A.

    A DFT Study on the Hydrolysis Mechanism of the Anticancer Complex NAMIA under Acidic Condition
    CHEN Jincan;LIAO Siyan;ZHENG Kangcheng
    2010, 49(3):  55-60. 
    Asbtract ( 1396 )   PDF (1422KB) ( 142 )  
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    The density functional theory (DFT) combined with the conductorlike polarizable calculation model (CPCM) was used to investigated the first hydrolysis step under acidic condition of a Ru (III) complex [ImH][〖WTBX〗trans〖WTBZ〗RuCl4(DMSO)(Im)](NAMIA) and the first ruthenium anticancer complex that has entered clinical testing. Full geometry optimizations and frequency calculations for each transition states and intermediate species were carried out at the UB3LYP/(LanL2DZ+6-31G(d)) level in gas phase. Singlepoint energies were calculated at the UB3LYP/(LanL2DZ(f)+6-311++G(3df,2pd) level based on the optimized structures in acidic solution. The geometrical and electronic structures, and detailed energy profiles during the hydrolysis processes of the complex were investigated. It was found interestingly that the hydrolysis of DMSO ligand in acidic solution has thermodynamic preference over the hydrolysis of Cl atom, which was in good agreement with the experimental results. Thus this work can offer a significant theoretical reference for deeply understanding the hydrolysis mechanism of NAMIA.

    Preparation of Hydrophilic Molecularly Imprinted Nanospheres and the Properties on the Drug Release and Recognition
    XU Li;HE Jianfeng
    2010, 49(3):  61-64. 
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    The orbicular molecularly imprinted polymer (OCMIP) was prepared by two steps including the precipitation polymerization and the opening the GMA epoxide ring. Then the hydrophilic external layer on the surface of OCMIP was formed. The OCMIP was characterized by infrared spectra and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Water absorption measurement showed the OCMIP had stronger water compatible than MIP. When the proportion of MAA/GMA was 1∶〖KG-*2〗1, and DVB is 3 times of MAA co GMA, the particle shapes of MIPs were uniform and the recognition and release of OCMIP in polar solvent were satisfactory.The results showed GMA added in the polymers could adjust the capability of release of the polymers certainly. After the GMA epoxide ring was opened, OCMIP synthesized was more suitable to be employed in biological media because of the reduction of nonspecific hydrophobic interactions. In addition, the polymers had the capability of recognition, also could satisfy the study of both drug recognition and sustainedrelease in polar solvent.

    Isolation and Preparation of Theacrine by HighSpeed CounterCurrent Chromatography from Camellia assamica var.kucha
    CHENG Yue;YAN Zhiyong;LU Jiali;YE Chuangxing;WANG Dongmei
    2010, 49(3):  65-69. 
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    Theacrine was prepared, isolated and purified from Camellia assamica var. kucha by highspeed countercurrent chromatography. A twophase solvent system composed of hexanedichloromethanemethanolwater (1∶5∶4∶2, v/v/v/v) was selected with comprehensive analysis of the settling time, the ratio of up and down phases volume and the K value. Five mg of theobromine, 389 mg of theacrine and 41 mg of caffeine with their purities over 99% were obtained from 222 g of the crude extract of Camellia assamica var. kucha under the condition of a flow rate of 20 mL/min, 800 r/min and the detection wavelength of 278 nm. The obtained fractions were analyzed by high perform liquid chromatography, compared with standard substance and identified by MS, 1H NMR and 13C NMR methods. Theacrine was the first time isolated from Camellia assamica var. kucha by HSCCC, which is a simple, rapid and effective method.
    GlycolFrequency MicrowaveHydrothermal Synthesis and Characterization of Excellent Quality MgAl Hydrotalcite
    WU Jiansong;LIANG Haiqun;XIAO Yingkai;LING Jiamian
    2010, 49(3):  70-74. 
