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    25 May 2008, Volume 47 Issue 3
    Precise Time Step Integration Method in Nonlinear Dynamics
    FU Minghui;LIN Jinghua
    2008, 47(3):  1-5. 
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    Based on the Duhamel form special solution of nonhomogeneous structure dyanmic equation, this paper presents a high effective Precise Time Step Integration Method (PTSIM) for special solution. When the nonhomogeous term is power functions or exponential functions, the new algorithm gives the most accurate answer within the computer accuracy. Combining the process of PTSIM for general solution and the process of PTSIM for special solution together, a new high effective algorithm called General Precise Time Step Integration Method (GPTSIM) is constructed. Based on the GPTSIM, a new iterative algorithm is found to solve nonlinear dynamic equations. The iterative algorithm presented in this paper has very high accuracy and efficiency, and a wide rage of application. Numerical examples are given to demonstrate the validity and efficiency of GPTI
    A Novel Self-adaptive Immune Genetic Algorithm
    QIAO Shaojie;TANG Changjie;DAI Shucheng;LI Chuan;CHEN Yu;QIU Jiangtao;LIU Qihong
    2008, 47(3):  6-9. 
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    This paper proposed a novel selfadaptive genetic algorithm SIGA (Self-adaptive Immune Genetic Algorithm) based on immunity to overcome the shortage of traditional genetic algorithms that the converging speed is slow and the solution is a local optimum. The algorithm improved the genetic operators and proposed selfadaptive crossover and mutation operators in case of keeping individual diversity and avoiding prematurity; proposed an immune selection algorithm based on selection probability of similarity and vector distance in order to keep individual diversity and improve the level of fitness. The results of the experiments indicate that SIGA can improve the converging speed by three to ninety times, enhance the precision which reaches to 10-3, and avoid prematurity to some extent compared with traditional genetic algorithms and immune algorithms.
    The Graceful Graphs on Several Kinds of Union Graphs
    WEI Lixia;ZHANG Kunlong
    2008, 47(3):  10-13. 
    Asbtract ( 1983 )   PDF (792KB) ( 129 )  
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    To study the gracefulness of unconnected union graphs,several kinds of unconnected union graphs are given and the following results are obtained:for arbitrary positive integer n,m,let 's be the greatest integer not greater than n/2,Pn be a path with n vertex,St(m)be a star tree with m+1 vertex,graph An be the join graph of complement of P2 and Pn ,then for n≥2,the union of A2n and arbitrary a graceful graph with n-1 edges is a graceful graph;for n≥5,m≥s+2,the union of An and star tree St(m) is a graceful graph,therefore the union of An and star tree St(n) is a graceful grap;for n≥5,the union of An and arbitrary path Pn is a (n-s)graceful graph.
    Analyses of Wave Characteristic on Large Diameter PorousVertical Circular Cylinder in Twolayer Ocean
    FU Jing;HUANG Hua;ZHU Qingyong;LV Fuyu
    2008, 47(3):  14-18. 
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    To study the wave hydrodynamic characteristics on porous bodies, a large diameter vertical circular cylinder is studied in a twolayer fluid. Fitting in with boundary qualification,the analytic solution for the diffraction problem about the interior and exterior region of the cylinder is obtained by the EigenFunction Expansion. The water wave forces and wave runup on a porous vertical circular cylinder in twolayer ocean are computed. To make the result comparisons between porous cylinder in uniform ocean and impermeable cylinder in twolayer ocean, it is found that the permeability of the cylinders may have a significant influence on weakening the wave force and wave runup.
    A Type of Scheduling Problem on m GeneralPurpose Machineryand n Group Tasks with Uniform Processors
    DING Wei
    2008, 47(3):  19-22. 
    Asbtract ( 1935 )   PDF (937KB) ( 108 )  
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    The Cmax problem on manygroup jobs with m generalpurpose machinery and n specialpurpose machineries with the same speed was studied in this paper. This problem is always a NPHard problem,and an approximate method need to be found. An improved LPT algorithm and the upper bound performance are given. The ratio of the approximate solution and the best solution is (2m+1)/(m+1).
    Study on Cardinal Fuzzy Quantifiers in Fuzzy Set Frame
    GAO Dongping;GUO Jiahong;LI Yongjin
    2008, 47(3):  23-25. 
