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    25 May 2014, Volume 53 Issue 3
    Max Adjacent Set-based One-way Time Synchronization in Wireless Sensor Networks
    HUANG Xiao;LUO Shuhao
    2014, 53(3):  1-7. 
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    Time Synchronization is a critical issue in Wireless Sensor Networks. The energy consumption problem that exists in current synchronization algorithms
    is studied. A network-wide mathematical model is established with one-way synchronization technique, and a synchronization algorithm based on max adjacent set is proposed. During the level discovery phase, the max adjacent set of the same level nodes is generated. Nodes communicate with each other through few messages to reserve as less broadcast nodes as possible. Furthermore, some strategies such as child node registering, lower nodes overhearing and time sequence control are used to improve the efficiency of the algorithm. The simulation on NS2 platform and comparison to related work confirm that the algorithm can significantly reduce the message consumption during synchronization phase, and improve the ratio of nodes which achieve synchronization successfully.  
    Design and Properties of the Microdisk Resonant Cavity with Whispering Gallery Mode
    JIN Hu; LU Like;WANG Peng
    2014, 53(3):  8-14. 
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    A standard microdisk and three kinds of variable microdisks resonant cavity with whispering gallery mode (WGM) are presented. By controlling the distance between waveguiding and micro-disk resonant cavity, as well as changing the geometry which can influence the coupling coefficient of the waveguiding and resonant cavity,  the coupling coefficients, resonant frequences, the distribution of modes, and Q-factors from mentioned four structures are calculated based on FDTD method. The degree of mode matching and the bending loss from input waveguide have influence on the Q-factors. There is opposite trend between the Q-factors of the four structures and the coupling coefficient. In order to obtain more efficient coupling efficiency, it is necessary to find a medium between the higher Q-factors and the larger coupling coefficient. Finally, an optimal microdick with curve input waveguide are obtained.
    Study on the Stability of the Silicon Wafers Passivated by Different Surface Passivation Processes
    ZENG Xiang-an;AI Bin;DENG Youjun;SHEN Hui
    2014, 53(3):  14-19. 
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     The relationship of minority carrier lifetime of various silicon wafers with the time stored in dark condition was investigated by using WT2000 tester. The silicon wafers include the primary wafer, the chemical thinned wafer, the wafer passivated by thermal oxidation, the wafer passivated by SiNx:H film deposited by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) and the wafer passivated by iodine solution. Three types of silicon wafers are B-doped CZ-silicon, Bdoped Multicrystalline (MC) silicon, B-doped upgraded-metallurgical-grade(UMG) silicon. As the results from  fifteen types of silicon wafer specimens in total were used. Then the stability of the different surface passivation processes was studied. Finally,it was found  that the passivation effect of iodine passivation is better, while the passivation stability of SiNx:H and thermal oxidation passivation is better.  
    Optimization Model for Guide Sign Deployment Based on Guiding Accessibility
    HUANG Min;LI Min;NIU Zhongming;LI Erda
    2014, 53(3):  19-23. 
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    To better realize the guiding accessibility of guide sign system, the optimization of guide signs deployment is discussed, combining with the existing research. Firstly, the continuous paths and primary paths are defined according to the analysis model for guiding accessibility. Secondly, the algorithm model for optimizing primary path to continuous path is proposed. In this model, two optimization indicators, name as guiding distance and the number of adding guide signs, are defined to decide the selection of extend paths. In the course of searching path, optimization is updated dynamically based on network analysis algorithm, and guide sign information in optimal extend path is added to lead road users to the destination successfully. Finally, the optimization model is tested in Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center. For a given road, the deployment of guide signs is optimized and all guiding paths are accessible. The result reveals that the algorithm model is feasible and effective.
    Research on D-FNN Algorithm Based on Gauss Function and Classification Learning
    ZHANG Yong;SUN Yamin;WU Jianhong
    2014, 53(3):  24-28. 