    Asbtract ( 1383 )   PDF (1643KB) ( 132 )  
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    A regular nanocrystalline supramolecular MgAl hydrotalcite was prepared via glycolfrequency microwavehydrothermal using MgCl2·6H2O,AlCl3·6H2O,Na2CO3 as raw material as precipitator. Hydrotalcite samples were characterized by Xray diffraction (XRD),scan electron microscope (SEM), transmission electron microscope (TEM),IR, thermal analysis (TGDTA),and BETN2 surface area measurements. The images of SEM and TEM showed that the hydrotalcite exhibited as a homogeneous and hexagonal sheet. The XRD result indicated that the hydrotalcite was well crystallized. The influences of tradition hydrothermal, frequency microwavehydrothermal and glycolfrequency microwavehydrothermal on the sample character were investigated. A MgAl hydrotalcite with welldefined shape, obvious intercalated structure, well regular quality and welldispersing capability was obtained when glycol volume ratio was 10% at 120 ℃ for 5 h.

    Synthesis, Characterization and Crystal Structure of Organotin(Ⅳ) Compound {[(nC4H9)2Sn(05·O2CC12H10N)(05·CH3O)]2O}2
    GAO Zhongjun;ZHAO Guangwang;YIN Handong
    2010, 49(3):  75-78. 
    Asbtract ( 1483 )   PDF (870KB) ( 115 )  
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    Organotin(Ⅳ) compound {[(nC4H9)2Sn(05·O2CC12H10N)(05·CH3O)]2O}2 was synthesized by the reaction of n dibutyltin oxide with Nphenylanthranilic acid. The compound was characterized by elemental analysis, IR and 1H NMR analyses. The crystal structure was determined by Xray single crystal diffraction method. The result indicates that crystal belongs to triclinic, space group P-1 with a =1173(2) nm,b = 1256(2) nm, c= 1329(2) nm, α = 8229(3)°, β = 7183(3)°, γ = 6536(3)°, V = 1690(5) nm3, Z = 1, μ= 1509 mm-1, Dc = 1425 Mg·m-3, F(000) =736, R = 0056 9, wR = 0158 9, GOF = 1074. The complex is a centrosymmetric structure mode with a fourmember central endocyclic Sn2O2 unit in which two bridged oxygen atoms both connect with an exocyclic tin atom. The endocyclic tin atoms and the exocyclic tin atoms are all fivecoordination and have coordination geometry of distorted trigonal bipyramid.

    The Oakery Forest Ecosystem Services Evaluation in China
    GUO Hao;WANG Yuru;WANG Bing
    2010, 49(3):  79-85. 
    Asbtract ( 1311 )   PDF (1681KB) ( 174 )  
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    The forest ecosystem services evaluation is basis that knows better forest and harmonious development that human being with forest. So far there is not unitary evaluation indices system and evaluation method, though the history of forest ecosystem services evaluation research has more than 30 years. Base on the evaluation criterion of forest ecosystem services that is promulgate by State Forestry Administration, P.R.China, and observation data of Chinses Forest Ecosystem Research Network (CFERN) stations that continuous observed with many years and inventory data, the detailed and dynamic evaluation of Chinese pine forest ecosystem services in China on quantity in kind and value were done. The results showed that the total value of Chinese pine forest ecosystem services in China in the period of “The Ninth Five Plan” was 148×1012 Yuan(RMB)a year, the average value was 79 872 Yuan·hm-2·a-1. The total value of Chinese pine forest ecosystem services in China in the period of “The Tenth Five Plan” was 140×1012 Yuan(RMB)a year, the average value was 76 689 Yuan·hm-2·a-1. In the period of “The Tenth Five Plan”, the oakery forest ecosystem services in China conserved water 707×1010 m3, protected soil 582×108 t, fixed carbon 094×108 t, produced anion 185×1021 absorbed SO2 159×109 kg, retarded dustfall 384×1011 kg. Along 27 provinces that have oakery forest, the maximum quantity in kind benefit province from oakery forest ecosystem services is Heilongjiang province, the minimum quantity in kind benefit province from oakery forest ecosystem services is Qinghai province; The maximum at total value is Yunnan province, the minimum is Shanxi province.