    Asbtract ( 1494 )   PDF (914KB) ( 95 )  
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    Cardinal fuzzy quantifiers are applied broadly in daily communications and reasoning. In this paper, the semantic analysis of cardinal fuzzy quantifiers was extended to fuzzy set.A formal semantics of cardinal fuzzy quantifiers in fuzzy set frame was provided and their properties were discussed.
    GradientBased Neural Network for Solving Linear MatrixEquations and its MATLAB Simulative Verification
    ZHANG Yunong;ZHANG Yuheng;CHEN Ke;CAI Binghuang;MA Weimu
    2008, 47(3):  26-32. 
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    A gradientbased Hopfieldtype neural network was investigated for the online solution of linear matrix equation. In addition to theoretical analysis of such a neuralnetwork model, several important MATLAB simulation techniques are employed . Kronecker product of matrices is introduced to transform a matrixform differential equation (MDE) to a vectorform differential equation (VDE);then, a standard ordinarydifferentialequation (ODE) is obtained. MATLAB routine “ode45” is introduced to solve the transformed initialvalue ODE problem. In addition to various implementation errors, different kinds of activationfunction array are coded to show the characteristics of such a gradientbased neural network. Simulation results substantiate the theoretical analysis and efficacy of the proposed gradientbased neural network for solving online the linear matrix equation (LME) problem.
    On Ant Colony Hybird Differential Evolution for Optimization Problems
    LUO Zhongliang;YU Mingzhu;LIU Xiaoyong
    2008, 47(3):  33-36. 
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    An ant cloony hybird differential evolution algorithm is developed to overcome the problem of premature convergence and shorten the convergence time of differential evolution algorithm. In this algorithm, the ant colony can provide the proper mutation operator in hybird differential evolution , then it can accelerate the search of global soution.The optimization simulation results for china traveling salesman Problem(CTSP) show that the proposed method is efficient for solving global optimization problems.
    An Improved Model for Analysis on ImpurityDistribution in Diode p-n Junction
    LI Chaorui;LIU Xiaowei
    2008, 47(3):  37-40. 
    Asbtract ( 1864 )   PDF (1194KB) ( 143 )  
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    The impurity concentration distribution in diode p-n junction can be presented with the simplified models, named as abrupt junction and the linearly graded junction, but precise measurements show there existing limitation in these tradition models. Based on capacityvoltage experiment data from the most common commercial diodes, the impurity distribution in p-n junction will be described more accurately with use of improved model. Though C-V relation of some samples can be independently expressed with unique component of n=1/2 or n=1/3, others must be explained by the modified model with both of n=1/2 and 1/3 components. The new model provides the method to get more accurate physics parameters for diode p-n junction.
    The Environmental Application and Separation PerformanceAnalysis of the Fluid – Solid(Gas) SwirlLiquid Separator
    ZHANG Zuoping;CHEN Hai;GUO Jinji;ZHANG Kaicheng;YAO Yun;LI Hangfei;HE Wei
    2008, 47(3):  41-46. 
    Asbtract ( 1993 )   PDF (1435KB) ( 130 )  
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    The structural property of the fluidsolid (gas) swirlliquid separator for environmental protection and chemical industry is described. Their flow field structure is analyzed,then the flow line and mobile phenomenon are observed. According to a series of experiment data, the velocity function of quasifreevortex in cylinders are calculated. Using the 2D axisymmetric cylindrical vortex model, this pressure distribution of quasifreevortex in cylinders are studied. By the principle of fluidsolid (gas) liquid swirl, the separation particle diameter and efficiency are discussed. Through experimental technique the fluid flow of the fluidsolid (gas) swirlliquid separator are explaned. Finally, the examples of environmental projects are introduced, and the application prospects are discussed.
    Synthesize of ZnO Nanobelt Arrays by SolidThermal Oxidation with Au Catalyst
    REN Shan;YE Zhichao;HU Zhuofeng;BAI Yunfan;DU Wenzhe;QIN Xizhou
    2008, 47(3):  47-50. 
