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    25 March 1995, Volume 34 Issue 2
    Forced Oscillations of Strongly Nonlinear Oscillators
    Xu Zhao; Zhan Jiemin
    1995, 34(2):  1-6. 
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    A generalized averaging method is used to analyze the resonant response of the strongly nonlinear oscillators. A comparison with the numerically calculated result shows that the generalized averaging method in this paper has its advantage. 

    The Sub-martingale Problem for reflected diffusions with Poisson Jumps in a Half-space and Its Application
    Ding Deng
    1995, 34(2):  7-13. 
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    The sub martingale problems for reflected diffusions with Piosson jumps in ahalf-space are considered.The existence of solutions for sub-martingale problemswithout continuity assumptions on the coefficients is obtained.And from the solutionsof the sub-martingale problems,the existence of a weak solution is established for astochastic differential equation with Poisson jumps in a half- space with refectingboundary conditions. 

    Nearly Uniformly Smooth and Locally Nearly Uniformly convex Banach spaces  
    Li Yongjin
    1995, 34(2):  14-17. 
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    A sufficient and necessary condition of nearly uniformly smooth is given,It is shown that Banach space X is locally uniformly convex if and only if X is locally nearly uniformly convex and strictly convex and has(WM)property. 

    A Local Degree Condition for Hamiltonian Bipartite Graphs
    Lou Dingjun
    1995, 34(2):  18-21. 
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     Let G be a balanced 2-connected bipartite graph with bipartlition(X,Y). Suppose for each vertex v of G,H is the subgraph induced by the vertices which are dis- tance 2 or 3 from v,and for each vertex u which has distance 3 to v,the degree d_H(u)of uin H is at least the numbor of the vertices distance 2 from v minus(d_F(v)-2).Then Gis Hamiltonian,where the lower bound of d_H(u) is sharp. 

    The Statistics of Strongly Correlated Hubbard Model
    Wu Shenshang;Ji Zherui
    1995, 34(2):  22-26. 
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     The statistics of the Spinons and Holons in strongly correlated 2D-Hubbardmodel is studied.The static magnetic susceptibility and the gap equation of Spinons arecalculated by using the slave-Ferlnion method.We compare the results between slave-Fermion and slave-Boson,and believe that the slave-Fermion method can betterexplain the AFMLR of MT_cSC in low temperature. 

    Damage Profile of 12keV Low-Energy Arsenic Ion Implanted Silicon
    Zhang Xu; Mo Dang; Lin Chenglu; He Zhiping
    1995, 34(2):  27-31. 
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    Damage profiles for l2keV,8 × 10 ̄(14)~2× 10 ̄(15)/cm ̄2 As ̄+ implanted Si samplesare determined by suitably optimizing the ellipsometric spectra. It is shown for the caseof very low energy iniplantation that the damage profile is plateau type and that there isno inside peak structure,The depth of damage is determined to be 12.5~16.0nm,which is consistent with the result measured by RBS/C technique,The ellipsometricspectroscopy is shown to be advantageous over RBS/C technique in resolution,thusproviding more details of dalnage profile with this work. 

    Determination of Sedimentation Rates in the Mirs Bay Sea Areas with Gamma Spectrometry
    Guan Zujie; Young E C M; Yu K N; Stokes M J; Liang Qianlin; Tang Jun Jian
    1995, 34(2):  32-37. 
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    Cylindrical samples of sediments are obtained from 4 sea areas next to the Mirs Bay to the South China Sea. An N-type high purity germaium low background gamma spectrometry system has becn employed to measure the Pb-210 and the Cs-137 contents in the layered sam- plees.The sedimentation curves of Pb-210 and Cs-137 are acquired using the least squares fit method.The sedimentation rata at the four sampling sites are evaluated.our results show that the sedimentation rate decreases when the sampling sites are farther away from the Mirs Bay into the South China Sea,In particular,the rate calculated using the Pb-210 activities decreases from 0.46 to 0.27 cm/a,and that using the Cs-137 method from 0.38 to 0.10 cm/a,The Cs-137 method vields resuIts which are subiected to external disturbance to a greater extent,and is thus less reliable than the Pb-210 method. 

    One Step True Color Rainbow Holography
    Gu Ringbei
    1995, 34(2):  38-41. 
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     A one-step procedure for shooting true colour rainbow hologram for white light re- construction is described.The method is based on adding another laser light into an electronic sep- arated colour plate of a colour photo or picture. The technique is shown to be low noise. high res- olution and colour fidelity,which is suitable for mass production. 

    Synthesis of a Novel 5,3’,5’-Trihydroxy-7-methoxyflavoneand Its Mono-,Dibenzyloxy-derivatives via Selective Deben- zylation of 5,3’,5’-Tribenzyloxy-7-methoxvflavone
    Chan Winglai; Lin Yuanhua; Lin Yongcheng; Szeto Yaushan; Tang Paklai
    1995, 34(2):  42-46. 
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    The novel compound 5,3’,5’-trihydroxy-7-methOxyflavone was synthe sized twi complete debenzylation of 5,3’,5’-tribenzyloxy-7-methoxyflavone,The latter was also selectively debenzylated to give the mono-and di-benzyloxyflavone. 

