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    25 July 2014, Volume 53 Issue 4
    Gait Recognition Based on Gabor Wavelet and Local Binary Pattern
    LIU Zhiyong;YANG Guan;FENG Guocan
    2014, 53(4):  1-7. 
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    Recently, gait recognition for individual identification has been attracting increasing attention from biometrics researchers. It is well known that Gait Energy Image (GEI) is an efficient representation for gait, and Local Binary Pattern (LBP) can extract the local information efficiently, but the information lack of the orientation and scale characteristic, Gabor wavelet can extract the feature of different orientation and scales. First, using Gabor wavelet to extract the different orientation and scales-information of GEI, the magnitude spectral image is obtained. Second, LBP is used to extract the local information from magnitude spectral image, it can extract more local orientation and scale feature than the method of directly use LBP on GEI. At last, as the dimension of the LBP feature is usually very high, this paper employs a popular method called Discriminative Common Vectors (DCV) for further dimensionality reduction, which minimizes the within-class distance and maximizes the between-class distance as much as possible. Finally, for simplicity consideration, the nearest neighbor classifier to classification is used. Experimental results on CASIA databases show that our algorithm is effective and obtains high recognition rates. Further, a sample expand method is proposed for the small sample problem in gait recognition, the method increase the recognition rates.
    The Cauchy Problem for the Modified Camassa-Holm Equations
    ZHANG Shuanghu;FENG Zhaoyong;YANG Kaibo
    2014, 53(4):  8-12. 
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    The Cauchy problem of the modified Camassa-Holm equation is mainly studied. First, a new blow-up phenomenon which is an improvement of the earlier ones is presented. Then it is proved that the Cauchy problem for the modified Camassa-Holm equation is not locally well-posedness in the sense that its solution does not depend uniformly continuously on the initial data.
    Price Volatility Network Propagation Model: New Method on Study Price Volatility Associated Effect
    LIU Xiangrong;YANG Jianmei;SUN Hongying;XIE Weicong;LAN Wenyan
    2014, 53(4):  13-20. 
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    In recent years, the scholars have used econometric model, general equilibrium model, input-output price influence model or their combination models to study price volatility associated effect. However, it is very difficult in demolishing and reorganizing inputoutput table to study price volatility associated effect based on the price influence model. To overcome the above difficulty, price volatility network propagation model is established by introducing network communication perspective, i.e. price volatility correlation effects are regarded as network nodes propagation behavior. The study shows that the price volatility network propagation model is more convenient and effective on studying price volatility associated effect. This new method provides a new perspective for the study of price volatility associated effect.
    Trusted Measurement Model of Multidimension Parameter Based on Self-learning
    CAI Qingling;ZHAN Yiju;YANG Jian
    2014, 53(4):  21-24. 
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    To solve trusted measurement, a trusted measurement model of multidimension parameter (called Random Division Sequence Model, DR is given through the integration of multi-factor based on the software security protection principles. DR takes into account software security level factor, software security assessment factor and the required resources of software operation factor, which abandons the traditional single measurement methods and establishes a comprehensive trusted measurement model by giving consideration to various security requirements. DR achieves a fine-grained integrity measurement, and reduces operation costs.
    Improved EMD Method for Noisy Signal
    LIU Yingjun; YANG Zhijing; DONG Jianwei;LI Shulong
    2014, 53(4):  25-34. 
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    Recently, an adaptive method called Empirical mode decomposition (EMD) is proposed for signal analysis. It has attracted great deal of attention and been used in many areas successfully since its advent. However, when the signal is contaminated by noise, EMD suffers from the drawback of over decomposition and likely is affected by noise, which severely restricts its applications. In order to solve this problem, an improved version of EMD is proposed. During the first decomposition circle, the original cubic spline interpolation is replaced by the smoothing spline fitting, which can avoid the over decomposition problem and then reduce the disturbance of noise component. Simulations validate the improvement of the new proposed method. Moreover, two real climate data examples show the effective and superiority of the new method for real signals.
    Vornonvskaja-type Approximation for Bi-continuous C-semigroups
    CANG Dingbang,YAN Shoufeng, MIAO Wenjing
    2014, 53(4):  35-39. 