    Asbtract ( 2280 )   PDF (2129KB) ( 124 )  
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    ZnO nanobelt arrays were successfully synthesized on zinc substrate by low temperature (400 ℃) solid thermal oxidation of Zn with Au catalyst. XRD,SEM and HRTEM were used to examine and identify the morphology and the crystal structure of the nanobelts. The Au promotes the growing of the ZnO nanobelts obviously. The ZnO nanobelts have a thickness of 40 nm with widths of 100 to 150 nm and lengths of 6 to 14 μm. Not any gold particle were found on the tips of the nanobelts in HRTEM observations. XRD patterns show the crystal structure of the ZnO nanobelts is hexagonal, and the phase structure of ZnO nanobelts is similar to the ZnO nanowires synthesized by Au catalystfree method. The PL measurements also took on the sample; two peaks can be seen in the PL spectra.
    Effect on Fatigue Properties of Inner Structure and Composition of Asphalt Mixtures
    WU Kuanghuai;ZHANG Xiaoning
    2008, 47(3):  51-56. 
    Asbtract ( 1862 )   PDF (1391KB) ( 151 )  
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    A big sample of beam specimens of asphalt mixtures was used to carry out straincontrol fatigue tests under the same conditions. IMAQ digital image processing was used to process and analyze the inner structure and composition of the flexural section at the centre of the beam specimens through fatigue tests. In this way, the indices of the inner structure and composition of asphalt mixtures wre indentified. Furthermore, SPSS was used to establish a model on relationship between results of fatigue tests and indices of its inner structure and composition. The analysis result shows that fatigue properties of asphalt mixtures are directly correlated with the indices of its inner structure and composition, and the difference in the inner structure and composition of asphalt mixtures causes the significant difference in fatigue properties under the same conditions, which unveils the laws of effect of the inner structure and composition of asphalt mixtures on fatigue properties.
    TwoLevel Optimal Control Method and its Theory Analysis for Central AirConditioning System
    NIE Yuqiang
    2008, 47(3):  57-61. 
    Asbtract ( 1964 )   PDF (1181KB) ( 107 )  
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    The central airconditioning system is a series form of dynamical system, it can be is decomposited into many subsystems for series computation.In the light of solving energy consumption overall optimal, the system may be treated as a quadric form convex problem, and so the Lagrange dual function method is applied to decomposited twolevel system, and obtain overall system global optimal solutions.At the same time it carry on theory proof in regard to algorithm.
    FT-IR Study on the Photo-Oxidative Degradation ofNanoCaCO3/PP Composites
    WANG Yuhai;SHEN Hao;MAI Kancheng
    2008, 47(3):  62-66. 
    Asbtract ( 1999 )   PDF (1274KB) ( 101 )  
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    The CaCO3/PP composites were modified by three kinds of compatibilizers. The photo-oxidative behavior of PP-base composites was investigated using FT-IR. The results indicated that the photooxidation mechanism of PP was not modified by nano-CaCO3, but the rate of the oxidation dramatically enhanced.The addition of macromolecular compatabilizers had different effect on the photo-oxidative de gradation of nanoCaCO\-3/PP composites. Addition of POE-g-MA and EVA-g-MA increased the rate of photo-oxidation of nano-CaCO3/PP composites, while addition of PPg-MA reduced the rate of photo-oxidation of nanoCaCO3/PP composites. These properties were probably dependent on the morphology and crystallinity of PP in the composites.
    Characterization of Chlorination Products of Nonylphenol by GC/MS and LC/MS in Aqueous Solution
    SI Jing;ZHOU Haiyun;HE Jianguo
    2008, 47(3):  67-70. 
    Asbtract ( 2271 )   PDF (975KB) ( 106 )  
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    NaClO was added to the aqueous solution containing nonylphenol. The CHCl3 extract of the chlorination product was analyzed by using GC/MS and LC/MS. Two kinds of products including monochlorononylphenol and dichlorononylphenol were found by both methods.The isomers of nonylphenol and its chlorination products could be detected by GC/MS method.By comparing the relative intensity of the isotope from mass spectrum of the products and the search information from the NIST Library, mono(m/z 254) and dichlorononylphenols (m/z 288) were deduced beside the nonylphenol (m/z 220). In terms of the data from LC/MS, similar results were found. When applying (-) ESI mode, [M-H]molecular weight for each kind of chlorination compound was obtained.(-)ESIMS direct injection mode could be used as a rapid screening method for analysis of these kinds of compound.