    Opportunities for Breaking the Barriers of Wheat Yield Using Synthetic Hexaploid Wheats
    TANG Yonglu;YANG Wuyun;WEI Huiting;LI Chaosu;LI Jun
    2010, 49(3):  86-92. 
    Asbtract ( 1398 )   PDF (1544KB) ( 127 )  
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    To probe into the opportunities for breaking the barriers of wheat yield using synthetic hexaploid wheat (SHW), two sets of recombinant inbred lines (RILs), S12 (SynCD780×Chuanyu12, 131 lines) and S16 (SHWderived variety Chuanmai42×Chuannong16, 127 lines), were planted in multienvironments (year×site) in 2006-2008. Phenotypic data were collected for fifteen agronomic traits of both S12 and S16 and 280 microsatellite markers were employed to genotype lines of S16. Continuous variation and transgressive segregation for all tested traits were observed. Grain yield of superior lines in S12 was 64% higher than Chuanyu12 achieved by increasing kernel weight (≈ 10%). Average grain yield of the top ten highyielding lines in S16 was up to 79 t/hm2, 181% higher than Chuannong16 by increasing both kernel weight and grains m-2. Using singlemarker regression and interval mapping, a total of 55 putative QTLs with a LOD score >30 based on S16 were detected, of which 7 were for grain yield, 40 for yield components, and 8 for rates of grain and biomass production. For 38 (691%) of them, alleles from the SHWderived variety Chuanmai42 were associated with a positive effect on yieldrelated traits. The present studies indicated that breaking barriers of wheat yield using SHW is feasible.
    The Effects of Benzo[a]Pyrene(BaP) Exposure on the CYP1A1 mRNA and AhR2 mRNA Expression of Red Seabream (Pagrus major)
    BO Jun;WU Shijun;LI Yuhong;REN Honglin;FAN Danqing;CHEN Fangyi;WANG Kejian
    2010, 49(3):  93-97. 
    Asbtract ( 1594 )   PDF (1305KB) ( 145 )  
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    The gene expression patterns of CYP1A1 and Aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR2) of red seabream (〖WTBX〗Pagrus major〖WTBZ〗) were both measured using realtime quantitative PCR (qPCR) when fish exposed to environmentally relevant concentration of BaP (01, 05 and 10 μg/L, respectively). The results showed that CYP1A1 mRNA and AhR2 mRNA could be induced significantly, besides, the time of AhR2 mRNA induced ahead of the time of CYP1A mRNA induced. The two genes were induced markedly at the begining of BaP exposure, and then decreased to the basal levels after 72 h. The results demonstrate that BaP can regulate CYP1A1 and AhR2 transcript in a dose and time dependent manner.

    A Highly Efficient Protocol for Transformation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Pichia pastoris by Electroporation
    XU Zhiwu ;ZHANG Ying;WANG Zhixue;CAO Yan;CUI Liang;LI Sheng;LIU Qiuyun
    2010, 49(3):  98-101. 
    Asbtract ( 2380 )   PDF (904KB) ( 226 )  
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    Electroporation is widely used for highly efficient transformation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. As many strains degenerate over time or over environmental exposure, their electroporation efficiencies could drop markedly by 2 to 3 orders of magnitude. Here we describe a modified electroporation procedure which included single stranded carrier DNA for electroporation as well as a postelectroporation growth period in YPD medium, which gave rise to 13 fold enhancement in transformations than an optimized lithium acetate (LiAc) and dithiothreitol (DTT) Pretreatment protocol previously reported. An enhancement of 114 fold on Pichia pastoris transformations has been observed using the modified procedure. The modified method enhanced the transformation efficiencies of some degenerated S. cerevisiae strains by nearly 100 fold. It will enable molecular manipulations in all kinds of S. cerevisiaeand P. pastoris strains by allowing propagations of all sorts of DNA libraries made from minute samples.