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    Based on the definition and properties of the Bi-continuous C-semigroups on a Banach space endowed with an additional locally convex topology τ, by means of bi-positive kernel, the problem of approximation for Bi-continuous C-semigroups was studied and the exponential-type representation formulas are given.Moreover, a corresponding Vornonvskaja-type approximation of exponential formulas is obtained, and the generating theorems are given.
    The Embedded System for Power Quality Detection Based on FFT and Wavelet Theory
    SHEN Haibin, ZHENG Shousen, QI Xinmei
    2014, 53(4):  40-44. 
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    The advantages of FFT application in frequency domain and wavelet theory in time domain were studied,and an Embedded System for Power Quality Detection (ESPQD) based on radix-4 FFT and Wavelet Transform is developed. The ESPQD uses the wavelet theory to monitor the transient power qualityincluding voltage dip, voltage swell and so on.FFT is applied to analysis harmonics of electrical signals in steadystate. Three different states including steady-state, voltage dip and transient interference were tested with both the ESPQD hardware system and Matlab simulation for verification. The results show that the amplitude error of fundamental wave is within 0.3%, meeting the A level standard of the utility grid standards GB/T 14549-93 about harmonic measuring instruments. The system can also precisely and quickly detect the abrupt changes of the electrical signals during voltage dip and transient interference. The time difference between ESPQD and simulation is within 1.6 ms and the system can be used in real time measurement.
    Research and Application on a Novel Self-validating Soft Sensor
    XIAO Hongjun;LIU Yiqi;WU Jun
    2014, 53(4):  45-51. 
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    A soft sensor is widely used as a alternative for process monitoring, but robust problems prevailing in soft sensor application hinder its further usage. A novel soft sensor such as self-validating soft sensor is proposed, which not only deals with input data online calibration and fault reconstruction problems, but also further ensures the reliability of input data by performing Principal Component Analysis (PCA) analysis. In addition, uncertainties are characterized by output variance and inductive confidence predictor (ICP). The output with uncertainties, model statuses uncertainties, faulty messages and validated output are implemented for ensuring proper fault reconstruction and model calibration. The effectiveness was proved in a wastewater treatment process.
    Spatial Decoherence Induced by Spontaneous Emission
    JIANG Wenying;ZHAO Zhimin;LIU Yujie;ZHANG Wenju;ZHENG Li;ZHENG Taiyu
    2014, 53(4):  52-55. 
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    The decoherence dynamics of a two-level atom coupled into a vacuum electromagnetic field are studied. The analytic solution of the Schrodinger equation has been given, and then the reduced density matrix for the motion of the atomic center of mass has been derived. It is shown that spontaneous emission induces the entanglement between the atomic spatial motion and the atomic electronic states, which induces the spatial quantum decoherence of the atom. The decoherence factor is given, and its properties, such as dynamical evolution with time and evolution for different atomic positions, are demonstrated by some figures.
    Noether Theorem for Nonconservative Mechanical System with Time Delay in Phase Space
    JIN Shixin;ZHANG Yi
    2014, 53(4):  56-61. 
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    The Noether symmetries and the conserved quantities for nonconservative mechanical systems with time delay in phase space are studied. Firstly, the Hamilton canonical equations with time delays for the non-conservative systems are established. Secondly, according to the generalized quasi-invariance of the Hamilton action with time delay in phase space under the infinitesimal transformations of groups, the definitions and criterion of the Noether generalized quasisymmetric transformations with time delay in phase space are given. Lastly, the relationship between the Noether symmetries and the conserved quantities with time delay in phase space are established. At the end, an example is given to illustrate the application of the results.
    The Research of Fast Retrieval Method for Three-view Model Component in Manufacturing Field
    ZHOU Yan;ZENG Fanzhi;LU Yansheng;ZHOU Yuexia
    2014, 53(4):  62-68. 
    Asbtract ( 322 )   PDF (4136KB) ( 270 )  
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    For solving the problem to quickly retrieve a specific threedimensional component from massive component library in industrial design, it gives a measurement process based on row and center by combining the compressed sensing theory, and proposes a fast retrieval method for three-view model component in manufacturing field are studied. First, it extracts the measurement features of color and texture from the three-view of each component by compressed sensing method, and saves them into model library. Then, it extracts the measurement features of the three-view component to be retrieved, and matches the similarity with the features of three-view components in model library. Finally, according to the similarity between the three-view of model components, it fuses the measurement features of the center and gets the overall similarity between model components and outputs the retrieval result. Experimental results show this method has better retrieval performance and has certain advantage in recall and precision rate.