    Headspace Solid Phase MicroextractionGas ChromatographyMassSpectrometry for Analysis of Volatile Components from the FreshLeeves and the Fresh Fruit Peel of Clausena indica Oliv.
    ZHOU Hong;HUANG Kejian;PAN Zhiwen;LIN Cuiwu;HUANG Guan;SU Tao
    2008, 47(3):  71-74. 
    Asbtract ( 2186 )   PDF (895KB) ( 112 )  
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    Volatile components from the fresh leeves and the fruit peel of Clausena indica(DatzOliv).were analysized by the headspace solid phase microextraction gas chromatography/mass spectrometry. The major compounds (including their mass fractions) of the volatile matter from the fruit peel were myristicin(61.02%),β-myrcene(23.46%), terpinolene(6.29%),β-asarone(1.49%),(E,E,E)-3,7,11,15-tetramethylhexadeca-1,3,6,10,14-pentaene(1.43%),β-bisabolene(1.27%), 3-carene(0.75%), (-)cis-myrtano(0.59%). The major compounds(including their mass fractions) of the volatile components from the leeves were myristicin{(47.52%)}terpinolene(23.83%), 3-carene(5.95%), β-bisabolene(4.74%),(+)-4caren(3.12%),β-myrcene(2.72%),o-menth-8-ene(1.47%), D-limonen(1.45%),phellandrene(1.22%),β-asarone(1.04%).
    Carbon Aerogels Particle Electrodes for Treatment of the Aqueous Phase Electrocatalytic Oxidation of Simulated Phenol Wastewaters
    Lv Guifen;WU Dingcai;FU Ruowen
    2008, 47(3):  75-78. 
    Asbtract ( 1852 )   PDF (1055KB) ( 95 )  
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    The feasibility of using carbon aerogels (CAs) as bed electrodes in a three
    dimensional electrode reactor for the electrochemical treatment was studied. It was found that the removal efficiency depended on the airflow, pH, the feed phenol concentration and the ratio of aerogels mass to solution volume. Compared with commercial carbon particle electrodes, the electrodes prepared by CAs exhibited stronger activity to remove phenol simulated wastewater. 97.5% of the initial phenol can be removed after treatment for 20 min, the concentration is as low as 4 mg/L. Moreover, removal efficiency can be kept basically as high as 80% after being reused 50 times.
    Reseach on Mycorrhizosphere Effection of Italian Ryegrass
    XIN Guorong;SUN Bin;LI Guoxi;WU Jin;YANG Yujie;WANG Yutao;YANG Zhongyi
    2008, 47(3):  79-84. 
    Asbtract ( 2098 )   PDF (1483KB) ( 141 )  
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    Based on field experiment, we studied the formation of Italian ryegrass AM and the changes of AMF spores quantity, investigated the effects of edaphic factors (moisture,pH, soil temperature, soil nutrients, etc. ) on the formation of Italian ryegrass AMF. Then, we discussed the effects of AMF on the growth and development of Italian ryegrass. The results showed that: ①Compared with the control group, the total AMF colonization rates of Italian ryegrass root system increased significantly at 0.05 level under three different treatments (plouphing but no fertilizing , fertilizing but no plouphing, no plouphing and fertilizing). ②In the present study, the main colonization form of AMF in Italian ryegrass root system is mycelium, the colonization form of arbuscular is little, and the vesicle structure was not found. The number of soil AMF spores increased with the increase of the growth time of Italian ryegrass, and it kept a uptrend similar to the colonization rates. The correlation between them is positively significant (p<001). ③The colonization rates of Italian ryegrass root system had significantly positive correlations with the soil pH value (p<001) and soil temperature (p<005), while it had significantly negative correlations with the soil moisture (p<001) and soluble nitrogen (p<005). The number of soil AMF spores had significantly positive correlations with soil temperature (p<001) and pH value (p<005) while it had significantly negative correlations with soil organic matter, soluble nitrogen, total phosphorus and available phosphorus (p<005). ④The output of Italian ryegrass had negative correlations with the AMF colonization rates (p>005)and the numbers of AMF spores (p<005).
