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    25 March 1986, Volume 25 Issue 2
    The Analysis and Valuations of the Reginal Tectonic Stabilities along the Coasts of Guangdong Province
    Huang Yukun Xiafa Chen Guoneng Chen Jiajie
    1986, 25(2):  11-17. 
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     The faults,mainly the NE,secondly the EW and NW,intersect the crustalong the coasts of Guangdong to form seven fault blocks with different activeintensity and twenty sub-fault blocks with different stability.The recent crus-tal movements on these fault blocks are dominated by vertical differential mov-ements.The geotherm-seismicity effect and energy-facies conversion of the fault-bl-ocks processes along the coasts have a close relationship with the deep-seatedtectonics.The recent fault-block subsidence areas with stronger earthquake andlower geotherm value are not only corresponding to the deep-seated uplift areaof the Conrad and Mohorovicic discontinuities,but it is also a area of highergravity value.The strong earthquakes of M>6 in Guangdong were all takingplace on the boundaries of the recent fault-block subsidence areas where thecrustal movements along the coast are stronger and the reginal stabilities arelower.The distribution of fault-block stress field and the style of the fault move-ment are different with the pattern of the block complex and the direction ofthe main stress in regional tectonic stress field.The regional stability is also influnced by the medium of the fault-blocks,the conditions of tectonic,the development of tectonic and the characteristic ofhydrogeology and engineering geology.There were about 70 percent earthquakesof M≥4(3/4) along the coasts took place in Cenozonic graben basins.

    Substituent Effect on Pericyclic Reaction of 2-Methyl Cyclobuten-2-ol
    Xu Xiangong Huang Jinke Wu Zhenping
    1986, 25(2):  25-29. 
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     2-Methyl cyclobuten-2-ol was synthesized and its substituent effect in pericy-clic reaction was studied.It was observed that the electrocyclic opening of thesodium alkoxide of this alcohol is 20-fold faster than that of the alcohol andthe solvent effect on the reaction of the alcohol is small.The result is explai-ned qualitatively with the theory of frontier molecular orbital. 

    Nonlocal Magnetic Susceptibility Tensor and Spin Wave Resonance of the Ferromagnetic Film
    Shi Longpei
    1986, 25(2):  44-52. 
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    The magnetic susceptibility and spin wave resonance is studied by the methodof Green’s function based upon Heisenberg model with the surface magneticanisotropy.It is proved that the ferromagnetic film which loses translationalinvariance in one direction has nonlocal magnetic susceptibility tensor.Applingthe method of nonlocal magnetic susceptibility formulation,the relation betweenthe surface magnetic anisotropy of film and the modes of spin wave excited bythe uniform microwave field is derived.One gives the expressions of positionand intensity of resonance peaks.According to the theoretical formula given inthis paper,the surface magnetic anisotropy can be measured by the experimen-tal method of spin wave resonance. 

    The Electrical Resistance Study of Amorphous Alloy Fe80B20 in the Processes of Crystallization and Structural Relaxation
    Wang Yun-xin Lin Deming He Huixian
    1986, 25(2):  53-57. 
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    The change of resistance in the process of asscending temperture for metallicglass Fe80B20 was measured as a function of temperature by four-terminal method.Both structure relaxation process (lower temperature region)and crystallizationprocess (high tempecature region) were observed.In the process of structurerelaxation,△ρ/ρ varies with temperature as T-1,but deviates linear in thetemperature range of 450~550K and the maximum deviative of △ρ/ρ from T-1 isabout 0.5%ρ(R.T)The amorphous/crystalline transformation takes place in two stages and indistinct regions of temperature.The isothermal crystallization kindi(?)s wasstudied in these two distinct regions of temperature and the crystallizationactivation lnerge is 3.0ev and 1.0ev respectively. 

    Free Boundary Matrices for Vibration of a Finite Lattice in Two-Dimension
    Li Jingde
    1986, 25(2):  58-63. 
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     From the harmonic approximation for vibration equation of a N×N finite latticein two-dimension,the free boundary matrices B are given.The vibration equationmay be written in matrix form (Ω+B±)|>=∈|>,and solved in Ω representation.The wave vectors which usully appeared in infinite lattices are replaced by thenumbers (q1,q2) of nodes of standing wares.B± lead to coupling between standingwaves.One of the asymmetry coupling solutions is the rotation mode.Another oneof symmetry coupling solutions may be a soft mode,if the ratio (-h/f)of forceconstants related to bond angle and bond length is suitable.The boundary couplingsoft mode of acoustic vibration results in sinusoidal modulation of the crystal stru-cture. 

    On Analytical Solution of Rotationally Periodic Structures
    Cai Chengwu
    1986, 25(2):  64-72. 
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     The continuous system with rotational periodicity is considered.Some exactsolutions are obtained for following problems:(1)The forced vibration forthe polygonal frame which is simply supported at each nodal point.(2)Thenatural vibration and buckling problem for the prismatic shell whose normalcross section is a polygon. 

    An Integer Labelling Version of Merrill’s Restart Algorithm and Discussions on Convergence
    1986, 25(2):  73-78. 
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    A variation of Merrill’s restart algorithm is presented to compute zeroes ofcontinuous self-mappings of Euclidean spaces.Discussions on computational co-nvergence are developed. 

