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    25 January 1987, Volume 26 Issue 1
    The Frequency and Rate Response Behaviours of Internal Friction for Pure Copper in the Process of Plastic Deformation
    Zhang Jinxiu Huang Yuanshi Luo Laizhong Lin Yun Gan Wensheng
    1987, 26(1):  58-65. 
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    The internal frictionQ-1 of Cu(99.98%Cu) in the process of plastic deformation was measured by a middle torsion pendulum on a modified tensile testing machine. The effects of strain rate (in the range of 1.08×10-6/sec to 37.6× 10-6/sec) and frequency (in the range of 0.49 Hz to 4.16Hz)on Q-1 were studied. The experimental data showed/that Q? increases with an increasing of ε(when f is constani) and/or ω-1 (when ε is constant), but the dependence of Q-1 on ε or ω-1 is not linear. The results of the data analysis indicated that the Q-1 can be expressed as a sum of A(ε/ω) and B(ε/ω)1/2. The effect of the variation of dislocation average velocity with ε on the Q-1 was discussed and the expression of average velocity of dislocation was obtained as function of ε. 

    An Exact Solution of Graviltational Soliton
    Tao Fuzhen
    1987, 26(1):  66-70. 
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     A System of exact gravitational soliton solution of Einstein’s equations in vacuum is given. It is shown that, gravitational solitons exist, which are regular everywhere, nondispersive and stable, and which propagate with an invariable velocity. Finally, the singularity and the energy density of this gravitational soliton is discussed also. 

    Studies on the Chemical Constituents of the Chinese Soft Coral(X VI)
    1987, 26(1):  71-77. 
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    A novel polyhydroxylated steroid, sartortuosterol A, with rare 3a- and separated 6β- and 9α-hydroxyl groups, was isolated from the Chinese soft coral Sarcophyton tortuosum Tixier-Durivault. The steroid is a glass-like crystal with a formula C30H?O5, m.p. 227-9℃ and [a]D20+48.05. From the IR, MS, NMR data and comparing with its derivatives from Jones oxidation and then dehydration, the steroid was designated as 24- methyl 5α-cholestane-3α,6β,9α, 25-tetrol 25-monoacetate.

    The Oxidative Coupling of Ortho-Substituted Phenyllithium with Ferric Acetylacetonate
    Xie Songkai
    1987, 26(1):  78-81. 
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     The oxidative coupling of some ortho-substituted phenyllithium with ferric acetylacetonate was reported. This novel method of aryl-aryl coupling has advantages of readily available reagent, mild reaction conditions, and good yield of coupling products. Thus, di-tert-butyl 1,1’-biphenyl-2,2’-dicarboxylate,N,N-dimethyl benzylamine aind 2,2’-bis(N,N-dimethylaminomethyl)-1,1’-biphenyl had been dimerized by the method with satisfactory yield. The experimental details were described in this article. 

    Synthesis and Properties of Tri(1-methylimidazole)cobalt(Ⅱ) Sulfate and Hexaimidazolecobalt(Ⅱ) Sulfate
    Zeng Zhangyi Huang Jinwang Ji Liangnian
    1987, 26(1):  82-88. 
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     Two new Coordinetion Compounds tri (1-methylimidazole)cobalt(Ⅱ) sulfate and hexaimidazolecobalt(Ⅱ) were Synthesized. Their composition and properties have been explored with the aid of elemental analysis, TGA, DTA, IR, UV, NMR, x-ray powder pattern, magnetic susceptiblity and electrolytic conductivity. And what is more, the reasons for the coordination number of cobalt (Ⅱ) in tri(1-methylimidazole)cobalt(Ⅱ) smaller than that in the another Coordination Compounds of cobalt(Ⅱ) have also been discussed. 

    The Relationship between the South China Sea Typhoons and the Circulation systems of the East Asia Monsoon
    1987, 26(1):  97-103. 
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    Using the regular aerological data in the summers of 1981 and 1982, the relationship between the activities of the South China Sea typhoons and the circulation systems of the East Asia Monsoon is discussed. The results show: 1, The cross-equatorial air currents at about 105°E strengthened, and ITCZ developed when the cold high Over Australia intensified. The South China Sea typhoons occurred during the dates of descening of the cold high over Australia. 2, The South-west current is an important belt of energy transport for the generation of the typhoons. 3, The development of the Southern branch of the easterly jet and the downward transport of the momentum of the nothern branch of the easterly jet favour the development of the typhoons. 4. The cyclonic waves coming from the Western Pacific promote the generation of the lows over the South China Sea.

    Discovery of a New FIR Pulsed Laser Line by Optically Pumped NH3 Molecules
    Xing Fuhao Liao Ping Yang jienxun Zheng Xingshi Luo Xizhang Qiu Bingsheng
    1987, 26(1):  104-106. 
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