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    Dynamic fuzzy neural network (D-FNN), whose basic idea is to construct a RBF neural network based on extension, could be seen as a TSK fuzzy system, as well as a Gaussian RBF neural network based on normalized. In the algorithm proposed, fuzzy neural network does not need to be predetermined before learning. During the process of learning, parameter estimation and structure identification are done simultaneously, and a fuzzy rule would be automatically generated or deleted, according to the system accuracy requirement and importance of fuzzy rules, Simulated experiments are performed in terms of learning speed, system structure and the generalization ability.The results show that D-FNN has more concise structure and more excellent performance.
    Key Kechnology for Continuously Variable Transmission Software Developing
    ZHOU Dan;LI Zerong;JIA Shuhuan;HAN Ling
    2014, 53(3):  29-34. 
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    Benefit from the Phase transition point of ratio tracing the clamping force variation, one new clamping control concept is introduced, which can be obviously decrease the pressure level and the increase the efficiency. Comprehensively considered the requirement for rapidly ratio change, the pump ability and the flow, one updated proposal is raised up. Comparing with the traditional PID, this method is tested to proved not can only follow the target ratio fast and stable, but also more safe for the flow and clamping force.
    The Uniqueness and Existence of Solutions for the 3-D Helmholtz Equation in a Coaxial Waveguide with Unbounded Perturbation
    LIU Lihan
    2014, 53(3):  35-42. 
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    The 3-D Helmholtz equation in a coaxial waveguide with unbounded perturbation is studied, allowing the presence of guided waves, while a few assumptions on the perturbation and the source term are adapted. On the basis of the Green's function for the 3-D homogeneous Helmholtz equation in a coaxial waveguide without perturbation, a generalized (out-going) Sommerfeld-Rellich radiation condition is introduced. And then the uniqueness and existence of solutions for the studied 3-D Helmholtz equation satisfying some radiation conditions are proven.
    Multi-period Portfolio Selection with Hidden Markov Regime Switching and Stochastic Investment Horizon
    ZHANG Ling;ZENG Yan
    2014, 53(3):  43-51. 
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    A multi-period mean-variance portfolio selection problem with stochastic investment horizon in the financial market where the market states are partially observable is considered. Suppose that the dynamics of the unobservable market states is described by a finite-state discrete-time hidden Markov chain. Return of the risk-free asset is assumed to depend on the observable market state at that period. And return of the risky asset is assumed to be dependent both on the observable and unobservable market states at that period. The portfolio selection optimization problem with partially observable information is transformed into the optimization problem with fully observable information by using the method of sufficient statistics. And explicit expressions of optimal portfolio strategy and efficient frontier are derived by adopting dynamic programming approach and Lagrange dual theory.
    The Gracefulness of Unconnected Graphs  (K1∨(P(1)n∪ P(2)n)) ∪ P(3)and  (K1∨(P(1)n∪ P(2)n)) ∪ P(3)n∪ St(n)
    SUN Caiyun;WANG Tao
    2014, 53(3):  52-56. 
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    The unconnected graphs  (K1∨(P(1)n∪ P(2)n)) ∪ P(3)n,and  (K1∨(P(1)n∪ P(2)n)) ∪ P(3)n∪ St(n)  are presented,and their gracefulness is studied.It is proved that for positive integer  n,if n≥4 then the unconnected graphs  (K1∨(P(1)n∪ P(2)n)) ∪ P(3)n,and  (K1∨(P(1)n∪ P(2)n)) ∪ P(3)n∪ St(n)  are graceful graphs;if n≥3 and  m≥s  then unconnected graph Wn ∪ St(m) is a graceful graph;in the meanwhile.Where Pn  is  n  vertex path,Kn is n  vertex complete graph,St(n) is (n+1)  vertex star tree, graph G1∨G2  is the join graph of G1 and G2. 
    Existence and Uniqueness of Weak Solutions for a Class of Viscous Diffusion Equations
    QU Chengyuan;WEI Xiaodan
    2014, 53(3):  57-60. 