    Smooth Biharmonic Splines on Circular Domain
    Lee Luoluo
    1986, 25(2):  87-92. 
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    Two types of smooth biharmonic splines defined on circular domain areintroduced.Characteristic conditions,existence and uniqueness of a solutionare given.Smooth parameter is selected by iterative method and the solutioncan be obtained by sol(?)ing a sequence of systems of linear algebraic equationswhich possess non-singular symmetric coefficient matrices. 

    Analysis on Forest Communities of Dinghushan——Ⅷ Ecological dominance
    Wang Bosun ;Peng Shaolin
    1986, 25(2):  93-97. 
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    Ecological dominance is a index that shows the degree of dominance concen-tration.The ecological dominance of seven forest communities in Dinghushan aremeasured,the use and the effect as well as ecological meaning of ecological do-minance are explorated.The retsults show that Simpson index,C=(?)(ni/N)~2,is suitable toexpress concentration of dominance,Simpson index 0.12 is the ecological domin-ance value of the south-subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest,the ecologicaldominance is negatively correlated with both diversity and equitability.

    New Species from the Limestone Flora of South Guizhou
    1986, 25(2):  98-100. 
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    Scanning Eletron Microscope Observations on the Structure of the Egg-Shell of Mosquito,Culex tritaeniorhynchus Giles
    Bao Weimin He Guofeng Cui Bingyu
    1986, 25(2):  103-106. 
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     The structure of the egg-shell of Culex tritaeniorhynchus Giles is studied by sca-nning eletron microscopy.The egg-shell consists of three layers,the vitellinemembrane,the chorion shell and exochorion.The exochorion is structurallyslightly complex and on its surface there are many vertical projections modifiedin shapes and sizes.At the anterior end of the eggshell exists the micropilararea in which there is the micropyle with the radial grains around it.Atthe posterior end there is an irregular six-pointed star of about 14.410 μ indiameter,which has a hole with a plug near the centre of it.In the other partsof the surface including the lateral areas exist no special patterns of the proje-ctions.The patterns made up of the projections on the surfaces of the egg-shells ofdifferent genera or species of mosquitoes may be useful in taxonomy.

    Studies on Karyotypes in Five Species of Fish
    Wu Weixiong Chen Hongxi Zhuang Hao
    1986, 25(2):  107-113. 
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    Chromosome preparations of five species of fish were made from the kidneyby the air-flame drying method.The results are as follows: Channa maculatus-2n=42(4m+2sm+30t),NF=48;C.asiatica-2n=46(2sm+10st+34t),NF=48;C.argus-2n=48(12st+30t),NF=48; Labeo rohita-2n=50 (6m+4sm+14st+26),NF=60; Cirrhinus moli-torella-2n=50(20m+26sm+2st+2t),NF=90.The diploid numbers and chromosomal morphology of three species in Chan-nidae have been compared.They have the same fundamental arm number (NF=48),but the different diploid number(2n=42,2n=46,2n=48).We suggest that,Robert-sonian fusion reduces their chromosome numbers from 2n=48 to 46 or 42 oc-curred during the course of evolution and speciation.From the evolutionary po-int of view,the karyotype of C.argus with its great number of acro centrics andhigher diploid number appears more primitive than that of C.maculatus and C.a-siatica.On the contrary,the karyotypes of Labeo rohita and Cirrhinus molitorella haveidentical chromosome numbres of 2n=50,but the fundamental arm number is dif-ferent (NF=60,NF=96),Changes in fundamental arm number between them im-ply that uneven pericentric inversion and translocation of the chromosomes tookplace during the karyotypic evolution.Cytogenetic events of this sort may haveplayed a significant role in the divergence and speciation.The karyotype of Ci-rrhinus molitorellr with its few acrocentrics and many metacentrics may be con-sidered as more advanced than that of Labeo rohita.

    A Critical Study of the Oocysts of Three Important Species of Eimeria in Buffalloes of Guangxi Province
    Xu Lisheng Wang Aijun Li Yizhou
    1986, 25(2):  114-116. 
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    The present paper reports 3 important species of Eimeria occurring in thebuffaloes of Guangxi Province with descriptions of their oocysts.They areEimeria bareillyi Gill,Chhabra and Lall,1963,E.subspherica Cristensen,1941and E.ellipsoidalis Becker and Frye,1929.Previously Li Yizhou (1981) reportedtwo species,namely E.bukidnonensis and E.z(?)rni from the same locality,butevidently they are mis-identified.E.bukidnonensis should be E.bareillyi andE.z(?)rni should be E.subspherica. 

    Photoluminescence Spectra of RF Sputtered a-Si:H
    Lin zaiming Ding Xiaoning Peng Shaoqi
    1986, 25(2):  117-119. 
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    The photoluminescence features of r.f.sputtered a-Si:H has been investiga-ted,with special emphasis on the influence of the substrate temperature andannealing.The results indicate that either suitable substrate temperature or an-nealing can improve the qualities of the amorphous silicon (a-Si:H) films.