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    25 July 1988, Volume 27 Issue 3
    A Spectrum Analysis of the Atmospheric Energy Over the Asian Summer Monsoon Areas
    1988, 27(3):  1-9. 
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    Using the FGGE-III(b) data of 1979, this paper analyzed the spectrum structure of the total energy, the apparent heat source and the moisture sink over the Asian summer monsoon areas. The spectrum distribution for different periods and the propagation of oscillations are investigated. It is found that these distribution and propagation have their synoptic and climatologic meaning, when they are compared with the summer monsoon circulation.The results also show that the quasi-40 days oscillation is the most significant one in these areas. The distribution of spectrum variance and the propagation pattern indicate the independence of the monsoon systems over India, the Bay of Bengal, the South China Sea and the continental East Asia. Different monsoon systems are dominant in different areas, respectively. For instance, the midlatitude system is dominant in north China north of the Yangtze River, the coastal area in south China is controlled by the monsoon of the South China Sea, and the southwest China, such as Yunnan, is mainly inflerenced by the monsoon of the Bay of Bengal. Near the equator, there are some passages for propagating oscillations of the total energy and moisture, which are consistent with those for the northward cross-equatorial flows. However, such a feature does not belong to the oscillation of apparent heat source of the atmosphere, which makes its contribution mainly to the quasi-stable state of the atmospheric general circulation.

    Tasks in the Studies on Rural Geography
    Zeng Xiangzhang
    1988, 27(3):  10-14. 
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    Regarding rural region as a whole, rural geography studies its conditions on economic and social development, characteristics on structure as well as lasw on spatial distribuction from the viewpoints on locality and synthesis.Since the third plenary meeting of the Party’s 11th congress, impressive changes have been made in rural region and lots of new topics have been put into the research work on rural geography. They arc mainly the problem on the transformation of labour power in rural region; the reform and reconstruct of the structure system characterized by resident spots with markets and towns as their centres; the reasonableness of rural production structure and the development of village and town run enterprises; the survey, estimation, development, utilization and protection of resources with terrain as the nucleus; the mode of rural economic development; as well as the whole plan of economic and social development in rural region

    THe Exact Distribution of Instrumental Variable (Ⅳ)Estimators of Endogenous Variable Parameters with a Certain Kind of Non-Normal Disturbance in the Simultaneous Equations
    1988, 27(3):  23-31. 
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    We derive the exact distribution of the instrumental variable (IV) estimators of the parameters of endogenous variables with the disturbance being the third kind of elliptically contoured distribution in the simultaneous equations, generalized the result of Phillips (1980). 

    THe Exact Distribution of Instrumental Variable (Ⅳ)Estimators of Endogenous Variable Parameters with a Certain Kind of Non-Normal Disturbance in the Simultaneous Equations
    Teng Chengye Chen Jiwen
    1988, 27(3):  23-31. 
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    We derive the exact distribution of the instrumental variable (IV) estimators of the parameters of endogenous variables with the disturbance being the third kind of elliptically contoured distribution in the simultaneous equations, generalized the result of Phillips (1980). 

    The Second-order Diffraction Problem of Stokes Waves around a Vertical Circular Cylinder
    Cheng Xuerong Zhou Qingpu
    1988, 27(3):  32-44. 
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    The second order diffraction problem of Stokes waves around a vertical circular cylinder in finite water depth is studied by dividing it into four boundary value problems. The solutions satisfying all boundary conditions have been obtained. Our results of the second-order wave forces show much improvement on the linear wave forces. 

    Independence of the Compositional Vectors with L~d(μ,Σ) or M~d(μ,Σ) Distributions
    Yang Weiquan Yu Jinghua
    1988, 27(3):  45-49. 
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    For compositional vector Xd+1=(x,…,xd+1)’ of (d+1) components the sample space is the positive simplexWe have proved:1° If Xd+1eSd has basis independence, then it has complete subcompositional independence,2° If Xd+1 e Sd has complete subcompositional independence, then cov{lg(Xd/xd+1}=diag(λ1,…λd)+λd+1Jd.)3° If Xd+1~Ld(μ,∑), then the following statements are equivalent:(1) Xd+1 has complete subcompositional independence.(2) cov{lg(Xd/xd+1)}=diag(λ1,…,λd)+Ad+1Jd.(3) Xd+1 is logratio uncorrelation.4° If Xd+1~Md(μ,∑), ∑=diag (λ1,…,λd), then Xd+1 has complete subcompositional independence. 