    Biocontrol of Bacteria in Seawater by a Marine BdellovibrioandLikeOrganisms and its Effect on Water Quality
    WEN Chongqing;;;DING Xian;;XUE Ming;JI Jianda;ZHOU Shining
    2008, 47(3):  85-88. 
    Asbtract ( 2120 )   PDF (1107KB) ( 122 )  
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    The strain of marine Bdellovibrioandlike organisms (BALOs) DA5 was cocultured in seawater with Vibrio alginolyticus and their interrelationship was investigated. The effects of strain DA5 on the biocontrol of bacteria, and on the variation of pH, chemical oxygen demand (COD), ammoniaN (NH3-N) and nitriteN (NO2-N) were also studied in natural seawater media. The results show that DA5 lysed V.alginolyticus obviously under shaking culture conditions. With the higher infection rate, the reduction of prey cells is faster, however co-cultured with DA5 cannot clear up V.alginolyticus completely. The elimination effect of DA5 is better on vibrios than that on hererotrophs, though both are decreased. There is no significant effect on the variation of pH, COD, NH3-N and NO2-N between control and treatment, but there is a positive correlation between the content of BALOs and heterotrophs or vibrios.
    Zinc Accumulation in Different Tissues of Spodoptera litura Fabricius Larvae
    XIA Qiang;SHU Yinghua;HU Xinjun;SUN Hongxia;ZHANG Guren
    2008, 47(3):  89-93. 
    Asbtract ( 2269 )   PDF (1449KB) ( 114 )  
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    Zinc accumulation in different tissues of 1stand 3rd phytophagous insect Spodoptera litura Fabricius larvae were investigated by adding various doses of zinc into artificial diets of S. litura larvae. Inductively Coupled PlasmaAtomic Emission Spectrometer (ICPAES) was used to measure the concentration of zinc in different tissues of S. litura larvae. Results showed that zinc was accumulated in the midgut,fat body and cuticle of 6th instar larvae in the 1stand 3rd generations of S. litura.Accumulations of Zinc in different tissures increased with the increasing zinc doses in diets and the doseresponse with zinc doses in diets was singificant. The concentration of zinc in midgut was the highest among the three kinds of tissues.
    Compensatory Reponse of Rice Yield and Its Modules to Durative Water Stress
    LI Guoxi;TANG Xiangru;CHENG Yanbo;LI Zhilin;CAI Kunzheng;HUANG Yufang
    2008, 47(3):  94-99. 
    Asbtract ( 2011 )   PDF (1186KB) ( 113 )  
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    As for the effects of water stress on the rice growth, previous studies paid main attention to its negative effects and concluded normally that water stress would result in rice growth stunt and yield decrease. However, the present studies explored its positive effects from a view of the compensatory effects of rice to water stress. Main results obtained were as follows: ① Low water stress not only did not result in rice yield decrease, but also increased the yield by 3.6%. Compensatory effects were also found in the growth of both shoots and roots of rice. Low water stress significantly increased the matter translocation ratio of rice stem and sheath. Although low water stress treatment inhibited the growth of rice roots at its middle growth stage, it delayed the senescence of rice roots during the late growth period of rice. ② Although both the medium and the heavy water stress inhibited rice dry matter accumulation and roots growth of rice at its early and middle growth stages, the compensatory effects were also found in roots growth at the later growth stage. Namely, the decrement of dry matter, total length and surface area of rice roots of those treatments were significantly lower than that of the control. However, the compensatory effects could not balance the loss at the early and middle growth stages, so that the rice yields under medium and heavy water stresses were all significantly lower than that of control.
    Temporal and Spatial Variation of Phytoplankton Structure and its Relationship with Environmental Factors in Lake Donghu
    TANG Huijuan;XIE Ping;LIU Li;ZHAO Huihong;YANG Huirong
    2008, 47(3):  100-104. 
