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    25 January 1995, Volume 34 Issue 1
    The Attainable Domain of Semilinear Systems
    Chen Yunfeng
    1995, 34(1):  1-5. 
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    In this paper we discuss the attainable domain of a class of semilinear systemsby using the theory for generalized inverses of the linear operators and Sadovskii fixedpoint theorem,Some attainability practical criterions and analytic expressions of the at-tainable domain are derived. 

    Inertial Manifold and Sliding Mode Control of Nonlinear Parabolic Distributed Parameter Systems
    Zhao Zhihui; Liu Mingyang
    1995, 34(1):  6-12. 
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    The existing conditions of finite-dimensional inertial manifold of nonlinearparabolic distributed parameter systems are presented in this paper.The sliding equa-tion obtained in this paper is employed in the discussion of inertial manifold and the con-ditions to be global stable for the system,Finally,the control problem for parabolic dis-tributed parameter systems of heat process is studied. 

    Domain Decomposition Methods for Steady Flow through a Cascade of Normal Flat Plates
    1995, 34(1):  13-17. 
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    Numerical solutions of the problem for the two-dimensional steady flow through a uniform cascade of normal flat plates are studied by the domain decomposition methods An asytnptotic solution is employed for both upstream and downstream, Twomethods are presented for dealing with the singularity in the vorticity at the edges of theplates.Numerical solution has been obtained for Reynolds Numbers in the range of 0 to 30. 

    The Periodic Vibrations and Bifurcations of a strongly Nonlinear System with Three Parameters
    Huang Chengbiao;Xu Zhao
    1995, 34(1):  18-23. 
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    The processes of the generating,bifurcating and vanishing and the character-istics of the stability of the periodic vibrations follow in the variation of the parametersfor the strongly nonlinear autonomous vibration system with three parameters are stud-ied.And the approximate relationship between the amplitude and the parameters as wellas the curves of the amplitude-parameters, the bifurcations of the parameters,and thephase diagrams are given. 

                    Numeric Analog on Nonlinear Oscillation of Bubbles in Pressure Changing Fluid Field                                                                                   
    Zhang Xiuhua; Zhao Jian
    1995, 34(1):  24-29. 
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     In this paper the Gilmore’s equation for the fluid compressibility is employedas the mathematical model for bubble wall motion,and Gill’s method is also used tocompile the programs to solve initial value problems of nonlinear differential equations.A number of examples for harmonic or exponential pressure changing field show that thenoulinear oscillation is strong in a high pressure changing field ; the bubble wall oscillat-ing amplitude is concerned with varying amplitude, frequency and width of exponentialpulse of pressure field. 

    Thindown in Radiobiology:V-79 Chinese Hamster Cells
    1995, 34(1):  30-34. 
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     Calculations based on the track theory of biological cells agree with measuredinactivation cross sections for V-79 Chinese hamster cells bombarded with very heavyions in the track width regime where thindown,a reduction in cross section with an in-crease in the LET of the bombarding particles,is displayed. The calculation uses cellu-lar radiosensitivity parameters evaluated earlier from the data of survival curves and anew numerical calculation of the radial distribution of dose from δ-rays.These resultsrepresent a significant improvement over an earlier calculation of the same endpoint,where a formulation of the radial dose distribution which neglected the angular distribu-tion of ejected δ rays was used. 还原

    Aharonov Casher Type Persistent Currents in Mesoscopic Ring
    Zhou Yichang; Zhu Shiliang;Zeng Zhushi
    1995, 34(1):  35-40. 
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    An effective Hamiltonian describing AC effect for electrons in electromagnetic field isderired and a factor of 1/2 over Anaronov-Casher Hamiltonian is obtained. Based on an exactsecond guantized Hamiltonian of non-interacting electron gas in the mesoscopic ring mixed withAB,AC effect,analytic solutions for energy eigenvalues, the persistent current and Dersistentspin curreut are obtained It is shown that AC effect is extremely important for electrons in somesemiconductors applied with intense electric field. 

