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    25 January 1985, Volume 24 Issue 1
    A Method for Solving the Non-linear Equation (?)φ~2=Cφ~3
    Tao Fuzhen
    1985, 24(1):  1-7. 
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    A method based on gauge trasformation is given,which for obtaining othersolutions from some solutions of the non-linear equation (?)~2φ=Cφ~3 Finally,thesesolutions are discussed.

    Relaxation Effect in Ferroelectric Ceramics
    Li Jingde ;Wang Guancheng ;He Di
    1985, 24(1):  8-14. 
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    The electret effect and the space charge effect in ferroelectric ceramics can beunified and explained using the Okazaki model.Experiments verify the existenceof polarization relaxation and piezoelectric relaxation which are predicted bythe theory.Quantitative theory of ferroelectric relaxation has been established.The theory coincide well with experiments. 

    Statistical Theory of the Supercooling Temperature of Binary Nematic Mixtures
    Zhou Yichang; Wu Shenshang
    1985, 24(1):  15-22. 
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    The N-I phase transition free energy of binary mixtures is obtained in meanfield approximation.The dependence of the supercooling temperatures on the molefractions is calculated.The results are found to be agreement with experimentresults. 

    Studies of Fe80 B20 and Fe82 B18-x Six Amorphous Alloys

    Zheng Yufang ;Lin Deming; Yu Zhengfang; Wu Jietao; Lu Jingye
    1985, 24(1):  23-30. 
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    We have measured the resistivities of Fe82B18-xSix(x=2,4,6,8,10)alloys versusthe temperatures by four-terminal potential method to determine the transitiontemperatures from amorphous state to crystalline state.We have studied the de-pendence of the crystallization temperature on the Si content,and investigatedthe hyperfine field distributions of Fe80B20 and Fe82B18-xSix amorphous alloys atroom temperature by Hesse method.The relations between the mean hyperfinefields and the B,Si concentrations in amorphous Fe82B18-xSix were shown.Afterfull crystallization the phase structures in Fe80B20 and Fe82B18-x Six alloys wereanalysed by the spectrum stripping technique. 

    Analysis on the Forest Communities of Dinghushan,Guangdong
    Ⅳ.Similarity and Cluster Analysis Wang Bosun (Zhongshan University)Peng Shaolin (South China Institute of Botany,Academic Sinica)
    1985, 24(1):  31-38. 
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     The changed cases of the stairs along height above sea level in Cryptocaryachinensis Community on Dinghushan,and the communities comparison to 10 fo-rest communities on Dinghushan and Nankunshan and Jigongkeng are analysedwith the measurement of species similarity and cluster analysis.The relation a-mong 10 forest communities and the leaning of the development of some communi-ties are exposed.The analysis methods are valued.It shows that percentage of similarity is thebest among three methods of the measurement of species similarity.Cluster ana-lysis is a better method which is widely used.

    Effect of Mn++ and DMSO on the Sequence Recognition of Hind Ⅲ

    Lo Jinxian; P.C.Huang
    1985, 24(1):  39-45. 
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    The effect of Mn++ and DMSO on the sequence recognition of the restrictionendonuclease Hind Ⅲ was investigated.Under the normal reaction condition of10mM Tris-HCl,pH8.0,10mM MgCl2,60mM NaCl and 7mM 2-ME,there is onlyone cutting site of Hind Ⅲ on pBR322 and only one band appears on gel electro-phoresis.But multiple bands can be seen on electrophoresis gel when Mg++ isreplaced by Mn++ or when DMSO is added.The DNA fragments generated inthe Hind Ⅲ-DMSO reaction are converted to linear DNA molecules.In theseconditions,the cellular DNA of the host(Haemophilus influenzac)is alsodigested by Hind Ⅲ.These data show that the specificity of cleavage of HindⅢ is relaxed and cleavages occur at many other sites in the presence of Mn++and DMSO.