    Computer Simulation and Design of Real-time Holographic Fabrication of Microstructures
    QI Zhiming;LIANG Wenyao; CHEN Wuhe
    2014, 53(4):  69-73. 
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    Laser holography is an important method for fabricating photonic crystal microstructures. In order to facilitate adjusting beam parameters to improve the success rate of experiment, it is proposed to transfer the formed microstructure to a computer for real-time display and processing by using a CMOS sensor. According to the principle of multi-beam interference, the beam configurations and design principles of the realization of 2D microstructures are explored. Combining with numerical simulations, the influence of the beam polarizations on the shapes of the formed microstructure “atom” is also discussed. Further experiments validate the designs. With the help of the convenient real-time display and flexible adjusting of the beam parameters, two kinds of microstructures,i.e., the triangular and square lattices,are obtained. Experimental results show that the real-time computer display technology is helpful to improve the efficiency of design and fabrication of microstructures.
    The Super-resolution Reconstruction of Multi-frames Document Images Based on Huber Function and Bilateral Total Variation
    LIANG Fengmei;XING Jianqing;LUO Zhongliang;DENG Xueqing
    2014, 53(4):  74-78. 
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    It has been a key problem in document image superresolution which the noise model is uncertain, edge and texture of characters tend to complex and changeable. Geman&McClure (G&M) norm instead of L1 and L2 norm was proposed and used to improve the robustness of the algorithm. A regularization item combining Bilateral Total Variation (BTV) and Huber function was designed with adopting Lucas-Kanade light flow registration algorithm which is highly compatible for the proposed algorithm. This algorithm uses full information of the characters structure characteristics to make the algorithm pays more attention to the edge details in the process of reconstruction, applies the edge direction information more efficiently, and promotes information fusion of a series of low resolution images. Finally, experiments corresponding to L1BTV, L2BTV and G&M BTV regularization algorithm without Huber function were carried out, the results show that the algorithm under the G&M norm with combination of BTV and Huber function is much more excellent than other algorithms. In the environment of mixed noise model, document image super-resolution reconstruction can smooth the noise significantly, sharpen the edge and improve the resolution of characters in document image. The recognition rate of characters was improved by 1469%, and the operation time of the proposed algorithm was shorten by 29.34% at the same time.
    Study on the T-wave Alignment Strategy of Detecting T-wave Alternans Based on Spectral Method
    WEI Long; WEI Youzhen;ZHAO Jie;LI Heju
    2014, 53(4):  79-82. 
    Asbtract ( 298 )   PDF (1333KB) ( 326 )  
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    T-wave alternans (TWA) is a variation phenomenon characterized by beat to beat alternation in the morphology and/or amplitude of the T-wave of electrocardiographic. Traditional frequency spectral method(SM) uses the power spectrum at the 0.5 cycle/beat frequency to detect TWA, however, the results are affected by the alignment strategy during detection. Therefore, the work researches on the peak alignment and dot-product alignment affecting TWA detection based on the spectral method and provides the optimum alignment strategy. The research proves that the amplitude based on dotproduct alignment estimates TWA more accurately.
    Computational Model of Fly Ash Concrete Compressive Strength Based on the Equivalent Age
    WANG Jiachun, YAN Peiyu
    2014, 53(4):  83-87. 
    Asbtract ( 271 )   PDF (2472KB) ( 303 )  
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    Temperature tracking system is designed to simulate the actual curing concrete structure temperature history experienced. By the test standard curing conditions at 20℃, 50℃ constant temperature and variable temperature curing conditions, early age compressive strength of different strength levels fly ash concrete is measured. According to the compressive strength of concrete at early age of the two main factors: temperature and age, the calculation model of compressive strength of fly ash concrete is established and analyze the model parameters with introduction of equivalent age theory. The compressive strength of fly ash concrete structures is predicted by measuring temperature field with computational models. The results show that the compressive strength of fly ash concrete calculation model can accurately calculate the compressive strength of fly ash concrete structures, which can effectively guide the engineering application of fly ash concrete.