    Intra-frame Differential Coding for Speech Waveform in Time Domain
    1995, 34(1):  41-45. 
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    We propose a new intra-frame differential coding algorithm for speech waveform intime domain,This coding algorithm treats the waveforms in pre-proceeding as two-dimensionsignals.X-axis signal is the sequence number of samples in the same frame and Y-axis is thesequence number of frames,which performs the matching differential coding for the two sequentframes.Problems caused by intra-frame differential coding,such as frame matching,transitionframe proceeding and quantizer design,are discussed in detail.SNR test results for the somevowels of Mandarin Chinese is presented.The experiment shows that the short-time quantizationSNR of 4-bits intra-frame differentizal coding surpases 2 9 dB at 8kHz sampling rate. It isshown that there is a possibiliry to systhesis excellent speech with bit rate of 2 ~ 4kbps. 

    The Electro Optic Properties of KNSBN and SBN in Near Infrared Wavelength
    Xie Cang; Zhang Yueli; Zhou Guiping
    1995, 34(1):  46-51. 
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     The Iinear electro-optic coefficients of KNSBN and SBN crystals at 1.32 μm havebeen measured for the first time,The dependence of the effective linear electro-optical coeffi-cient γ_c of the crystals on the temperature has been investigated and a lower driven voltage electro-optic modulator fabricated with SBN has also been described. 

    Studies on the ESR Spectra of Vanadyl Benzohydroxamate
    Wang Ruiqin; Chen Xiaoming ;Zhang Jianhui; Chen Mingyong
    1995, 34(1):  52-59. 
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    The ESR spectra of vandyl Benzoxamate have been studied in a number of organic sol-vents and frozen glasses.The spectra have been analyzed in detail.The solvent effects on theESR spectra have been disscussed,From the anisotropic ESR spectral parameters obtained at-150℃,together with the d-d transition energies from electronic spectra,the molecular bondparameters α ̄2,K,β ̄2,γ ̄2 have been calculated , effects of solvent on electronic structure ofVO(BHA)2 also have been discussed. 

    The Rust-proof Action of Functional Carbon Fiber on Circular Cooling Water System
    Fu Ruowen; Zhu Shiping;Lu Yun;Lu Hongzhe Zeng Hanmin
    1995, 34(1):  60-64. 
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    The rust-proof action of functional carbon fiber on circular cooling water system wasinvestigated firstly in this paper.The resul ts showed that the functional carbon fiber has good ef-fect on the rust-proof of pipes,heat exchangers and etc.in circular cooling water system, Atthe same time,the rust-proof mechanism was propoced that the functional carbon fiber can low-er down the electric potential in water and the concentration of oxygen dissolved in water. Theadsorption of functional carbon fiber for impure ions is also advantageous to resist the corrosion ofnew pipes network. 

    Genus Novum Iteacearum Sinensium
    1995, 34(1):  65-67. 
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     Changiodendron, a new genus belonged to Ite aceae, is reported, the differenees be-tween the genus and Itea are made; Changiodendron guangxiensis Miau here newly describedfrom Guangxi Province. 

    Comparison of the Impact of Temperature Humidity and Photoperiod on the Population Reproductivity of Three Fruit Flies
    1995, 34(1):  68-75. 
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     Comparative study of the population reproductivity of three fruit flies melon fruit flyBactrpcera cucurbotae, oriental fruit fly B,dorsalis and pumpking fruit fly B. tau under differentphotoperiods(L:D= 16 :8~8:16)with constant temperature(25℃)and fluctuating relativehumidity(75%~95%)and under cyclical fluctuating temperatures , relative humidity and stablephotoperiods(20~25℃,L:D=4: 10,RH75%~95%125~32℃,75%~95%,L:D=10:14)were conducted.The results showed that middle and long photoperiods were favorable to the reproduction ofthree fruit flies.Short photoperionds were less favorable, By compared the population parame-ters,either under the circumstances of various photoperifor with constant temperature and fluctu-ating relative humidity or under cyclical fluetuating temperatures and relative humidity with con-stant photoperiod , all of three fruit flies had longer ovipositional period,large numbers of eggand overlapping generation. In the cyclical fluctuating condition of 20~25℃,50% Σlxm_x ofB. tau and B. dorsalis was distributed within 60 days after adult emergence, but 50% Σl_xm_x of B. cucurbitae was 130days;in 25~32℃,50%Σl_xm_x of B. tau and B. dorsalis was 40 days,B.cucurbitae’s was 70 days. The population density increase of both B. tau and B. dorsalis was morequiker than that of B. cucurbitae,B. dorsalis and B. tau are recognizied as more typical r-repro-ductive strategy than B. cucurbitae does. 