    tudies on the Relation between the Vigor of Seeds and the Performance of Plants
    Fu Jiarui ;Li Zhuojie; Cai Dongyan (Department of Biology,Zhongshan University)Yao Xinyin; Chen Rongguang; Huang Minghua (Guangzhou Institute of Agricultural Sciences)
    1985, 24(1):  46-51. 
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    Vigor index is a better criterion representing the quality of seeds for sowing ra-ther than the percent germination.Percent germination of seeds treated withaccelerated aging or germinated at supraoptimal or suboptimal temperature willshow the data near to the actual quality of seeds similar to the vigor index.Pre-chilling(3—5℃)the seeds before sowing will increase the vigor of seeds andimprove the performance.Soaking the seeds with ethrel(50—500 ppm)will has-ten the germination of seeds,and increase the vigor index.

    The Characteristics of the Faults in Wugui Mountain Area and the Formation and Development of the Fault—Block Uplifted Area
    1985, 24(1):  52-62. 
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    There are three sets of faults developed in Wugui Mountain area,the NE,theNNE and the NW.Effected by the plate collision during the Yanshan period andHimalayan period,natures of the faults have repeatly changed from compression—shear to tension—shear.All the faults have become normal faults during theneotectonic period.The fault-block uplifted area of Wugui Mountain bounded bythree sets of faults in different directions has uplifted intermittently during theneotectonic period,forming five erosion surfaces.The secondary fault-depressionwas formed in late Pleistocene or a little bit earlier.The secondary depressionwithin the Wugui Mountain fault-uplifted area is a thermo-anomalous belt.Re-search on how the three sets of faults cut off each other is of importance in loo-king for new thermal areas.

    The Study of Basic Characteristics of Fault-Tectonic Belts of Guangzhou-Luofushan and Its Formation and Evolution
    Yan Guozhu
    1985, 24(1):  63-72. 
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     The fault-tectonic belts of Guangzhou-Luofushan are the largest E-W trend fau-lt belts in the central part of Guangzhou area.It has a long developing history,and underwent polyepisode and polystage activites.The repeated tension andcompression(or compressional shear)of nearly N-S direction formed a series oftectonic rocks with different mechanical features and apparent zonation of thetectonic rocks which are superimposed and composed each other.The distributi-on of the Paleozoic strata,the Meosozoic and Cenozoic red beds,as well as theYenshanian igneous rocks and modern morphologic landscape are resulted fromthe repeated faultings which also influenced the subsidence of some portions ofpearl River Delta and the occurrence of earthquake of Guangzhou area.The int-ensity of faulting activity changed from strong to weak since Mesozoic to recenttime,and the intensity progressively decreased.

    Study oF Crystallinity of Poly(ethylene terephthalate)——Ⅰ.Effect of“Impurity”on the Crystallinity of Terylene
    Yang Shikun; Chen Yujun ;Lin Yanyi; Pan Jianyuan
    1985, 24(1):  73-77. 
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     We have studied the effect of “impurity” on crystallinity of poly(ethylene te-rephthalate),and the distribution of the third comonomer in the crystalline andnon-crystalline regions of copolycondensates.It shows that the third comonomeris absent in the crystalline region. 

    Equations of Ionic Concentration Calculated Approximately for Double Standard Ad
    Mo Jinyuan; Huang Weiguang
    1985, 24(1):  78-84. 
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     A series of equations of ionic concentration calculated approximately for dou-ble standard addition method in ion-selective electrode analysis have been descr-ibed.They are so simple as to calculate by hand without slope of electrode andtheir errors are small.They have been proved by data from literature and ourexperiments. 