    Research on Phenolic Acid Constituents from Guangdong Liangcha
    SUN Caiyun;WANG Zhifang;SU Xianjun;LEI Lingfang;SONG Huacan;ZHANG Zhongqiang;ZHANG Cuixian
    2014, 53(4):  88-93. 
    Asbtract ( 374 )   PDF (996KB) ( 297 )  
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    In order to analyze chemical constituents and quality standard of Guangdong Liangcha, seven phenolic acid compounds were isolated. Their structures were determined to be chlorogenic acid (1), E-p-coumatic acid (2), caffeic acid (3), p-hydroxybenzoic acid (4), protocatechuric acid (5), protocatechuic acid methyl ester (6), gallic acid (7) according to the physical methods and spectroscopy. Compounds 1, 3 and 5 were firstly obtained from Guangdong Liangcha. Six chromatographic peaks of the fingerprint of Guangdong Liangcha were assigned by the HPLC-MSn method.
    Preparation of Phenolic Foam Plastics Based on Fast Paralytic Oil of Biomass
    TANG Jianzhao;RONG Teng;RONG Minzhi;ZHANG Mingqiu
    2014, 53(4):  94-100. 
    Asbtract ( 354 )   PDF (4095KB) ( 296 )  
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    Liquid bio-oil converted from renewable biomass is one of the important alternatives to petroleum in the future. In this work, wood creosote with more than 85% enrichment phenolic compounds was obtained by extraction purification of the wood tar. The main ingredients of the creosote include guaiacol, paracresol, etc., which have good reactivity with formaldehyde. Then, w=50% of the wood creosote was used to substitute phenol for manufacturing wood creosote modified phenolic foam. The optimum conditions for preparing A-stage phenolic resin were determined by orthogonal test. It was found that the amount of NaOH catalyst was a key factor of preparing A-stage phenolic resin, and the curing of the foam plastics needed to use sulfuric acid as the catalyst. The foams-mechanical properties could be tailored by using different foaming processes. The amount of curing agent, foaming agents and foaming time and temperature exerted great influence on the foams properties. Under optimum conditions, a kind of foam with cell diameter of 200 μm, compressive strength of 1 003.8 kPa and modulus of 25.37 MPa was obtained, which satisfied the requirement of phenolic foam plastics of national standards.
    Analysis of Impurities in Clindamycin Palmitate Hydrochloride Dispersible Tablets Through UFLC-Q-TOF-MS/MS
    HUANG Xin;ZHANG Chao;ZHOU Cuilan;ZOU Wei;SU Weiwei;PENG Wei
    2014, 53(4):  101-106. 
    Asbtract ( 395 )   PDF (1031KB) ( 309 )  
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    Sixteen impurities in clindamycin palmitate hydrochloride dispersible tablets were identified according to their fragmentation patterns and characteristic fragment ions by UFLC-Q-TOF-MS/MS in a positive mode. Among them, clindamycin nonanoate, clindamycin decanoate, clindamycin monodecanoate, clindamycin tridecanoate were firstly detected. These results provided a basis for quality control of clindamycin palmitate hydrochloride dispersible tablets.
    Analysis of Novel N-benzoyl Dehydroabietylamine Derivatives through Electrospray Ionization Tandem Mass Spectrometry
    CHEN Anxun;ZHOU Lihua;TANG Lianfeng;YAO Junhua;LIN Zhongxiang
    2014, 53(4):  107-113. 
    Asbtract ( 329 )   PDF (1308KB) ( 271 )  
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    Eight novel N-benzoyl dehydroabietylamine derivatives with potential sterilization and anticancer biological activities were analyzed through electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry (ESI-IT-MS). The results indicated that three types of derivatives exhibited their own typical ionization and fragmentation process, due to their different 7-and 12-substituents on the dehydroabietylamine ring and different substituents on the benzoyl ring. In (±)-ESI-MS, the dimer ions of 7-oxime derivatives (A) and 12-nitro derivatives (C) could be more readily formed than that of 7-hydroxy derivatives (B). [M-H2 O+H]+ of A was observed in the positiveion mode. C were prone to be ionized in the negativeion mode. Two typical fragmentation peaks of [M-35+H]+ and [M-H2 O+H]+ were observed in (+) -ESI-MS/MS spectra of 7-oxime dehydroabietylamine derivatives . The ion of [M-H2 O+H]+ formed from 18-acyl of (A) could induce some even fragmentation ion peaks by loss of substituted benzonitrile. The ion of [M-H2 O+H]+ formed from 7-oxime of (A) can induce some odd fragmentation ion peaks by loss of substituted benzaldehyde. (B) showed more stability than (C) in (-)-ESI-MS/MS process. Fewer fragmentation ions of (B) were obtained even though (B) derivatives were collided with higher energy. Ion fragmentation of (B) and (C) derivatives were induced by loss of neutral molecules of N-substituted benzoyl methylene amine, substituted benzaldehyde or substituted benzene. Due to the strong electronwithdrawing ability of 12and 4-nitro of (C) derivatives, the neutral molecules lost from (C) derivatives can be ionized by capturing one electron.
