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    25 November 1996, Volume 35 Issue 6
    The Synthesis of Ethyl 2 Nitromethyl 4 Carboxylate and Its Condensation Reaction with Acrylamide
    Lin Yongcheng;Lin Yuanhua; Wu Xiongyu ;Wu Zhongde
    1996, 35(6):  7-10. 
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    The nitration of ethyl 2 bromomethylthiazole 4 carboxylate (Ⅱ) with NaNO 2 or AgNO 2 gave ethyl 2 nitromethyl 4 carboxylate (Ⅲ). It was found that Ⅲ existed in the aci nitro tautomer in DMSO d 6, and the nitro isomer of Ⅲ was nearly the only form in CDCl 3. Under the Michael reaction condition, Ⅲ condensed with acrylamide to give the 1,3 dipolar addition product, ethyl 2 [3′(5′ amidodihydroisoxazolyl)]thiazole 4 carboxylate (Ⅴ), and not the Michael addition product. 

    Total Synthesis of the Marine Nature Product Triquinane Capnellenol
    Wang Bo ;Li Ruisheng ;Long Kanhou
    1996, 35(6):  11-15. 
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    Capnellenols are series of sesquiterpenes isolated from soft coral Capnella imbricata. They posses unusual linear triquinane skeleton and biological activity. In this paper the key intermediate for the synthesis of Capnellenols, 4,7,7 trimethylbicyclooctanone was synthesized with a five step route. The reaction conditions or methods of the four steps of this route were improved, and the results were satisfactory. 

    The Friction and Wear Behavior of PEEK Composites Reinforced by Carbon Fiber
    Zhang Zhiyi;Zhang Mingqiu; Zeng Hanmin
    1996, 35(6):  16-19. 
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    The friction and wear behavior of the composites of polyetheretherketone(PEEK) reinforced by carbon fiber is decribed in this work. Both the friction coefficient and wear rate of the composites were found to be dependent on the carbon fiber content with a mininum at 10%~20%, and dependent on the load. Although carbon fiber has a reducing effect on the friction and wear of PEEK, its breakage and debonding with the matrix, occuring in the process, may also lead to high friction coefficient and wear rate. The side effect caused by the fiber can be controlled, in a certain degree, by changing the processing of the composites. 

    Synthesis and Characterization of Some Ruthenium(Ⅱ) Polypyridine Complexes
    Yang Guang;Wang Lei Zou ;Yongde Wu ;Jianzhong; Ji Liangnian
    1996, 35(6):  20-23. 
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     Four new ruthenium (Ⅱ) polypyridine complexes were prepared through the reaction of [(bpy) 2Ru(AFO)] 2+ /[(phen) 2Ru(AFO)] 2+ with phenylhydrazine/2, 4 dinitrophenylhydrazine. They were characterized by elemental analyses, electronic absorption, IR, emission spectra and cyclic voltammetry. 

     A Study on Separation Mechanism of Solvent Sublation
    Ren Xin;Chen Weiguo; Zhu Xihai
    1996, 35(6):  24-29. 
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    Twe types of sublates, surface active substance(MO HPC,HPC)and hydrophobic substances(Cu DDTC,Ni BDODO) as the objects of the solvent sublation (SS) were studied. The IR data showed that the separation efficiency of the SS was independent of the interreaction between sublate and organic solvent. The bubble absorption of the SS was the key to the separation efficiency. The SS processes of the sublates was obedience to first order kinetics. A new characteristic parameter, apparent activation energy of attachment of the sublate to bubble, had been proposed to describe the separation efficiency of the solvent sublation. The value of E f depended on the surface activity of the sublate so that the HLB value of the sublate was used for the indication of E f. Lower HLB value corresponded to higher surface activity and lower E f, as well as larger bubble adsorption capacity and higher separation efficiency. 

    A Lotka Volterra System of One Prey and Two Predators
    Wang Yuanshi
    1996, 35(6):  36-40. 
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     For a persistent system of two predators and one prey, the interesting results are obtained by constructing domains in R 3:there exist a number of periodic solutions which can be approached as t →∞. We also get the Hopf bifurcation of the system. 

