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    25 September 1996, Volume 35 Issue 5
    The Measurement Error Caused by the Eccentric Weight of a Single Pendulum
    Tang Mengxi ;Wu Shuchao; Luo Jun
    1996, 35(5):  11-15. 
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     It is impossible to avoid the appearance of the eccentricity of the weight for a single pendulum. The moving equations of an eccentric single pendulum, their linear approximate solution and effects on the precision and method of measurement are given. For a single pendulum with typical parameters, with the aid of computer, numerical solutions are shown.The results show that the pendulum can keep approximately in a harmonc motion with a single frequency, and the systematic error, caused by the eccentricty, can be controlled within a region, only if the eccentricity is out of a certain small region.

    A Study of Raman Spectra and Size Effect of PbTiO 3 Nano-Particles
    Zhou Qifa; Zhang Qingqi ;Zhang Jinxiu
    1996, 35(5):  16-19. 
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    The Raman Speetra of PbTiO 3(PT) under different grain size have been measured. lt is observed that lower frequency phonon modes shift and relative intensity of PT Raman spectra change with different grain size. Experimental results show that there is an obvious small size effects of nano-cnystalline. 

    The Characterization of Besov and Triebel Lizorkin Spaces on Lipschitz Curves by B Wavelets
    Li Tongtong; Deng Donggao
    1996, 35(5):  23-27. 
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     By using Tchamitchian’s B Wavelets, a new characterization of Besov and Triebel-Lizorkin Spaces ( |α|<1,1≤p,q≤∞ )on Lipschitz curvees is given. 

    Theoretical Computation of Driving Velocity of the Air Dust Concerning Spreading Cyclone Separators with Electrostatic Precipitator
    Guo Jinji ;Zhang Kangzhi; Wang Guoji
    1996, 35(5):  28-33. 
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    The laying dust mechanism of the spreading cyclone separators with electrostatic precipitator is presented. The carry electricity process of the dust is described. The paper studies acting force and movement law of the carrying electricity dust, and sets up hydromechanics equation of the air dust. The driving velocity of the air dust is calculated and the influence of different resistance factor on the driving velocity is discussed. Finally, examples are given as to where spreading cyclone separators with electrostatic precipitator are used to slove industrial laying the dust. 

     compound circular cylinder; diffraction; finite amplitude wave; wave load;
    Huang Hua; Zhang Diming ;Sun Mingguang
    1996, 35(5):  34-39. 
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     A utility method is presented and used to calculate the Stokes finite amplitude wave forces on vertical circular cyclinders commonly used in offshore structures. The n+1 order diffracted wave loads may be evaluated by using this method when the n order wave velocity potential is given. A special asymptotic method may simplify the calculation of the nonlinear term integral over infinite free surface. The results of second order diffracted wave forces on an isolated surface piecing vertial cylinder tally with the related experimental data. 

    A Novel EPR g MAH/PB Composite Membranes for Oxygen Enrichment
    Deng Qingyi ;Chen Xuexin ;Lin Shangan
    1996, 35(5):  52-55. 
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     Sythesis, characterization and mechanical properties of EPR g MAH and gas permeability of its composite membrane with PB have been studied. It was shown that not only the composite membrane had high tensile strength, but its permselectivity of O 2 to N 2 and permeability of O 2 were also improved. 

    Cationic Polymerization of α Pinene Initiated by AlCl 3/SbCl 3 at Ambient Temperature
    Lu Jiang; Li Yu ;Zhang Renjun ;Deng Yunxiang
    1996, 35(5):  56-59. 
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    The polymerization of α pinene initiated with AlCl 3/SbCl 3 was investigated at ambient temperature. The results showed that a solid resin with relatively high molecular weight, and low dimer content, was obtained by controlling polymerization conditions, such as initiator concentration and / ratio even at a high temperature(25℃). When the [AlCl 3]=21.3mmol/L, /=1, the n was up to 810 and the dimer content was only 7%. The initiating mechanism of the binary catalyst AlCl 3/SbCl 3 was also studied in terms of the effects of the addition of SbCl 3 on the polymerization kinetics. The results suggested that a new initiating species, being different from proton in nature, was generated from interaction of AlCl 3 and SbCl 3. 

    Studies on Synthesis, Characterization and Electrochemistry of [Cu 2(pybet) 4Cl 2](ClO 4) 2·4H 2O
    Liu Guankun; Tong Yexiang; Chen Xiaoming; Kang Beisheng ;He Tao
    1996, 35(5):  66-69. 
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    The dimeric complex [Cu 2(pybet) 4Cl 2](ClO 4) 2·4H 2O (pybet=C 5H 5N +CH 2CO - 2)has been synthesized and characterized by elemental analysis, infrared spectra and studied by electrochemistry in this paper. 

    Chemical Constituent Studies on the Marine Sponge Stelletta tenuis (Lindgren)
    Meng Yanhui; Su Jingyu ;Zeng Longmei
    1996, 35(5):  70-73. 
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     A number of metabolites have been isolated from the sponge Stelleta tenuis (Lindgren) collected off Hainan Island. Two secondary metabolites [1 and 2 were reported in the paper. Based on the spectral data, the strucutres of 1 and 2 were determined as a new N acyl sphingosine and a saturated amide, respectively. 