    Asbtract ( 875 )   PDF (938KB) ( 245 )  
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    The Neumann problem of a class of viscous diffusion equation  (∂u / ∂t-λ ∂Δu / ∂t-div(g( | ▽Gσ * u |)▽u)=0  is studied. Such equation is also called pseudo-parabolic equation, which has a rich physics background, and has a wide range of applications in soil mechanics, heat transfer and fluid mechanics, and also is closely related with image restoration. Using the fixed point method, the existence of weak solutions is proved, and the uniqueness of the solution is obtained.
    Weights and Structure Determination of Dual-Input Spline Neural Network
    YANG Wenguang; ZHONG Yunxiang; LI Qiangli;ZHANG Jun
    2014, 53(3):  61-66. 
    Asbtract ( 906 )   PDF (2259KB) ( 289 )  
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    Based on the theory of spline function approximation, a three layer dual-input spline neural network model is constructed and studied, of which the hiddenlayer neurons-activation are the product of spline function with two variables. Based on the space structure of input variable, the grid partition of training data is received. Moreover, network structure can be adjusted with the varying of the training data and the mesh number, and the weight matrix can be determined directly. Simulation experiments show that dualinput spline neural network have high precision, short operation time, and the relationship between the number of training data gridding partition and the network structure is determined.
    Oscillation of Higher Order Neutral Functional Differential Equations with Damping
    YANG Jiashan
    2014, 53(3):  67-72. 
    Asbtract ( 785 )   PDF (941KB) ( 284 )  
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    The oscillation for a class of even order nonlinear variable delay neutral functional differential equation with damping is discussed. By using the generalized Riccati transformation and the method of H function, and H-lder inequality and some necessary analytic techniques, some new criteria for the oscillation of the equation are proposed. These criteria improve and generalize some corresponding known results. Some examples are given to illustrate the importance of the results.
    Polypeptide-Based Doubly-Hydrophilic Hybrid Copolymers Containing Carboxyl Groups for Control of the Form of CaCO3
    HUANG Yugang;CHU Yuehuan;HE Minghui;ZENG Zhaohua;YANG Jianwen
    2014, 53(3):  73-79. 
    Asbtract ( 848 )   PDF (1913KB) ( 254 )  
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    Polypeptide-based doubly-hydrophilic hybrid copolymers (PEO-b-PPLG-g-MPA) containing a great amount of carboxyl groups at the sidechains of polypeptide blocks were synthesized by combination of ring opening polymerization of  N-carboxyanhydrides (NCAs) and thiol-yne photo-click reaction. The obtained polypeptidebased doublyhydrophilic hybrid copolymers (DHHC) were used as protein template to direct biomineralization of CaCO3 in aqueous solution. Conformational changes of the polypeptide blocks were revealed by circular dichroism (CD) spectroscopy. Morphology of the obtained CaCO3 was investigated by scanning electron microscope (SEM). Crystal form of the CaCO3 was confirmed by x-ray diffraction (XRD). The results of CD analysis indicated that the polypeptide blocks could effectively control the morphology of CaCO3 in water when they adopted random coil conformation, rather than more ordered α-helix or  β-sheet. SEM analysis showed that the growth of the CaCO3 crystals was strongly dependent on the concentration of polypeptides. Furthermore, the morphology of CaCO3 was tunable by the variation of length of polypeptide blocks and pH value of the aqueous solution. CaCO3 could form the microsphere with smooth surface, spherical superstructures with some tiny disklike particles grown on the surface and “flower” aggregated nanorod structures. XRD analysis verified that the obtained CaCO3 was calcite in a very stable form in nature.
    Analysis of Chemical Constituents of the Root and Stem of Symplocos laurina Wall
    XIE Lixia;YANG Lu;PENG Guangtian;QIU Pengxin; YIN Wei;ZHANG Cuixian;HE Xixin
    2014, 53(3):  80-84. 
    Asbtract ( 933 )   PDF (943KB) ( 267 )  
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    The compounds of Symplocos laurina Wall. were isolated by column chromatography on silica gel and the chemical constituents were elucidated by spectroscopic analysis. Nine compounds were obtained from the ethanol extract of the stem and root of Symplocos laurina Wall. and identified as oleanolic acid-3-acetate(1), erythrodiol-3-acetate(2), stigmasterol(3), α-spinasterol(4), vanillic acid(5), sucrose(6), maltose(7), 5, 4′-dihydroxy-7-methoxyflavanone(8), myoinositol (9), respectively. All the compounds were isolated from the plant for the first time.