    The Master Control of Large Scale Management Information System
    Lin Zhuoran
    1996, 35(6):  41-45. 
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     In accordance with the author’s experiences of the software development, this paper presents the composition, mainfunctions as well as relevant technologies and methods of the master control of large scale management information system(MIS). 

    Ferromagnetism in the 3 Dimensional Hubbard Hirsch Model
    Jiang Tao;Liu Jinming
    1996, 35(6):  46-49. 
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     By using mean field theory and a perturbative canonical transformation, the ferromagnetism in the 3 dimensional Hubbard Hirsch model is investigated. It is shown that ferromagnetism only occurs when J ″>0 for small U or large U . For mediate value of U , the ferromagnetiam may or may not appear in the Hubbard model, and cannot be determined in the theory. The ferromagnetism regions are always smaller than that for half filling for a fixed J ″. 

    The Ground State Energy of a Quantum Dot with Impurity
    Wang Zhengmao;Zhou Yichang
    1996, 35(6):  50-53. 
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     The ground state energy of a quantum dot(QD) with a hydrogenic impurity in its center, is studied by Peker landau variational method. It is found that the external magnetic field, the confining potential of QD, the electron impurity interaction and the electron phonon interaction have different effects on the ground state energy of QD, and there are some relations between these effects. 


    The Determination of Age of the Fault Activities of Shougou Hill, Guangzhou by Thermoluminescence Dating and Nuclear Fission Track Dating
    Zhu Yongliang;Liang Zhirong; Shi Rujie;
    1996, 35(6):  54-59. 
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    The age of the fault activities had been determinated by TL dating and nuclear fission track dating. The results show that the fault of Shougou Hill had large and intense activities in mid cenozoic era, however, intense activities still occurred in early pleistocene and mid pleistocene. The last activity of the fault occurred 430 000 years ago. The data of TL dating are conformable with data of nuclear fission track dating. 

    Fingerprint Classification with Syntactic Matching Method
    Zhou Jieying;Deng Jueying
    1996, 35(6):  60-63. 
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     It proposed a simple fingerprint classification procedure with syntactic matching method which classifies fingerprints into 12 types quickly and correctly and can be done easily by microcomputer as well. 

    FM Noise Measurement for Microwave Sources
    Huang Yuanfu;Luo Yongjian
    1996, 35(6):  64-69. 
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     A method of FM noise measurement is introduced. A system of FM noise measurement for microwave sources is established. The adjustment steps to keep high accuracy of measurement are detailed. A special calibration of measurement system is developed. The FM noise of a 22.68 GHz phase locked source is measured by this system and the measured data are discussed. 

    Mineral Nutrition and Panicle Character of Rice( Oryza sativa L.) Genotype Variety Tolerant to K Deficiency
    Wang Yongrui;Li Weijun
    1996, 35(6):  70-74. 
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    The experiments resulted that less mineral element contents of K, Na, Ca, Mg and Fe in roots, shoots and whole seedling, but more Mg in root at tillering stage of rice variety "XZN 1" shown than those of rice variety "SB 211 ZY" at Yoshida’s complete nutrition solution. Under which at booting stage the root, stem and the whole plant of "XZN 1" have shown more K, Mg, more Fe in stem compared with "SB 211 ZY". Otherwise at the seedling stage of "XZN 1"the seedling height, seddling dry weight, root volume, root dry weight and mineral element contents of K, Mg in shoots, K, Na, Ca, Mg and Fe in roots, K, Mg and Fe in the whole seedling have abserved over that of "SB 211 ZY", while K concentration was K + 3mg/L. During which cultural condition at the booting stage of "XZN 1" more mineral element contents of K, Na, Ca, Mg and Fe in roots, stems and whole plant as well as less Fe in stem were found in comparison with "SB 211 ZY". The panicle extension about by 96% and filled grain about 31.0% of "XZN 1", panicle extension less than 10% and never filled grain in "SB 211 ZY" were appeared. 