    Synthesis and Enantiomeric Resolution of Racemic Amines
    Liu Hanbiao ;Wang Bo ;Ji Fengying; Xu Zunle
    1996, 35(5):  74-77. 
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     Five racemic amines was obtained in 55%~85% yield from appropriate ketones and ammonium formate by the Leuckart reaction. Enantiomers of both 4 phenyl 2 butylamine and 1 phenyl 2 methyl propylamine were resolved in good yields with (+) tartaric acid as resolving agent, in methanol or a mixed solvent of methanol/ethyl acetate. 

    Catalytic Additive Cyclic Staircase Pulse Voltammetry
    Zhang Runjian ;Mo Jinyuan; Zhou Xiaoyong; Cai Peixiang
    1996, 35(5):  78-82. 
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     The cyclic staircase pulse voltammetry(CSPV)and check potential additive cyclic staircase pulse voltammetry(CPACSPV)for the catalytic electrods system are presented. They can improve the shape of current potential curve to enhance sensitivity of determination. The theoretical catalytic current equations have been derived, and Ti(IV) H 2C 2O 4 KClO 3 system was used to verify these theories. The effects of parameters for the limit currents were studied in detail. The experimental results consist with the theoretical conclusions. The additive cyclic current is obtained by adding the pulse currents with the same sense four times, and the shape of the wave of CPACSPV is not affected by the values of pulse amplitude. 

    The Sieve Element Plastid Ultrastructure of 11 Gymnosperm Species and Its Taxonomical Significance
    Wang Ting; Su Yingjuan; Zhang Hongda
    1996, 35(5):  83-87. 
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    species of Taxaceae, Cephalotaxaceae and Podocarpaceae have been investigated with the TEM for ultrastructural characters from their sieve elements, of which 10 species are studied for the first time. Quantitative data from sieve-element plastids(size, as well as average diameter and number of their contents)is also used to deduce the phylogenetic relationship. All of the species tested contain S-type plastids, and the starch grains are of the same shape within genus. In Taxaceae, the ultrastructure of Taxus are similar to that of Amentotaxus, while Pseudotaxus resemble Torreya. In Cephalotaxaceae, it is found that C. oliveri is quite different from the rest members within the same genus, Cephalotaxus, what supports to divide the genus into two sections, Sect. Pectinatae and Sect. Cephalotaxus. It is reasonable to include Sect. Nageia in Podocarpaceae. 

    Diagnosis on the Systematic Development of Theaceae Ⅶ The Taxonomic Problem of Section Glaberrima Chang of Camellia
    Zhang Hongda (Chang Hung Ta)
    1996, 35(5):  88-91. 
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    The Sect. Glaberrima differed from Sect. Sinenses by the stamens reduced to 2 whorls, the outer stamen whorl 1/2 ̄2/3 connate into a tube, the ovary as well as the branchlets, leaves and flower parts totally glabrous, capsule 1 celled, and no caffeine and theobromine were contained within the leaves. 1 Camellia glaberrima Chang, Tax.Gen. Camellia, 126, 1981 Camellia gymnogyna T.L.Ming in Act.Bot.Yunnanica, 14(2):121,1992,non Chang Yunnan: Jinping, P.Y.Mo 3330 type (KUN),3971 2 Camellia kwangtungensis Chang, Tax.Gen. Camellia, 127,1981 C.costata T.L.Ming in Act.Bot.Yunnanica, 14(2):123 ̄124,1992,non Hu et Liang Guangdong:Yangshan, P.C.Tang 60380 type (IBSC);Lian nan, C.X.Ye 83088, 83089, 83090, 83092, 83096 3 Camellia danzaiensis K.M.Lan in Bull. Bot.Research, 9(4):59,1989 C.costata T.L.Ming in Act.Bot.Yunnanica, 14(2):124,1992,non Hu et Liang Guizhou:Danzai, Forestry Department of Guizhou Agricultural College, Dendrological Division Ⅲ-132, Isotype(SYS) 

    Some Factors Affecting the Detoxification of Rapeseed Meal by Aspergillus Fermentation
    Zhou Shining; Chung Yingcheung
    1996, 35(5):  92-96. 
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     A method of rejuvenescence for rapeseed meal detoxification strains of Aspergillus sp. was reported. The strains with higher detoxification rate were obtained by using potato dextrose agar plates containing isothiocyanate. A feed additive was effective in reducing the isothiocyanate and oxazolidinethione contents in fermented or nonfermented rapeseed meals. The detoxification rate was affected by different factors such as microorganism strains, additive content, temperature and time. 

    On the Origin and Evolution of Organic Genomes
    Zhang Shanghong
    1996, 35(5):  97-102. 
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    The sizes and structural features of nuclear(nucleoid) genomes, mitochondrial genomes and chloroplast genomes were analyzed, revealing that these three kinds of genomes all have the “small genome” type and the “large genome” type with corresponding structural features. It is concluded that the three kinds of genomes would have evolved according to the “small genome” and the “large genome” evolutionary scenarios. A general pattern for the origin and evolution of organic genomes has been developed. 