    Degradation and Residue of Ciprofloxacin in Different Simulated Water Bodies
    LI Xia;CHEN Jufang;NIE Xiangping;LIN Jianfeng;ZHOU Xiaozhi
    2010, 49(3):  102-106. 
    Asbtract ( 1668 )   PDF (1183KB) ( 167 )  
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    The influence of drug concentration and pH on the photodegradation of ciprofloxacin was investigated, and a reversephase highperformance liquid chromatographic method was developed for detecting the changes of ciprofloxacin content in water and sediments. Photodegradation of ciprofloxacin in natural light was most rapid at a concentration of 1 mg·L-1 among the three concentrations tested (1,5 and 10 mg·L-1). After 72 h, the amounts of ciprofloxacin remaining with and without sediments were 19% and 20%, respectively. The photodegradation rate was inversely proportional to the initial drug concentration. Ciprofloxacin was most sensitive to photodegradation at pH 9 among the four pH levels tested 〖JP2〗(pH =3, 5, 9, 11), when the〖JP〗 drug was in zwitterionic form. The stability increased considerably when pH=3. After 48 h, the amounts of ciprofloxacin remaining in water were 22.6 % and 95.7%, respectively. When ciprofloxacin was released into microcosms, the concentration of ciprofloxacin in water decreased rapidly, but increased concomitantly in sediments. After 45 days ciprofloxacin was undetectable in water, but a substantial concentration remained in the sediments.(approximately 93.86 μg·kg-1).

    Preparation of B7-2 Genetic Engineering Antibody and Studying of AntiB lymphoma Effect in vivo and vitro
    LIU Yuhua;SUN Jie;CHEN Mingxin;GUO Jingya;HU Lingling;WANG Yanru;CHEN Changyou;GAO Zengyan;ZHU Xiaoxian;QIU Yuhua
    2010, 49(3):  107-112. 
    Asbtract ( 1359 )   PDF (1564KB) ( 154 )  
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    Gene expression plasmid pIRES/ch3C8 of B7-2 humanmouse chimeric antibody was constructed, eukaryotic cell line CHO was transfected with pIRES/ch3C8 by liposome method, and prepared B7-2 humanmouse chimeric antibody (named ch3C8). It could recognize B7-2 molecule on Raji, which is a human malignant B lymphoma cell line, and induce apoptosis of Raji. In addition, the ADCC and CDC effect was effectively mediated with the Fc fragment of the ch3C8 which come from human Ig. It was further showed that Raji lost oncogenicity with ch3C8 treated, which inoculated BALB/c nude mouse. ch3C8 will have a potential application value on B7-2 related tumor biotherapy.
    Late Quaternary Pollen Records and Climate Significance in Guangzhou
    WANG Xiaojing;WANG Jianhua;CAO Linglong;YANG Jie;YANG Xiaoqiang;PENG Zhuolun;JIN Gangxiong
    2010, 49(3):  113-121. 
    Asbtract ( 1483 )   PDF (2755KB) ( 175 )  
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    Through the pollen analysis, combined with the informations on dating and sedimentation of two drilling cores located at different depositiongeomorphological area in the northern and southern part of Guangzhou, the deposition environmental and climatic changes since the late Pleistocene in Guangzhou, the Pearl River Delta, are suggested. Pollen records show that the climate during the late Pleistocene changed as below: partially drycold, slightly cooldry, warmhumid, hotmoisture below, partially cooldry, colddry. The obvious influence from the Last Maximum Glaciation resulted in the difference of pollen assemblage characteristics between the Holocene and the late Pleistocene. The climate became generally warm and humid in the Holocene, but being alterated with some minor climatic fluctuation events,eg. the most obvious partial drycool transition around 2250a BP. Two transgressions have affected the delta during the late Pleistocene and the Holocene. Not only the variations of climatic and sealevel changes of two cores are consistent each other, but also a good correspondence between climate and sealevel change is shown. The differences on stratigraphy, sedimentary facies and pollen characteristics of two cores were resulted from the distinctive location, sedimentary environment and the topography of depositional bed.