    The Diagrammatic Method on the Strong Coupling Expansion in Lattice QCD
    Li Zhibing Chen Qizhou He Baopeng Luo Xiangqian Guo Shuohong
    1988, 27(3):  58. 
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    We have given a new method on the strong couping expansion in lattice QCD. It has both the advantages of the Feynman diagrams and those of the algcbric method. As an example, We computed the first two order approximations of the|△S|=2 matrix elements on the strong coupling expansion. 

    Studies on the Chemical Constituents of the Chinese Soft Corals (18) Lochmodoside, a New Glycoside from Sinularia lochmodes Kolonko
    1988, 27(3):  68-72. 
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     A new glycoside, isolated from Sinularia lochmodes Kolonko collected from the South China Sea, was designated Lochmodoside (I), mp. 131~132℃ (uncorr.), [α]D25-78.6(c 0.112, EtOH), MW. 490. It is a batyl alcohol 6-deoxy-β-D-hexapyrranoside. Its structure was elucidated on the basis of data of MS, IR, NMR and some chemical reactions. The unique conformation of (I) was discussed. 

    Studies on the Synthesis and Properties of the Solid Complexes of Rare Earths with L-lysine
    Zhu Jiaqin Wang Zemin Yang Yansheng
    1988, 27(3):  73-78. 
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    Five new solid rare earth(Ⅲ) complexes with L-lysine have been prepared by the reaction of rare earth chloride with L-lysine in the methanol media. Their composition, which was identified by chemical analysis, elemental analysis and Ms, is LnCl3·L·mCH3OH·nH2O(Ln=Y, La, Nd, Sm, Er, L=lysine). The structure and properties of the complexes have been characterized by thermogravimetric and differential thermal analysis, and IR, 1H-NMR and f-f hypersensitive transition spectrographty

    Notes on Stigonemataceae of Southwestern China I. Taxonomy of the Genus Stigonema Agardh. from Guangdong Province
    1988, 27(3):  79. 
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    As a result of a review of classification in the genus Stigonema IAgardh. there are 74 species, 48 varieties, and 23 forms were recorded since Agardh., C. A. (1824) established the genus, However, only 25 species and some vareities and forms are well-established at the present. It is mainly because of the facts that most of the species are polymorphisum and that the juvenile thallus of certain species look like others at maturity. Furthermore, a section of a thallus in some species bears resemblance to some other species in appearance.The collections on which this study is based were made from the mountains which have rather well developed forests and scrubs. They attain heights between 300-1200 metres above sea level. The characteristic climatic conditions are weak light, moderatc temperature and high humidity. Besides the surface of soil and bark, and another substratum the samples are usually found on damp rocks. Quite a good deal of them are joined in moss communities.In this paper 20 species and 6 varieties have been recognized, among them 6 species and 5 varieties are first recorded in China and 15 species 6 vareities in Guangdong Province; 4 species and 1 vareities are described as new to science. The new units are: Stigonema nanxiongensis sp. nov., 57. hainanensis sp. nov., St. lechangensis sp. nov., St. gelatinosum. sp. nov., St. informe var. longihormogonatum var. nov.