    Asbtract ( 2088 )   PDF (1388KB) ( 136 )  
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    Temporal and spatial variation of phytoplankton structure in the lake was studied. TN and TP concentrations were significantly different among three stations. Phytoplankton biomass peaked in winter and spring at station I and Ⅱ, while it peaked in summer at station Ⅲ. Compared with many other eutrophic lakes with similar or even lower nutrient concentrations, phytoplankton biomass in Lake Donghu was much lower. It was probably due to both high grazing pressures from filterfeeding fishes and light limitation. Phytoplankton in Lake Donghu is mainly composed of flagellated Cryptomonas and Gymnodinium eucyaneum, centric Cylotella spp and Melosira ambigua, small sized cyanobacteria and chlorococcales,most of which were typical species in condition of high grazing and high nutrient level.
    Trends in All Kinds of Precipitation Events in China over the Past 40 Years
    MIN Shen;QIAN Yongfu
    2008, 47(3):  105-111. 
    Asbtract ( 2299 )   PDF (1761KB) ( 151 )  
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    Based on daily rainfall dataset of 542 stations in China during the period of 1960-2003, the trends in all kinds of precipitation events in China are briefly studied in this paper. The results show that.the increasing total precipitation amount is mainly caused by the rising extreme precipitation (EP), and the reducing sprinkle frequency is the major reasons of the decreasing rain days. A decrease in rain days is observed in most regions of China, and EP events still have increased trends in many areas at the same time, so the lessening rain days could not reduce the possibility of EP. The trend of the sprinkle frequency is the most obvious change in all kinds of precipitation events, and declining is the main trend throughout most parts of China. A significant increase in EP events is observed in western China in all seasons. The EP events have decreased in the Yangtze River and southern China in autumn, but increased in the other three seasons. In northern and northeastern China, EP events show an increase in winter and a half increase in the other seasons. The ratio of EP amount to total precipitation amount is generally increasing in most areas of China,suggesting that the precipitation event has an obvious trend of extremeness.
    The Definition of Daily Mean Temperature Extremes over China and its Trend
    HUANG Danqing;QIAN Yongfu
    2008, 47(3):  112-116. 
    Asbtract ( 2009 )   PDF (1471KB) ( 156 )  
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    By use of the 1961-2005 daily mean temperature station data over China and the cumulative frequency distribution(CFD), the extremely high (low) temperature thresholds on four different time scales, day, pentad, month and season, are defined by the 90th (10th) percentiles of the CFD. It is found that the threshold on day scale (day threshold for short) contains systematic weather turbulences and, therefore, is not smooth enough. For this reason, the lowpass filtration is used to elide the wave less than eight days.Finally,a more reasonable day threshold is obtained to define temperature extremes.The results show that, for the warm (equal to and greater than the high temperature threshold) extremes, the trends of extreme days increase more remarkably in the south of 30°N than in the north with the smaller trend in the west of Inner Mongolia and the greater trend in the south of Yunnan and Hainan Province.Contrarily, for the cold (equal to and less than the low temperature threshold) extremes,the obvious regions with extreme days are in Northeast and North China and Tibetan Plateau. Both cold and warm extremes show increasing trends in average intensity in Southwest China and decreasing trends in Northeast China. The regions located in the south of 25°N are the obvious areas both in warm and cold extremes.
    Research of Spatial Structure of Land Use Change Based on RS/GIS Technology
    ZHANG Xinchang;XIONG Xiangchen
    2008, 47(3):  117-121. 
    Asbtract ( 2170 )   PDF (1535KB) ( 99 )  
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    Based on DOM, remote sensing (RS) and GIS technology were used to conduct a macrodescription and microquantitative analysis on the dynamic change of landuse in Guangzhou city. Firstly, extract the information of landuse change for finding a general landuse change in all districts of Guangzhou city; Secondly, use LandUse Types Transition model to analyze mutual conversions between various landuse types and build a LandUse Spatial Position Conversion model for quantitatively analyzing the landuse type space position conversion; Finally, take the LandUse Dynamicity model to evaluate the landuse change in Guangzhou.The results show that the absolute volume of landuse type change is huge, the conversions within the first landuse type predominate, farmland decreases relatively fast and adjustable landuse type increases substantially. This research is useful for the rapidlydeveloping urban landuse.
    Characteristics of Cd, Zn, Pb, Cu Content of Paddy Soils in the LowerStream of Dabaoshan Area, Guangdong
    XU Chao;XIA Beicheng;HE Shimei;QIN Jianqiao;LI Haiqian;LIN Xiaofang
    2008, 47(3):  122-127. 