    Determination of Dissociation Constant of Mono-2-ethylhexyl 2-ethylhexyl Phosphonate in Water-Decanol System by the Two-phases 

    Liang Xiechi ;Liu Xuebin ;Yang Yansheng
    1985, 24(1):  85-89. 
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    It was fortified that mono-2-ethylhexyl 2-ethylhexyl phosphonate,HEH(EHP),is monomeric in decanol by vapour pressure osmometry(VPO)method.Thetotal concentration of HEH(EHP)in the aqueous solution was determined bythe conductometric titration.The dissociation constant of HEH(EHP)in thewater-decanol system,the distribution constant and dissociation constant ofHEH(EHP)between the two phases were determined by two-phases titration. 

    The Study of Potassium Phenoxide-1,3,5-Trinitrobenzene Charge Transfer Complexes


    Ying Baining; Xu Xiangong ;Yun Fonchung
    1985, 24(1):  90-95. 
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    A remarkable absorbence at 440-442nm ascribed to the interaction of phenoxideor substituted phenoxide with 1,3,5-trintrobenzene show that the charge transfercomplexes have been formed.Through the Job plots and Scatchard plots by opti-cal measurements,it was indicated that when the concentration of donor wasmuch higher than that of acceptor,both of bimolecular complexes and termolec-ular complexes would be present.Four groups of comformation constants of thecharge transfer complexes and their molar absorptivities were measured by opt-ical method and calculated by microcomputer,and the logic of calculation wasgiven.

    Synthetic Discrete Method in the Plane Problems of Elastic Mechanics
    Chen Shuhui ;Cai Chengwu
    1985, 24(1):  96-101. 
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    The synthetic discrete method is applied to the static analysis in the planeproblems of elastic mechanics,and a method in selecting the basic functions ofnodel displacement model is presented.It is applicable to solving complex prob-lem in engineering by minicomputer. 

    Some Properties of Ecological Matrices of Volterra Model
    Li Baitian
    1985, 24(1):  102-108. 
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     A class of ecological matrices P has been dealt with such that the real partsof all eigenvalues of matices QP are negative,where Q is an arbitrary positivediagonal matrix. 

    A Problem on the Kernelled Field of circles
    Huang Shutang
    1985, 24(1):  109-115. 
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    This paper is to find,on the plane,the fundamental elements of which are or-iented circles,the common circles of a non-parabolic and two parabolic kernel-led fields of circlesδ(Z-Z0)=k≠0, (1.1)δ(Z-Z1)=0, (1.2)δ(Z-Z2)=0, (1.3)under the conditions that the two kernel circles Z1,Z2 are belonging to the field(1.1),and the three circles Z0,Z1,Z2 are not belonging to a same linear range ofcircles.The author gives the necessary and sufficient condition for the problemto be solvable;the problem is simplified by using Laguerre inversion,and thenthe solutions for every case are obtained.Finally an example for one case is of-feted. 

    The Projectionally Approximation-solvability and the Estimations of the Converge
    Chen Zhongying
    1985, 24(1):  116-126. 
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    We discuss the projectional approximatlon-solvability for a class of nonlinearevolution equations in Banach spaces given by-(du)/(dt)=A(t)u+B(t)u,u(0)=u6,where {A(t);t(?)R+}and{B(t);t(?)R?}are two families of densely defined nonlinearoperators.Operators A(t)are strongly accretive and operators B(t)are lower-semibounded.The error estimations are given in Hilbert spaces. 

    Study on Crystalline Characteristic of Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene by Inverse Gas Chromatography
    Liao Kairong ;Lin Shangan
    1985, 24(1):  130-133. 
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    The crystalline characterization on melting temperature and crystallinity rela-ting to the crystalline chain conformation of ultrahigh molecular weight poly-ethylene(UMWPE)has been studied by inverse gas chromatography.The as-poly-merized UMWPE powder has higher crystallinity(80—85%)and melting temper-ature(138-141℃),both of them increase with the molecular weight.When the as-polymerized UMWPE powder is melted and cooled spontaneously to ambient tem-perature the crystallinity of UMWPE decreases with the increase of molecularweight,and the melting tempeature lowers to about 130 degrees cent.