    New Taxa of Magnoliaceae from Yunnan, China
    1988, 27(3):  94-99. 
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    Biological Effects of 2450MHZ Microwave Radiation on Raji-Cell in Vitro
    1988, 27(3):  100-106. 
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     A water circulating microwave exposure system designed by authors was used to investigate the thermal and nonthermal biological effects at different power density (1.0mw/cm~2, 3.9mw/cm~2, 6.2mw/cm~2, 8.3mw/cm~2, 10.5mw/cm~2). The results show that: growth of Raji-Cell is inhibited significantly by microwave exposure in 8.3 mw/cm~2 and 10.5mw/cm~2 groups in temperature controlled test(below 37.0鈩?. That is, the growth curve goes down, rate of inhibition and time of generation increase. The degree of inhibition would increase when the medium temperature was not controlled. And, the mechanisms of thermal and monthermal biological effects were discussed in this paper. 

    The Maximum Principle for Generalized Solutions of Quasi-linear Elliptic Equations
    1988, 27(3):  107-112. 
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     An improved proof is given to the maximum principle for generalized solutions of one class of quasi-linear elliptic equations in divergence form. 

    On the Estimation of Small Perturbations in Orbit Determination Problems
    1988, 27(3):  113. 
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     A direct method is presented for estimating small perturbations in orbit determination problems, Error bounds are discussed and numerical examples are given. 

    Tetragonal to Orthorhombic Transition During Synthesis and Superconductivity in YBa2Cu3O9-x
    1988, 27(3):  116. 
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    The transformation processes during synthesis have been studied with in situ high temperature X—ray diffraction for YBa/2/Cu/3/O/9-x/oxide.Formation of superconducting phase with high zero—resistance temperature above 90K is developed from a series of transformation. On heating, a transitive cubic phase appears at 880℃ at first. It then transforms into tetragonal until 900℃. As extension of holding time at 960℃, tetragonal structure transforms into orthorhombic gradually. On cooling, a second orthorhombic transition occurs at 600℃. Zero—resistance superconductivity temperature Tc increases from 77.0 K to 91 K as holding time at 960℃ extends’ from 2 hr. to 6 hr. followed by cooling at same condition. It shows that, superconductivity has been affected by two kinds of orthorhombic transition occured at high temperature and during cooling stage respectively

    The Static and Dynamic Properties of Poly (n-vinyl-pyrrolidone) in Alcohol Solutions
    1988, 27(3):  126. 
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     The interaction of poly (n-vinyl-pyrrolidone) (PVP) having M_ω=8.8×10~4 with alcohols was investigated by means of laser light scattering. A comparison of the results with those of viscosimetry was made. It was found that addition of denaturing agent guanidine chloride (GC) into the studied systems leads to a higher apparent molecular weight, a lower hydrodynamic radius and [η] owing to the formation of complex PVP-GC, and causes marked changes in second Virial coefficient, second diffusion virial coefficient and Huggins constant.

    A Discovery of New Tea Resource Cocoa Tea Tree Containing Theobromine from China
    1988, 27(3):  131. 
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    Camellia ptilophylla Chang belongs to Ser. Sinensis Chang, Sect. Thea Dyer, Subgen. Thea Chang in taxonomy. The tea made from its one bud and two leaves contains tea tannin 33.26%, free amino acid 1.017%, catechin 73. 750 per mil, theobromine 4.7%. The pharmacologic experiment shows that cocoa tea possesses evident function of reducing blood pressure such as Camellia assamica (Mast.) Chang and C.sinensis (L.) O. Kuntze, and the force promoting the contraction of heart muscle is much stronger than the latter.The discovery of cocoa tea and once it entering into the international trade will change the construction of tea market and would be significant in the theory of tea trees origin. 

    Some Problems Regarding the Divided Administration at Jiaozhou and at Guangzhou during Eastern Wu of the Three Kingdoms
    1988, 27(3):  134. 
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     The name Guangzhou originated dwring the period of the Three Kingdoms. During the Eastern Wu period of the Three Kingdoms, however, Jiaozhon and Guangzhon divided the administration twice The firts time began in the 5th year of Wu Huang Wu(226); the second time began in the 7th year of Yun An (264). The two divided administrations totalled about 20 years. The Eastern Wu ruled theseveral prefectures at Lingnan only 58 years; and so during the Eastern Wu period, Panyu and the neighboring areas were called Jiaozhou for a longer time than were called Guangzhou