    Organic Matter Types of Core SB-01 in the Sanshui Basin and Their Paleoclimate Implications
    CHEN Liang;LIU Chunlian;;WU Jie;YANG Tingting;CHE Xiaoguang
    2010, 49(3):  122-126. 
    Asbtract ( 1355 )   PDF (1412KB) ( 125 )  
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    Organic matter types of core SB01 from the Sanshui Basin were analyzed using organic petrology method and RockEval pyrolysis. Based on organic petrology results, the organic matter is dominated by type II (including type II1 and type II2), mostly type II1. Type I organic matter intermittently occurs at some intervals while Type III organic matter is occasional in presence. Pyrolysis results show that the organic matter is of lower thermal maturity and the organic carbon loss could be ignored, as indicated by the lower Tmax values. Organic matter of Types I, II1 and II2 was deposited under arid, drier and humid climate conditions, respectively. The uppermost part of the Xinzhuang Formation is characterized by Type II1, related to a dry climatic condition. Submember A of the Honggang Member is dominated by organic Type II2, sandwiched by Type I and II1, suggesting a prevailing humid climatic condition. Submember B is characterized by alternations of organic Types II2 and II1/I, reflecting rapid fluctuations of humid and dry/arid climatic conditions. Submember C shows Type II1 and I in the lower part and shifts to Type II2 in the middle and upper parts, indicating a dry/arid climate condition followed by a prevailing humid climatic condition.
    Global Sensitivity Analysis of Xinanjiang Model Parameters Based on Extend FAST Method
    REN Qiwei;CHEN Yangbo;SHU Xiaojuan;
    2010, 49(3):  127-134. 
    Asbtract ( 1850 )   PDF (2185KB) ( 198 )  
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    Sensitivity analysis is an efficient approach to diagnose model structure and identify the dominant parameters controlling model behavior. It is also a key step in modeling practice. The global sensitivity of parameters of the Xinanjing model is analyzed using Extend FAST method in the Liuxihe reservoir catchment. Results show that the sensitivity of four object functions perform is different. The sensitivity can be influenced by many factors, such as the initial condition and flood type. The results are compared with the scatter map generated by the GLUE uncertainty method. Both methods can get comparable sensitivity analysis results. The main effect sensitivity and interaction effect sensitivity calculated by Extend FAST also supply quantitative indices to help understand the uncertainty in hydrological model.
    Washing of Cucontaminated Soil Using EDTA—Removal Efficiency and the Optimization of EDTA Dosage
    DONG Hanying;QIU Rongliang;ZHAO Zhihao;ZOU Zeli;ZHANG Tao;QIU Hao;CAI Xinde
    2010, 49(3):  135-139. 
    Asbtract ( 1841 )   PDF (1138KB) ( 151 )  
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    In a series of batch washing experiments, EDTA solution was used to remediate Cu contaminated soil derived from a Brown Field Site to investigate the removal efficiency of Cu as well as the release characteristics of major elements (Ca, Fe and so forth) by the application of six different EDTA dosages (0.10~6.00 mol/kg). Results showed that, with the increase of EDTA dosage, Cu removal efficiency was enhanced and reached a maximum at 400 mol/kg, accompanied by the decrease of Ca releasing and the increase of Fe and Al releasing. When 0.80 mol/kg EDTA was adopted, residual Cu concentration in the washed soil generally complied with the Environmental Quality Standard for Soils (Class Ⅲ) (GB156181995). When calculating the amount of metals washed by per mole EDTA, it was found that the molal ratio of metals to EDTA in the eluate decreased accordingly with the increase of EDTA addition. The maximum molal ratio of Cu/(K+Na+Ca+Mg+Fe+Al+Mn+Si)was obtained when 0.80 mol/kg EDTA was applied. However, this molal ratio decreased when the EDTA dosage was further increased, indicating that higher EDTA dosages were mainly used for the releasing of other metals. Thus, in this study, 0.80 mol/kg EDTA was considered as the most appropriate dosage which could not only remediate heavy metals contaminated soil to meet the national standard, but also had the best removal efficiency of Cu when compared with other metals. Conclusively, the appropriate EDTA dosages should be determined on the basis of remediation aim, with the total metal removal efficiency and molal ratio of metals to EDTA being taken into account simultaneously.