    Studies on the Pathology of the Grass CarpⅢ.The Change of the relative activity of Malate Dehydrogenase(MDH)Isozyme in some Tissues and Organs of the Hemorrhagic Grass Carp
    1995, 34(1):  76-81. 
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     By using polyacrylamide gel e lectrophoresis,the changes in the relati ve activity ofmalate dehydrogenase(MDH)isozymes in the gill,liver,blood serum, heart,spleen,muscleand kidney of hemorrhagic grass carp were studied.It was shown all these tissues and organsand blood serum possess six kind of ribbons and the electrophoretogram of MDH isozymes in the healthy and diseased fish was different. The MDH isozymes activity apparently exhibited a tissue-specific expression. The total activity of the MDH isozyme of the diseased fish was considerably higher than that of the healthy in various tissues and organs.the activity of the isozyme s in the gill,liver,spleen and blood serum showed a conspicuous differently(p<0. 05).and theactivity order of the MDH isozymes showed more differently in the same tissue and drgan,Basedon the above results,it is considered that MDH isozyme electrophore togram of the tissues andorgans can be used as a physiological as well as pathological index of the hemorrhagic disease of grass carp. 

    The Effect of Non-linear Horizontal Momentum Advection on Tropical Cyclone Motion  
    Yang Pingzhang; He Haiyan
    1995, 34(1):  82-89. 
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     The tropical cyclone motion is seriously affecfed by its environmental synoptic system,Atropical cyclone is considered as a system that continuouslv exchanges its momentum with itsenvironment.The effect of nonlinear horizontal momentum advection on tropical cyclone motionis mainly analysed in this parer. The reason of abnormal changes of some tropical cyclone tracksis theoretically interpreted. 

    The Determination of Depositional Rate on the Haikou and Xinhai Bays by ̄(210)Pb Method
    Quan Yarong; Liang Zhirong; Liu Yijun; Li Liejun
    1995, 34(1):  90-95. 
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     210)Pb is a daughter element of radioactive uranium series in nature,It can be used todetermine ages and depositional rates of sediments,in glacier,ocean.lake since one hundredyear.The basic principle and experimental procedure for ̄(210)Pb dating method are explained.Thefive columned samples from the Haikou and Xinhai Bays have heen determined to have the depo-sitional rate of 0.38~1.04 cm/a. 

    The Weathering Crust and REE Metallogenic Characteristics of Granite in Pingyuan,Guangdong
    1995, 34(1):  96-101. 
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     The weathering crust of late Yanshanian granite developed layered structures.Fromthe lower to the upper layer of the crust,the cot1tents of Clastic minerals and active components(K2O ,Na2O,CaO)decrease,while the contents of clay minerals and stable components (Al2O3,Fe2O3,TiO2)increase,The REE distribution patterns of the weathering crust are similar to thoseof the original rocks. But the Ce negative anomaly in the weathering crust is more intense and thenegative anomaly of Eu and Er disappears or even changes to positive anomaly, The REEs aremostly accumulated in the middle to lower part of the complete weathering layer. The content ofREE has a positive relationship with that of clay minerals in the complete and medium weatheringlayers.In addition to REE-bearing minerals,the existing states of REE in the weathering crustare the active state, the Fe-Al co-precipitation state and the organic combination state. 