    Study on the Interaction Mode between 4-Benzyloxyphenol and Herring Sperm DNA
    HU Yamin;LU Junliang;WANG Xingming;YANG Huan
    2014, 53(3):  85-90. 
    Asbtract ( 785 )   PDF (999KB) ( 321 )  
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    The mechanism of interaction between 4-Benzyloxyphenol(PBP) and herring sperm DNA was studied using fluorescence spectroscopy and viscosity analysis in a Tris-HCl solution (pH =7.4). Using mole ration method, the mole ration between PBP and DNA was determined to be 2.Using the thermodynamic analysis, the binding constant of PBP interaction with DNA was determined to be Kθ 300.15K = 2.16×105 L/mol , and the corresponding thermodynamic parameters were ΔrHθm=-6.18×104 J/mol,ΔrSθm=-1.05×103J/(mol·K).The result suggested that enthalpy was the driven force in the reaction.The interaction of PBP and DNA was derived from partial intercalation and electrostatic interaction.
    The Admittance Circles Token of Elastic Fatigue of Doped PZT Piezoelectric Vibrators
    CHEN Ruqi;ZHU Guiwen;SHEN Wenbin;CHEN Min
    2014, 53(3):  91-94. 
    Asbtract ( 777 )   PDF (929KB) ( 301 )  
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    Elastic fatigue of doped Pb(Zr,Ti)O3(PZT) piezoelectric vibrators was investigated by admittance circles. The resonant frequency coud be drawn by admittance circles, and then the elastic constant, as a token of elastic fatigue, could be calculated. The result indicated that the elastic fatigue appeared when PZT work in the resonant frequency and the telescopic vibration times were over 109.
    Effects of Temperature and pH on the Activities of Digestive Enzymes in Cromileptes altivelis
    LIU Jianghua;OU Youjun;LI Jiaer;WU Shuiqing
    2014, 53(3):  95-100. 
    Asbtract ( 870 )   PDF (2341KB) ( 318 )  
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     The effect of reaction temperature and pH on the activities of 3 main digestive enzymes (protease, lipase, amylase) of Cromileptes altivelis were studied using enzymology analysis method. The results show that: the activities of all digestive enzymes in Cromileptes altivelis increased at first and then decreased with temperature and pH increasing in the designed temperature and pH ranges. In stomach, the optimal temperature for protease was 40~45 ℃ , whereas all in intestine, pyloric caecum and liver were 40 ℃. The optimum temperature for lipase in stomach was 35 ℃, the optimum temperature for the pyloric caecum was 40~45 ℃, the others were all 40 ℃ respectively. The optimum temperature for amylase in stomach was 40 ℃, The others were all 35 ℃ respectively. The optimum pH for protease in stomach was 3.2, the optimum pH values in intestine, pyloric caecum and liver were all 82.The optimum pH values for lipase in stomach and liver were 7.2,8.2, the others were all 6.2 respectively The optimum temperature for amylase in stomach was pH 7.2~8.2 and others were all 7.2Under optimum temperature and pH, the activities of lipase in different organs was in the order of anterior intestine> stomach> liver> pyloric caecum, and the activities of amylase were intestinal> the pyloric caecum> stomach> liverUnder optimum temperature and pH ,the order of protease was intestine> stomach> liver> pyloric caecum and intestine> stomach> pyloric caecum> liver
    Effects of Dietary Growth Hormone Gene Recombinant Protein on Growth, Digestion and Anti-Oxidative of Epinephelus coioides
    PAN Zhongchao;SHI Herong;YANG Huirong; WANG Shuqi;ZHAO Huihong
    2014, 53(3):  101-109. 