    On the Endemic Genera of the Spermatophytic Flora from Guangdong Province Ⅱ Local Endemic Genera and Endemism Centre of Southwest Guangdong and Southeast Guangxi
    Liao Wenbo;Su Zhiyao ;Zhang Hongda(Chang Hungta)
    1996, 35(6):  75-70. 
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     The local endemic genera of the spermatophytic flora of Guangdong province consists of 5 families 8 genera, e.g. Dunnia, Tsiangia, Bournea, Primulina, Didymostigma, Tigridioides, Sinorchis and Metasasa , meanwhile, the co endemic genera and Chinense endemic genera to the border of Guangdong and Guangxi province were dominant, they formed a centre of endemism in southwest Guangdong to southeast Guangxi, they also were an important characteristics of floras of south China. 

    A Comparison of the Forest of Wuzhishan (Hainan Island) and Nanjenshan(Taiwan Island)
    Hu Yujia;
    1996, 35(6):  81-85. 
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    Taiwan and Hainan are the two largest islands in China. In this paper, the forests of Wuzhishan and Nanjenshan were studied in following aspects:florastic composison, forest constructure, forest type and community characters. The results of the study showed that the Wuzhishan forest was a part of tropical rain forest vegetation of China. Nanjenshan forest was a representative type of lower subtropical evergreen broad leaved forest of China. 

    The Bio Geographic Information System in Guangdong,South China I. Database of the vascular plant and its query
    Yu Shixiao;Luo Rui; Chen Li’e ;Miao Ruhuai
    1996, 35(6):  86-90. 
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     As a part of the research project concerning about the Bio geographical Information System in Guangdong province (BGISGD), a computer software DBVPGD (both Chinese and English language version available)was created based on the database of vascular plants in this province (the Hainan island is also included), including about 280 families, 1700 genus and 6000 species and their distributions in 21 cities and 78 counties. The methodology of using this software was introduced in detail, including the species, genus or family distribution areal, or the bio diversity in a city or county. 

    The Research on the Population Spatial Patterns of Rattus rattoides and Bandicota nemorivaga in Pearl River Delta
    Chang Hong;Zhang Guoping
    1996, 35(6):  91-95. 
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    This research was carried out in Human Region, Pearl River Delta form December, 1992 to February, 1993. By the Poisson distribution and the negative binomial distribution, the population spatial patterns of Rattus rattoides and Bandicota nemorivaga was studied. The main results are as follows:①The population spatial patterns of Rattus rattoides and Bandicota nemorivaga in winter fit the negative binomial distribution. ② The assembling intensity of Bandicota nemorivaga population is higher than Rattus rattoides population. ③ The population spatial pattern of Rattus rattoides and Bandicota nemorivaga show random distribution in reproduction season. ④ The population spatial pattern of Rattus rattoides and Bandicota nemorivaga trend to positive correlation low population density, but negative correlation in high population density. 

    Analysis on Mechanism of Permeation and Hydrochemical Action Resulting in Failure of loaded Rock Mass
    Tang Liansheng;Zhou Cuiying
    1996, 35(6):  96-101. 
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     The mechanism of permeation and hydrochemical action resulting in failure of loaded rock mass has heen analysed by hydrogeochemical and catastrophic theory, as well as the method of pseudotraction. The criteria that can predict the orientation of the fracture of the macro failure under permeation were derived. lt is found that the permeation may aggravate the interaction and coalescence between cracks in rocks under the compression and may change the orientation on the fracture. The rock strength can be lowdered by the hydrochemical action and the tensile stress of the propagation of cracks will be increased owing to clay minerals. The condition of the fracture in rocks will be satisfied more easily as a result of the synthetic of permeation and hydrochemical action. In view of the above mentioned, some problems of slope instability are discussed. 

    The Relationship Between Fill Block Engineering and Tidal Inlet System Response in Zhanjiang Bay
    Ying Zhifu;Wang Hongshou
    1996, 35(6):  102-106. 
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    The Zhanjiang Bay can be regarded as a tidal inlet system of drowned valley lagoon type. The authors discussed emphatically the relationship between fill blocking the waters and response of the tidal inlet system, and pointed out that the encirclement of the “Nansan Islands” by embankments in 1958 expanded the area of tidal waters and improved the tidal inlet conditions. But the fill block engineering in the past years had also caused the deposit in some sections of navigable course, and washout or piling up of mud sand on shores. It’s thought that the protection and expansion of tidal waters in the system’ is a key to the system’s stability. 