    Modulation Effect of Cu Doped in Te Surfaces of TiO2(101) and (101): A DFT Calculation
    LI Zongbao;WANG Xia;FAN Shuaiwei
    2014, 53(4):  114-118. 
    Asbtract ( 317 )   PDF (1632KB) ( 384 )  
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    Using the periodic density functional theory, the structures, formation energies, band structures and density of states were investigated with copper doped in TiO2, adsorbed on the surface of (001) and (101), substituted Ti sites of surface and subsurface, and in the vacancy of horizontal and longitudinal. The formation energy calculations suggested that Cu atom preferred to dope in the vacancy of the (001) surface, and the band-gap reduced obviously while the property of half-metal appeared. Analysis of the densities of states showed that the hybridization of Cu-3d and O-2p induced the appearing of CuO state, which was in good agreement with experimental result.
    Chemical Component Analysis of Hongzhu Capsule, a New Original Chinese Medicine, by RRLC-ESI-MS/MS
    2014, 53(4):  119-122. 
    Asbtract ( 370 )   PDF (1309KB) ( 281 )  
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    RRLC-ESI-MS/MS technique was applied to identify the components of Hongzhu Capsule. ESI-MS/MS analysis was then conducted under both positive and negative modes, matching molecular ion peak, fragment ion peak, retention time and DAD. Nine chemical components, including Neoeriocitrin, Prunin, Naringin, Lonicerin, Rhoifolin, Meranzin hydrate, Meliditin, Isomeranzin, Naringenin were identified. The findings provided the basis for the quality control and pharmacodynamic constituents of Hongzhu capsule.
    The Molecular Phylogenetic Relationships of 13 Epinepheline Species in Southern Coastal Provinces of China
    CHEN Xinghan;GUO Liang;LI Mingming;MENG Zining; LIN Haoran
    2014, 53(4):  123-130. 
    Asbtract ( 343 )   PDF (2955KB) ( 268 )  
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    The groupers are commercially important marine species over the world, and they are also the important mariculture species of the coastal provinces in south China. The great variety of the species and the lack of morphological characteristics led to much confusion and dispution in their phylogenetic relationships and species identification. In the present study, we try to reveal the phylogenetic relationships of groupers on molecular level. The partial mitochondrial cytochrome b (Cyt b) gene and two ribosomal genes (16S and 12S) were combined and applied to species identification and relationship analysis of 13 Epinepheline species from 3 genera distributed in coastal waters of south China. The results showed that: ①The mitochondrial genes are appropriate as molecular markers for Epinepheline species identification because considerably high sequence difference among species and very low within species were found in these 3 genera; ② Epinephelus was more closely related to Cephalopholis than to Plectropomus; ③ The genetic relationship was very close between E.akaara and E.awoara, E.merra and E.longispinis, E.coioides and E.corallicola.
    A Incremental Updating Method of Spatial Data Considering the Geographic Features Change Process
    LUO Guowei;ZHANG Xinchang;QI Lixin
    2014, 53(4):  131-135. 
    Asbtract ( 334 )   PDF (2077KB) ( 342 )  
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    The expression of link information between updating data and history data is still a difficult issue so far. This paper proposes a way to identify and store the feature changing information caused by data updating process based on the consideration of features-changing process. Besides, this paper designs the record structure of changing information and verifies the method by real data in a prototype system. The experiment results show that the improved method has better performance in the process of geometric history data backdating and recording of geographic object life cycle.
    Study on the Uncertainty of Water Use Based on Cooperative Game Theory in the Dongjiang River Basin
    HE Yanhu,CHEN Xiaohong,LIN Kairong
    2014, 53(4):  136-141. 