    Finite Element Analysis of Perforating Triple Steel Tube BucklingRestrained Brace
    CHEN Zhen;CHU Hongmin;DENG Xuesong;ZHOU Yun
    2010, 49(3):  140-145. 
    Asbtract ( 1318 )   PDF (1618KB) ( 175 )  
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    The perforating triplesteel tube bucklingrestrained brace is an energy damping device with the good performance. The structure of the triplesteel tube bucklingrestrained brace is introduced in this paper. In order to research the carrying capacity and hysteretic energy performance of the perforating triplesteel tube bucklingrestrained brace for different perforating types and gaps, ten different perforating types and sizes are designed to carry out a FEM analysis with softwares ANSYS and ABAQUS. The perforating triplesteel tube bucklingrestrained brace shows a stable hysteretic function and higher energy dissipation capacity, with the yielding point in the setting area. The perforating form and size influence the functions of the perforating triplesteel tube bucklingrestrained brace. The“confinement” effect of perforating triplesteel tube bucklingrestrained brace is significantly lower than that of traditional triplesteel tube bucklingrestrained brace. The carrying capacity of BRB does not reduce when the gap is not zero.
    Study on Mineralogy of Guangning Jade
    GUO Qinghong;ZHOU Yongzhang;CAO Shumin;QIU Zhili;XU Zhi;ZHANG Yu
    2010, 49(3):  146-151. 
    Asbtract ( 1588 )   PDF (1758KB) ( 117 )  
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    The Guangning jade is a precious type of Chinese jades, which is found in Guangning county, Guangdong province. Four types of different colored jade stones were sampled from a jade deposit. Their mineralogical characteristics were analyzed using XPD, SEM, DTA, IR and EMPA techniques. The Guangning jade is mainly composed of 2M1 sericite, and secondly chlorite. Both XPD and IR results indicate daunialite does not exist in the crystal structure of sericite. The analysis of DTG shows that the dehydroxylation tempreture of samples is beyond 600 ℃, which is different from hydromica. The microtexture of sericite shows flakeshaped, and the minerals arrange along the longaxis of crystal, interleaved by each other, showing overlapped and flake interleaved microstructure. The EMPA suggests that sericite is rich in Si、K、Al and Cr. Those rich in Cr can be grouped into Crbearing sericite.
    Another Derivation of Analytic Expression of Correlation Function
    FANG Xiyan;FENG Kaixi;QIU Siwei;ZHANG Honghao
    2010, 49(3):  152-154. 
    Asbtract ( 1595 )   PDF (627KB) ( 160 )  
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    The analytic expression of correlation function of free scalar field in any dimensional Euclidean space is derived by two different methods, the second of which is proposed. The results in 3 and lower dimensional space are generally discussed in the literature, and the generalized result in arbitrary dimensional space is obtained. When studying the case in 3dimensional space, people often do the integration directly in the 3dimensional space using the sphere coordinates, and this method is also applied in this paper to get the generalized result. On the other hand, it is found that choosing the appropriate coordinate system can effectively reduce the integration variable dimension and finally arrive at the same result. The result shows that the correlation function of free scalar field in any dimensional space is related to the modified Bessel function, whose order is determined by the space dimension.