    Asbtract ( 921 )   PDF (1005KB) ( 248 )  
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    The application prospect in sea water fish breeding influenced by the inclined Epinephelus coioides recombinant proteins was studied. The supernatant containing recombinant protein was sprayed by concentration of 2, 4, 8 milligrams per Kilogram basic orangespotted grouper diet, and the single factor experiment was composed with one control group(G0)and three treated groups(G1,G2,G3). The fishes were raised in circulating water systems indoor and the experiment contained 3 replicates in each group. The feeding period was 10 weeks, and in this period the fishes were fed three times every day, morning, mid-noon and afternoon respectively. The water quality was monitored regularly. Results showed as follows,the G2 group possessed the highest weight gain rate for 293.16%, and  23.75% higher than control group, but its feeding rate was 1.14, which was the lowest in all groups; The length gain rate and average feeding amount of G2 group was significantly higher than that of control group (p<0.05) . The crude protein of G2 group was significantly higher than control group (p<0.05) in the fish bodies, but the muscle crude lipid was significantly lower than control (p<0.05). The treatments cholesterol, low density lipoprotein and the triglyceride in serum were decreased compared with control, and showed significant differences between G1, G2 group and G0 group (p<0.05). The amylase activity in treatments was higher than control, and the G2 group showed the significant difference (p<0.05); the lipase activity of treatments was significantly higher than control (p <0.05).The total antioxidant capacity (T-AOC) of G2 group was the highest and significantly higher than control (p<0.05); the catalase activity of G3 group was significantly higher than control (p<0.05); the treatment groups MDA content was decreased than control. The phosphates activity of G2 group was the highest in all groups and was significantly higher than control (p<0.05) in liver. The above results showed that it had an obvious promoting effect if added 4mg/kg of growth hormone gene recombinant proteins to the feed and could improve the utilization rate of feed, besides, the blood lipid level of Epinephelus coioides was reduced obviously if added appropriate growth hormone gene recombinant protein and could improve its ability to digest fat and antioxidant capacity.
    To Compare the Drug-Loading Characteristics and Release Behavior of Interferon PLGA Microspheres Prepared by Normal and Modified Double-Emulsion Methods
    LUO Yuyan;MAI Haiyan;LI Na;JIN Qixing;HUANG Xiaozhou;ZHANG Yongming
    2014, 53(3):  110-114. 
    Asbtract ( 861 )   PDF (1942KB) ( 296 )  
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    The modified method integrated the principal that sodium alginate produces ionic interaction with calcium ion to form a kind of sustained-release gel into the double-emulsion method. Interferon α-1b (IFN α-1b) poly (lactic-co-glycolic) (PLGA) microspheres were prepared by the above two methods. Encapsulation efficiency, drug loading, yield and average size were used to evaluate the physicochemical properties of microspheres; Scanning electron microscope was taken to observe the outlook and internal morphology of microspheres, while the structure parameters were analyzed by the image analysis software Image J; Staining surface protein method and confocal laser scanning microscope were utilized respectively to observe protein distribution on the surface and inside the microsphere skeletons; Finally, the microspheres in vitro release pattern was studied. Compared with microspheres made by the double-emulsion method, the ones made by modified method were of the following characteristics: high encapsulation efficiency and drug loading(61.85 %,0.7243 %); less pores on the surface with lower surface porosity; less but bigger pores inside the micorspheres, with cross-sectioned porosity equal to the double-emulsion method; less proteins distributed on the surface, while more in the inner hole wall of the microspheres; The cumulated release percent was about 70 % in 30 d, with apparently less burst-release and sustained-release period over 20 d The result shows that IFN-PLGA microspheres produced by modified method were of better drug-loading and release properties.
    Identifying and Assessment of Mineralization Information Associated with Sn-polymetallic Mineralization in the Western Gejiu District, Yunnan
    HE Fengping;WANG Zhenghai;ZU Yuchuan; WANG Lei;WANG Juan
    2014, 53(3):  115-120. 