    Asbtract ( 1683 )   PDF (1364KB) ( 162 )  
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    21 samples were collected from heavy metal contaminated paddy soil to analyze soil properties, total contents and available part of Cd, Zn, Pb, and Cu in the lower stream of Dabaoshan mine area, Guangdong Province. The results indicate that the most important contaminants in the paddy soils in the lower stream of Dabaoshan mine area are Cd and Cu related multimetal compounds. The average total contents of Cd, Zn, Pb and Cu in 21 samples are 219, 24494, 17993 and 28791 mg/kg, respectively. The coefficients of available parts to total contents of Cd, Zn, Pb and Cu are high, and the coefficient of Pb element is the biggest, and that of Zn element is the smallest. There are significant correlations between total and available contents of the four heavy metals (P<001). In addition, the effects of pH on total and available contents of Cd, Zn, Pb, and Cu are not significant. Organic matter contents are positively associated with total and available contents of Zn and Cu (P<005).
    Clonal Selection Algorithm for Classification of Remote Sensing Imagery
    ZHANG Ling;CHEN Xiaohong;WENG Yi;WANG Zhaoli
    2008, 47(3):  128-132. 
    Asbtract ( 1956 )   PDF (1702KB) ( 115 )  
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    A novel supervised classifier for remote sensing data by employing clonal selection algorithm(CSA)is presented for solving the problems,eg.local optimum and robustness,in remote sensing imagery classification.In the classifier,band brightness is defined as antigens attribute,and the image is classified into class with the maximum affinity by calculating the affinity between remote sensing pixel and antibody.Antibody's realencoding mutation integrates affinitys ascending and systems variety. The concerned experiment shows that antibodys affinity increases along with its evolution, and CSA classifications overall accuracy is 92.9%. Comparing with conventional Maximum Likelihood, CSA can get better precision.
    An Automatic Extraction System of Urban Greenbelt based onPixel Information Decomposition Model
    QIAO Jigang
    2008, 47(3):  133-136. 
    Asbtract ( 2076 )   PDF (1516KB) ( 95 )  
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    New automatic classification system,using pixel information decomposition model as the key function,is constructed in order to effectively pick up the data of urban greenbelt change from remote image.Firstly,image pixel information is divided into four elementary components—water,vegetation, soil and cement ground. Then, the abundances of four components in pixel are calculated and the components are automatically decomposited by the system. In this system, the threshold value of vegetation discriminant is adjustable, so the optimal result can be obtained through adjusting the threshold value. Besides the pixel information decomposition model, the function of space analysis model and the statistic analysis model are integrated in this system. Finally, utilizing the TM image of Futian and Luohu Districts of Shenzhen city as case study, a precision of 987% is obtained when compared the greenbelt acreage extracted by pixel information decomposition model with the result obtained by judging image with eyes.
    A New Glycolipid Isolated from Brown Algae Zonaria diesingiana
    MENG Liqiong;MA Bo;ZHOU Bihua;LIU Lijuan;YAN Su jun;MA Lin;SU Jingyu;ZENG Longmei
    2008, 47(3):  137-139. 
    Asbtract ( 1915 )   PDF (621KB) ( 132 )  
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    A new glycolipid 1,3-hexadecylcarbonyloxy-2-(16″Z) henicosylcarbonyloxy glycerol -1-β-D-galatoside was isolated from brown algae Zonaria diesingiana collected from South China Sea. Its structure was characterized by spectroscopic analyses.
    Detection of Genetically Modified Soybean by TaqMan MGB Realtime PCR
    Huang Dongdong;WENG Shaoping;LV Ling;CHANG Di;HE Jianguo
    2008, 47(3):  140-142. 
    Asbtract ( 2152 )   PDF (807KB) ( 140 )  
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    According to the PCR primers and TaqMan MGB probe of exogenous 35S promotor, the quantitative detection of genetically modified soybean ( Roundup ReadyTM) was established by realtime PCR technology. According to this detection system, the standard curve of Ct vs genetically modified organism quantity was generated and a linear regression equation was obtained (r2 : 0.9942). The results demonstrated that this method could be used in quantificational detection of multiple organism food.