    A Model Study on the Formation of Compound of Humic Acid and REE under Weathering Conditions in the Weathering Crust REE Deposits
    Chen Zhicheng;Yu Shoujun ;Fu Qunce ;Wang Jinying G;an Qianhui;
    1996, 35(5):  103-108. 
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    The humic acid and its characteristics in the weathering crust REE deposits were studied. The possibility of formation of compounds between humic acid and La, Ce, Pr, Sm, Eu, Gd, Tb and Y under normal temperature and pressure and pH 4 ̄6 5 was confirmed. Based on the studies of fluorescence and infrared spectra, the chemical interactions between humic acid and REEs under weathering conditions and the role of fluvic acid in the formation of weathering crust REE deposits were explored. 

    Low Frequency Oscillation and Chaotic Behaviors of a Nonlinear Quasi Stationary Ultra Long Wa
    Li Weibiao\ Xue Fanbing
    1996, 35(5):  109-113. 
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    The behaviors of a nonlinear quasi stationary ultra long wave system which includes the topographic, thermal and dissipative effects are investigated with the methods of chaotic dynamics. It’s found that depending upon the parameters the system can exhibit equilibrium states, periodic motions or even chaotic behaviors. The periodic motions have periods of about 30 ̄40 days, which are equivalent to the low frequency oscillation in the atmosphere. Based on the results of qualitative analysis, a criterion to judge the system’s behaviors is proposed. The value of the criterion is related to the topography, dissipation and diabatic heating. 

    A Data Processing Method of Composite Statistics Information System
    Liang Guangde
    1996, 35(5):  114-115. 
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     The Text provides a convenient processing method:The Item of Output report forms gets data by a formula. User may be free to define and modify the data set of Input/Output report forms, and through defining and modifying Output report forms item data’s relation expression with Input report forms item data,user does not need to modity the Programs to suit the change of Input/Output report forms data set. The method also is advantageous to make the Programs in common. 

    Studies on the Computer Controlled Fabrication of LB Multiplelayer Molecule Films
    Lan Wenguang ;Zheng Xiangyang ;Lin Weizhu ;Yao Xingwan ;Gu Lianquan
    1996, 35(5):  117-119. 
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    A computer controlled device for fabrication of LB multiplelayer molecule films is described. The features of LB device and the structure of the films are discussed. 

    Dectection of Rice Planthopper Remains in Predatory Insects and Spiders by ELISA
    Zhang Guren;Zhang Wenqing;Gu Dexiang
    1996, 35(5):  120-123. 
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     An ELISA which was used to detect and quantify ingested rice planthoppers in arthropod predators collected from paddy fields was developed. The detection limit of the assay was about one hundredth of an homogenised adult or 3 ̄5th instar nymph rice planthopper. Tests with 2 species of rice planthopper( Sogatella furcifera and Nilaparvata lugens ) showed that those which had been used as the principal immunogens reacted most strongly in the assay and no evidence of significant cross reaction was found with each other or with any other species and with rice material. Among tested predatory species, Ummeliata insecticeps, Pirata subpiraticus , clubionid, and salticid had the highest positive reaction rates. 

    Isolation and Identification of Ice Nucleus Bacterium
    Liu\ Yuhuan
    1996, 35(5):  124-126. 
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    Bacterial strains isolated from 181 plant samples of different areas of Guangdong province at different seasons were examined for ice nucleus activity by means of method modified by Lindow et al. Twenty of them are more active. The most active strain 256 was identified as Erwinia sp. 

    A New Record Species of Aeliomorpha Sta°l from China
    Chen Zhenyao;Huang Wenzhong
    1996, 35(5):  127-127. 
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    The Study of Gem Quality of A and B Grade Jadeite
    Yao Dexian \ Mo Weiji
    1996, 35(5):  128-131. 
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     The jadeitic jewelry in the world market is divided into four grade: A,B,B+C, and C. For A and B grade jadeite, it is determined that their average infractive index is respectively 1 655, 1 655 and that their average specific gravity 3 310, 3 258 g/cm 3 X ray diffraction showed jadeitic material and ureyitic material can be the two kinds of jade material of B grade jadeite. The typical spectrum of jadeite appeared in the infrade spectra and Raman spectra of both A and B grade jadeite, while B grade jadeite displayed the spectrum of C H group in the two kinds of spectra. The results of electron probe test revealed much carbon in B grade jadeite and the scanning electron microscope gave significantly different graphs of A B and C grade jadeite. With information revealing the difference between A and B grade jadeite, non damaged identification of all kinds of jadeite can be conducted. 

    An Artificial Model for the Study of Induced Circular Dichroism of Chlorophyll
    Liu Haiyang\ Huang Jinwang\ Peng Bin\ Tian Xuan\ Ji Liangnian
    1996, 35(5):  132-133. 
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     A new porphyrin dimer 1 and its zinc complex 2 were prepared. Compound 2 exibited strong unsymmetrical split induced circular dichroism(ICD) in the soret absorption region and constructed a good model for the study of ICD of chlorophyll.