    An Investigation of Thermal Cycling Effects in CuznAl Alloy by Positron Lifetime Measurements
    Lin Guangming; Zhu Zhiying
    1995, 34(1):  102-105. 
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    Phase transition temperatares of A_s,and M_f are shown to decrease in Cu-Zn-Al shapememory alloys with increasing number of thermal cycles.The phase transition rate and transitionhysteresis are found to be insensative to the thermal cycles, Positrun lifetimes measarements sug-gest that the thermal cycling behaviour in closely related to vacancy agglomeratior1 is the shapememory materials. 

    Features of the Solution of Maxwe11’s Equations with Magnetic Charge and Magnetic Current
    Gong Di
    1995, 34(1):  106-109. 
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    The features of the solution of Maxwell’s equations with magnetic chargeand magnetic current are investigated. It is shown that transient transverse planeelectromagnetic waves are solutions of Maxwell’s equations provided the magnectic current exists. 

    The Chemical Constituents of Soft Coral Cladiella densa from South China Sea
    1995, 34(1):  110-113. 
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    Three crystalline compounds were isolated from soft coral Cladiella densacollected off Xisha Islands,They were identified as hentriacontanol, batyl alcohol andgorgosterol by means of spectrometric methods. Hentriacontanol was firstly found inCladiella densa. 

    Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Spectra of Crystal Violet
    Chen Jian; Zhang Weihong;Zhang Zhuoliang;Hu Jiming;Xu Zhisan; Sheng Rongsheng
    1995, 34(1):  114-117. 
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     The NRS and SERS spectra of Crystal Violet have been described.Theelectronic absorption and SERS spectrum study of Crystal Violet show that resonanceenhancement come from the energy discrease of danging bonds. 

    Determination of Carbendazim Content in Mulberry Leaves by UV Spectrophotometry
    1995, 34(1):  118-121. 
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    With methanol as solvent , the salnples were soaked,stirred and extracted atroom temperature,and then purified by liquid─liquid distribution of aqueous HClsolution-CHCl3.The contents of carbendazim in mulberry Leaves were determined byUV differential absorbance method using aqueous HCl(0. 3 mol/L)as reference. Therecovery was 90%~96%,and the linear range is 0~20 mg/L. 

    Study on the Photofading Behaviour of Thiazine Dyes in the Photopolymerization System Induced by He Ne Laser
    1995, 34(1):  122-125. 
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    The photofading behaviour of thiazine dyes in sensitized acrylamide systeminduced by He Ne laser has been investigated.It is found that the photofading reactionof dyes is related to the structure of dyes and amines,and the concentrations of dyes,amines and monomer,In different concentrations of reactants,the photofading reactionof methylene blue is conformed to the first order reaction,Relation of thepolymerization rate( R)to the photofading rate(Rf)is rather complex, In someconditions,they are in coincidence with the equation of R_p∝R ̄1/2. 

    Seed Deterioration in Several Brassica Vagetative Species and Their Fluorescent LeakageⅡ. Identification of the fluorescent leak age by paper chromatography and the seed vigor test by sinapine leakage
    Huang Xuelin, Li Yanhong; Fu Jiarui
    1995, 34(1):  126-129. 
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    The fluorescent leakage from Brassicu alboglabra Bailey, B. chinensis Linn, and B.parachinensis bailey was identified by paper chromatography.The leakage was found to contain acampound,the R_f value and color reaction of which were similar to that of sinapine, The concen-tration of the sinapine determinated by using the specific absorbance of the compound at 388nmin basic solution(pH> 1 0)was closely associated with the seed vigor.Their relative coefficiencywere respectively-0. 92,-0. 81 and -0. 81.Thus,the seed vigor test in these species utilizingsinapine determination is practical,sensitive and better than method of observation of the fluores-cent leakage under UV light. 

    The Dynamic Changes of ABA Content in Chinese Wampee Seed during Median and Late Developmental Stages
    Jin Jianping; Lin Lu; Fu Jiarui
    1995, 34(1):  130-132. 
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     During 55~80 days after anthesis of Chinese Wampee,the fresh weight of seed increases continuously and the moisture content decreases gradually. When seeds get matured,the moisture percentage is as high as 49.6%,the ABA content of cotyledon or axis is only 22.4%or 11.7%of that during 55 days after anthesis.