    A Preliminary Analysis of Amino Acids in Some Soil samples
    Chen Shuixia; Zhong Yueming ;Wang Jiangke
    1996, 35(6):  107-110. 
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     Amino acid content and compositions of several types of soils from south China have been analyzed, and the result indicates that:(1)the amino acid contents decrease with depth, (2) the compositions of amino acid from different soil samples are similar, acidic amino acid’s make up 20 ̄40 percent of total amino acid weight, neutral amino acid 60% ̄75%,and basic amino acid less than 10%. 

    The Numeric Solution to the Two Dimensional Advective Diffusion Equations of Sand Concentration after Construction Explosion
    Hou Yu;Li Kun ;Liu Wangen
    1996, 35(6):  111-115. 
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    The two dimensional advective diffusion equations of sand concentration under explosion were build up, and the numeric solution to the equations was solved using a simplified element method. In the end, a case study about the environmental impacts of the explosion at Mabian island in Daya Bay was presented. 

    Photorefractive Properties of Mn Doped Potassium Sodium Strontium Barium Niobate Crystals
    Zhang Yueli;Xie Xiangshou ;Zhu Derui ;Mo Dang
    1996, 35(6):  119-122. 
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     The Mn doped potassium sodium strontium barium niobate crystals are grown, poled and polished and their two wave coupling, two wave coupling time response and self pumped phase conjugation at 632 8 nm are studied in the experiment. The two wave coupling gain are larger than 7 cm -1 and 9 cm -1 for 0 02% and 0 04% samples respectively and the two wave coupling time response of 0 04% sample is four times faster than that of 0 02% sample. Self-pumped phase conjugate reflectivity of 0 04% sample is as high as 70%. It is shown that Mn doipants can effectively increase absorption coefficient and enhance photorefractive properties of potassium soduim strontium barium niobate crystals at red wavelength. 

    Cloning and Sequencing of Replicase Gene of Papaya Ringspot Virus
    Ye Changming; Chen Gu; Huang Juncao; Yu May ;Li Baojian
    1996, 35(6):  126-128. 
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     The replicase (RP)gene of abnormal leaf isolate(AL) of papaya ringspot virus (PRV)was synthesized by reverse transcription (RT) and polymerase chain reaction (PCR)amplification, and cloned into pUC18. The gene was sequenced by the dideoxy chain termination method. Results showed that it was 1 602 bp in length, and shared 82 80%,95 07% and 91 83% homologies with ones of the strains HA5 1, YK and Sm respectively. 

    A Study and Practice of Environmental Management Information System in Shantou
    Li Hui;Chen Xingeng ;Wang Jinsan; Qin Youjun ;Zhu Guanyou
    1996, 35(6):  129-131. 
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     Main functions of Shantou environmental management branch are investigated, and the system demand is analysed. Then, overall structure and main Sub models of the system are studied. Finally, the design of the main sub models is discussed. 

    Study on the Synthesis and Application of Chiral 2,5 Bioxazoliylthiophene
    Xu Zunle;Cai Min ;Wang Bo ;Liu Hanbiao
    1996, 35(6):  132-133. 
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    A new type of sulfur contained C 2 symmetric chiral substance, 2,5 bis [2 (4 ethyl)oxazoliyl]thiophene(BEOZT),was synthesized in 39% total yield from 2,5 thiophene dicarboxylic acid, which went through the reacting with (-) 2 amino 1 butanol, amidation, halogenation and dehydrating cyclization, In our application study of chiral reagents, BEOZT had showed to be an excellent NMR shift reagent in distinguishing (R) and (S) 1,1’ bi 2 naphthol. Its application in asymmetric synthesis is in further study. 

    Magnetism of [Gd 2(pyb) 6(phen) 2(H 2O) 2](ClO 4) 6·2H 2O
    Yu Xiaolan;Tong Mingliang; Chen Xiaoming
    1996, 35(6):  134-135. 
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     The variable temperature (4 ̄300 K)magnetic susceptibility data of the title complex were determined. The observed susceptibility data were fitted to the theoretical magnetic equation by least squares method. The exchange integral J was found to be equal to 0 09 cm 1 ,indicating very weak ferromagnetic spin exchange interaction between the pair of Gd(Ⅲ) ions in the dimer.