    Asbtract ( 773 )   PDF (2451KB) ( 247 )  
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    The Gejiu mineral district, which is a worldclass tin production region, is facing a current shortage of resources, therefore, mineral exploration in the deeper and peripheral spaces has become a top priority in this old mine. Douyan district, located in the southest of western district, is becoming the focus of mineral exploration for its favourable metallogenic geologic conditions. In this paper, factor analysis (FA) and spectrum-area fractal model (S-A) are applied to study the integrated primary geochemical anomalies associated with polymetallic Sn mineralization. The results are shown as follows: (1) F1 consists of positive loading from Cd-Hg-Pb-Zn-W, indicating the mesoepithermal deposit associated with polymetallic sulphides. Both F3 and F5 include information associated with Sn mineralization. F5 consists of Sn and Sr (a common element in carbonates), indicating that a part of ore-forming materials came from carbonate country rocks. F3 consists of Sn and Mo and reflects information about magmatic activities which would provide the ore-forming thermal condition and a part of ore-forming materials. (2) Predictive exploration targets have been made which suit in the Shuitan Mountain in southeast of study area. It is speculated that circum-shaped amomalies around the Shuitan Mountain were related to volcanic rocks and alteration zones. (3) The main controlling factors for enrichment of Sn are granitoid batholiths and wall rocks based on the modeling semi-variogram.
    The Risk Evaluation and Division of the Tarim River Basin
    SUN Peng;ZHANG Qiang;DENG Xiaoyu;BAI Yungang; ZHANG Jianghui
    2014, 53(3):  121-127. 
    Asbtract ( 791 )   PDF (5076KB) ( 330 )  
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    A multi-index drought risk assessment model was developed to combine the strengths of standard precipitation index at different time steps for drought hazard index and composite drought vulnerability indices in the Tarim River Basin (TRB). The spatialtemporal patterns of drought hazard, drought vulnerability and drought risk are analyzed. The results indicate that: (1) Drought hazard is higher in northern and eastern TRB than other areas at 3 month step. It is high in central and northwestern parts at a 12-month time scale. Drought vulnerability index in northwestern and southwestern TRB is higher than other areas. Moreover, drought vulnerability is the highest in southwestern TRB. The correlation coefficients between drought vulnerability index and percentage of agricultural population, dependency ratio, percentage of agricultural economic loss are higher than other drought vulnerability indices. (2) The vulnerability indices including F, P, I, D, A and I in middle and western TRB are higher than indices in eastern and northern TRB, while F is opposite. (3) Droughts pose the highest risk to the western districts of the TRB, while drought risk is the lowest in northeastern and southeastern TRB.
    Impact of Land Use Change on Runoff in the Fuping Basin
    HAO Zhenchun,SU Zhenkuan,JU Qin
    2014, 53(3):  128-133. 
    Asbtract ( 818 )   PDF (5664KB) ( 298 )  
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    Landsat remote sensing satellite images in different years were used to analyze land use change in the Fuping Basin, then the hydrological and meteorological data during 1968-2010 was used into SWAT model for analyzing the impact of land use change on runoff. In recent decades,the change of precipitation is not obvious,while the change of runoff shows a significant trend of decreasing. Increased watershed woodland (grassland turns to woodland) is the main reason for reducing runoff. Runoff decreased by 6.46% with the change of woodland area from 926 km2 in 1993 to 1119 km2 in 2004. Simulated average annual runoff under different scenarios overall decreased. Increasing of woodland and decreasing of grassland can lead to a reduction of runoff. Changes of woodland and grassland affect the hydrological cycle through affecting the evapotranspiration. The change trend of runoff shows a negative correlation with the evapotranspiration.  
    Multifractal Singular Value Decomposition (MSVD) for Extraction of Cu-Pb-Zn Weak Geochemical Anomaly in Wendi Area, South Qinzhou-Hangzhou Joint Belt
    LV Wenchao;ZHOU Yongzhang;ZHU Benduo
    2014, 53(3):  134-139. 
