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    25 July 1986, Volume 25 Issue 4
    The Functional Integral Equations and the Method of Finite Propagation of Wave
    Wu Ciqian Xuan Qiwo
    1986, 25(4):  12-16. 
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    We use the Galerkin method to solve the functional integral equations whichappear in a class of hyperbolic problems in the plane.An error estimate formulaof the method is given. 

    Using Conflict Information and Adjusting Learning Indicated Criticality Values Based on Solution Tree in Hierarchical Problem Solver (HPS)
    Cao Yong
    1986, 25(4):  17-22. 
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    We discuss the control strategy of ABSTRIPS.and present a modifiedsystem——MABSTRIPS,which can use conflict information to guide backtrack-ing.Its solvable range is larger than that of ABSTRIPS.We also present a newlearning algorithm,which adjusts criticality values based on solution tree. 

    Analysis on the Forest Communities of Dinghushan Guangdong——Ⅹ.Communities edge effect
    Wang Bosun;Peng Shaolin
    1986, 25(4):  54-58. 
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    This paper explores the typical causation of edge effect of plant communties,using the edge effect of the forest communities on Dinghushan as the studiedexample.It is showed who to use the law of the edge effect of the plant communit-ies in pratice.The strength of the edge effect of plant communities is discussedand the measured model of the strength is built as follow:E=mY/sum from i=1 to m y_i 

    On the Relationship between Geographical Conditions and the Development of Guangzhou
    Zeng Huaizheng Lin Chusheng
    1986, 25(4):  79-86. 
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     This paper deals with the geographical conditions and the development ofGuangzhou(GZ) from the angle of regional economic geography.GZ was an important port for foreign trade in ancient China owing to itsbetter physical conditions,favourable location and earlier establishment.Butafter the Opium War(1840-42),the dominant position of GZ was replaced by Sha-nghai.The causes of this change are as follows:first,inadequate transport linkwith its hinterland,second,lack of mineral resources such as iron and coal,third,lower level of economic development than that of Shanghai.However,GZ isstill the biggest centre of foreign trade and the hub of transportation in SouthChina.Three regional economic factors which would influence on the future devel-opment of GZ are identified.(1)Increasing competition from cities and counties,with similar industrialstructure as GZ,on the PRD(Pearl River Delta) will stimulate improvement inproduction technique and service quality.(2)Exploitation of offshore oil in South China Sea will stimulate thegrowth of oil related industries in GZ.(3)Strengthening of relations between GZ and Hong Kong after the year of1997 when HK’s sovereignty,will be given back to China will inevitably acces-lerate the growth of GZ’s foreign trade.In order to cope with the above changing factors,it is proposed that GZshould be developed into a multifunctional central city,based on technique-int-ensive industries,with active foreign and domestic trade,port transportation,and service industries.

    Research to Q Value of Some Materials of Gravitational Wave Antenna in Low Temperature
    Chen Shuhong Tang Mengxi
    1986, 25(4):  91-95. 
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     Selecting materials which have high value of ρvS2 Q1/2 in low temperature isone of important ways to improve the sensitivity of gravitational wave detector.A set of experimental equipment has been designed and manufactured in order tomeasure Q value of material in low temperature.From theoretical and experimen-tal research it has been shown that the amplitude of exciting signal could bedropped remarkably by means of adding a D.C.bias to the sample.As anotherresult,the values of ρ vS2 Q1/2 of Be-Cu and P-Cu alloys are larger than that of5056 aluminum alloy.They are possible candidates of materials for gravitationalwave antenna. 

    Ultrastructural Studies on Radicle Cells of Peanut Seeds Aged by Methanol
    Fu Jiarui et al;Xu Shi Ziong (S.-Y.ZEE)
    1986, 25(4):  114-118. 
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    The vigor of peanut seeds is decreased by treating with various concentra-tion of methanol for 2 hrs.The higher concentration of methanol is,the lowerthe vigor.When seeds are aged with 50% methanol,they lose their vigor and via-bility.The plasmalemma of the radicle cells contracted inward severely and alot of osmic-like materials were deposited in the space formed by plasmolysis.There are few integrated protein bodies in the cells.The ultrastructure of mito-chondria is damaged.The seeds treated with 20% methanol has still high percenta-ge of germination,but lower vigor index.There are coalescence of electric-den-se materials which might be inside the protein bodies of these cells.The nucleusis surrounded by many spherosomes and few other organelles.The mitochondriaare more or less disintegrated.In the radicle cells of the normal seeds,the orga-nelles including mitochondria,ribosomes and nucleus are well developed,and thenucleolus included granular and fibrous materials.Using the method of electro-conductivity,we could observe that the leakage from seeds aged with methanolincrease greatly.It is suggested that the membrane was damaged.