    Asbtract ( 307 )   PDF (1986KB) ( 293 )  
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    The cooperative game theory in economics was introduced into the analysis of future water use uncertainty of regional water use sectors. The cooperative game theory cores of productive, domestic and ecological water supply of the whole Dongjiang River Basin and its subregions in Guangdong Province were made and future water use for each sector was allocated in a form of value range based on water decomposition model involving cooperative game theory, considering water opportunity income of water alliance consisting of each water use sector under national total water use control indicator. The water consumption index sets of the whole Dongjiang River basin and its sub regions were provided, and the control amount intervals for productive, domestic and ecological water use in the Dongjiang River basin in 2020 are 4.26~6.29 billion m3, 4.26~6.29 billion m3 , 2.52~4.21 billion m3 , 0.046~0.93 billion m3,respectively. This provides an important reference for future water management of the Dongjiang River basin under water volume control.
    Noise Experiments of Turbulence in Estuarine Bottom Boundary Layer
    YE Zhihao, LIU Huan
    2014, 53(4):  142-148. 
    Asbtract ( 375 )   PDF (5093KB) ( 290 )  
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    In this paper, the effect of various noises on the turbulence was discussed based on the field observation data in estuarine bottom boundary layer, and choosing three kinds of noise, the white Gaussian noise, the linear trend, and the periodic signal. The following results have been obtained: (1) The energy spectrum of the turbulence is more obviously affected than the probability distribution. The influence of white Gaussian noise on the energy spectrum is the largest, the influence of linear trend is not notable, and the periodic signal only makes effects on specific frequency. (2) White Gaussian noise and periodic signal both have influence on these three turbulent parameters: turbulent intensity, turbulent energy and turbulent energy dissipation rate, but the linear trend only has influence on turbulent intensity and turbulent energy. Adding noises to the turbulence will make the turbulent parameters increase.
    Minimum Ecological Water Requirements of the Poyang Lake
    LIU Jianyu;ZHANG Qiang;SUN Peng;GU Xihui; FANG Chaoyang
    2014, 53(4):  149-153. 
    Asbtract ( 338 )   PDF (2125KB) ( 335 )  
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    Based on hydrological characteristics of the Poyang Lake basin, the model for computation of the minimum ecological water requirement is developed. The water level with frequency of 95% is defined as the minimum water level. The drainage area of the Poyang Lake basin is computed as 1503.9 km2 based on the relations between water level and drainage area. The evaporation is decided to compute the lake water surface evaporation and the value is 483.09 mm and the minimum ecological water consumption is 0.73 billion m3. Moreover, methods of the instream ecological water requirements, the minimum monthly average streamflow, monthly minimum streamflow, Tennant method and 90% guaranteed minimum monthly average streamflow are used to compute the minimum ecological water requirement of the outflow from the Poyang Lake basin as 77.71 billion m3 and the minimum ecological water requirement of the Poyang Lake basin is 78.44 billion m3 The results of this study are of great importance for conservation of ecological environment, aquatic ecological environment and water resources management within the Poyang Lake basin.
    The Study on the Runoff Change Based on the Heuristic Segmentation Algorithm and Approximate Entropy
    HUANG Shengzhi;HUANG Qiang;WANG Yimin;CHEN Yutong
    2014, 53(4):  154-160. 
    Asbtract ( 384 )   PDF (3102KB) ( 344 )  
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    The study on the variation of runoff not only helps to master the evolvement rule of runoff under the background of change climate, but also causes the results of hydrological analysis, hydrological simulation and hydrological calculation to be more accuracy. The object of study in this paper is the Wei River Basin.  The heuristic segmentation algorithm and approximate entropy theory are employed to detect the mutation points of the annual runoff in the Wei River basin. The diagnosis results suggest: there are two mutation points, 1972 and 1994, in the basin above Linjiacun; there are no variation points in the basin above Zhangjiashan; there are two change points, 1970 and 1994, in the Wei River Basin as a whole. Furthermore, the attribution analysis on the variation of runoff indicates that the variation of runoff in this basin is caused by the mutual effects of climate changes (the El Nio of 1972 and the ENSO of 1994 events) and human activities (the construction of water conservancy project, the changes in underlying surface and excessive exploitation of groundwater and surface water).