    Asbtract ( 1368 )   PDF (9009KB) ( 313 )  
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    A multifractal singular value program on MATLAB platform was effectively used to delineate geochemical anomalies based on 1:50000 scale stream sediment data from Wendi area, in the South Qinzhou-Hangzhou joint belt. The separation of Cu, Pb, and Zn by the MSVD method could effectively identify Cu-Pb-Zn mineralization anomaly from the high geochemical background caused by Ag-Au deposits and extract Cu, Pb and Zn mineralization anomaly information from multi-geochemical background, including week and hidden anomalies. These anomalies extracted by MSVD method are consistent with the majority of copper, lead, and zinc ore deposits, but the Cu-Pb-Zn anomalous extracted by statistical method are not consistent with the majority of Cu-Pb-Zn  ore deposits. These weak anomalies on the MSVD anomalous map are significant for further work in the unknown area. The method is very effective for mineral resource prediction in Wendi area.
    The Division and Analysis of One Hour Living Circle in Guangzhou
    ZHANG Yihan, LI Lihong
    2014, 53(3):  140-145. 
    Asbtract ( 1215 )   PDF (3095KB) ( 348 )  
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    One hour living circle has an important impact on regional economic development, government policy makers, and production and living of residents. The data for dividing one hour living circle are mainly from subway, national, provincial and county roads, in which subway is the most important, especially in populous metropolis. In this paper, while one-hour living circle of Guangzhou city was circled out based on its urban traffic network, the impact of metro system on the one-hour living circle was analyzed quantitatively and accurately. The results show that (1) onehour living circle of Guangzhou City in 2013 and 2020 cover ten districts of Guangzhou City and Foshan. (2) Since the main city is basically located in Yuexiu, Haizhu and Tianhe Districts, the area ratio of the three zones in 2020 are 100%. (3) In 2013-2020, the Huangpu, Panyu and Huadu districts are fastergrowing regions due to rapid growth of metro. (4) One hour living circle of Guangzhou basically has no island regions mainly because of well-developed Metro-Road network.  
    Influence of Annealing Temperature on Structural and Optical Properties of Ce0.97Co0.03O2 Thin Films Prepared by Sol-Gel Method
    YANG Shenghong, ZHANG Yueli
    2014, 53(3):  146-149. 
    Asbtract ( 743 )   PDF (1809KB) ( 263 )  
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    3%Co doped CeO2 thin films were prepared on Si(100) by SolGel method. The influence of annealing temperature on the structural and optical properties of Ce0.97Co0.03O2 thin films was studied. X-ray diffraction (XRD) showed that 3%Co doped CeO2 thin films were polycryatalline with the same structure of CeO2. The average crystallite size increased with increasing annealing temperature. Spectroscopic ellipsometry (SE) studies showed that the optical constants (the refractive index n and the extinction coefficient k) of Ce0.97Co0.03O2 thin films increase with increasing annealing temperature, and the optical band gap Eg decrease as increasing annealing temperature. The variation in optical properties with annealing temperature revealed that the film structure was affected by annealing.
    Study on Simulation and Escape Behavior of High-rise Building Fire
    WANG Hairong;CHEN Qingguang;YU Yuan;YUAN Zhi;YAN Jianbo; LIANG Dong
    2014, 53(3):  150-154. 
    Asbtract ( 758 )   PDF (3569KB) ( 335 )  
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    The commercial center of Guangzhou Tianhe is as an example for the study of the smoke spread speed, temperature, the CO concentration, variation of visibility and evacuation behavior characteristic of indoor personnel in the highrise building fire scene through FDS and Pathfinder. The simulation results show that the intermediate stage process plays a decisive role on personnel evacuation during the available safe evacuation time in the highrise building fire scene. In the intermediate stage process, personnel movement speed becomes slow because of the increase of path selection difficulty. The evacuation speed will improve if suitably induced or increase diversion facilities to avoid congestion. In this case, only through the evacuation stairs for evacuation is unrealistic. Considering the high temperature gas toxic may spread through the gap into the elevator, fire evacuation elevator should only stop hedging layer, ground floor or floor near the fire area. FDS case can directly import into the Pathfinder simulator.The best evacuation time will be find out according to actual situation through the FDS simulation of highrise building fire combined with Pathfinder simulation of evacuation in the actual case.