    Electrical Conductances of Urea-Metatal Chloride Melts
    Yang Qiqin ;Liu Guankun; Liu Guankun; Liu Peng
    1995, 34(2):  47-51. 
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    The conductivities of urea-LiCl,urea-NaCl,urea-KCl,urea-CuCl2,urea- NiCl2,urea-NaCl-CuCl2 and urea-NaCl-NiCl2 melts were determined and the influences of temperature,concentration,size of alkali metal ions on the conductance were investigated. In the experimental temperature range(100~136℃),the plots of conductivity versus temperature for melts mentioned above are linear,The conductivities of urea-alkali metal chloride melts de- crease with increasing cation radius and have linear relationships with the reciprocal of cation ra-dius square,The conductivities of urea-CuCl2 melts (0.1~1.0 mol·dm ̄(-3) )have the maxi-mum at about 0.8 mol·dm ̄(-3). At the chloride concentration of about 0.74 mol·dm ̄(-3)。the or-der of molar condrctivities is LiCl>CaNl>KCl>. 

    Copolymerization of Vinyl Acetate N vinyl Pyrrolidone and Characterization of the Products
    Feng Rongyin; Lu Dan; Liang Guomei; Mo Bin
    1995, 34(2):  52-59. 
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    Poly(vinyl acetate-N-vinyl pyrrolidone)(P(VAc-Vp))was prepared by free- radical polymerization in solution. The reactivity ratios(r1 and r2)of two monomers were mea- sured.It was showed that r1(VAc) and r2(Vp)were 0.282±0.037 and 3.75±0.28,respec- tively,The effect of the reaction conditions on the copolymerization and the relationship between the conversion and Copolymer compositions were studied.The results of DSC and  ̄(13)CNMR deter- minations showed that the copolymerization was agree with the compolymer coml1Osition equation derived by Lewis and Mayo, The sequence distributions by  ̄(13)C NMR were fitted well with the da- ta calculated based on the Terminal Model of copolymerization(first-order Markov Chain Model ). 

    Directed Duplication of CaMV35S Promoter Influerues the Expression of the Foreign Genes in Transgenic Plants
    Yan Xiaolan; Qiu Guohua; Li Baojian
    1995, 34(2):  60-67. 
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    The mediated vector pLB38 was constructed by insertion the 800 bp fragment of CaMV35S promoter from the plasmid pBI 121 into the BamH I site between the CaMV 35S pro- moter and GUS gene of the pBI121 and screening the recombinants containing the directed dupli- cate of CaMV35S promoter with Xba I digest.The plasmid pBI121 and pLB38 were introduced into the Agrobacterium tumefaciens containing Ti plasmid pGV 3850 by triparental-mating tech- nique with the aid of helper plasmid pGJ23. The foreign genes in pLB38 and pBI121 were transferred into the tobcco plants using the leaf -disk co-cultivated method and two kinds transgenic plants were obtained. DNA / DNA dot blot and Southern blot with α-32P labelled probe containing 3kb fragment of CaMV 35S-GUS comfirmed that foreign genes were transferred and integrated into the trans- genic tobacco plant genome,The identification of the product of NPT II gene with NPT II dot as- say,GUS gene with GUS fluorescent assay proved that the foreign NPT II and GUS gene were expressed in transgenic plants.And the GUS activity in pLB38-transformed plants in which the GUS gene was controlled by two directed CaMV35S promoters was three-to four-fold higher than that in the pBI121-transformed plants in which the GUS gene is controlled by single CaMV35S promoter.These results suggested that the promoter number has effect on the expres- sion level of genes controlledy by these promoters. 

    Fou Rounds of Cortical Development during Sexual Reproduction in Pseudourostyla cristata
    Jin Lipei
    1995, 34(2):  68-78. 
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    During sexual reproduction of Pseudourostyla there are four rounds of cortical reorganization in all. The first one is initiated in anaphase of the first meiotic division and com- pleted after separation of the conjugating mates into two exconjugants.The exconjugants have not UM,and about half of them do not possess buccal cirrus.The cytopharynx remains vestigial. The number of new AZM membranelles and other cirri is reduced compared to the vegetative cell.Afterwards,all or almost all ciliatures generated during the first reorganization disappear with the forma tion of the spherical paracyst.The second round begins towards the end of the paracyst stage,when the macronuclear anlage from which a vacuolated mass of DNA-poor ma- terial has been extruded,contracts.The second cortical development completes shortly before the macronuclear anlage divides or after it has generated 3-9macronuclei,and a micronucleus en- ters the first mitotic telophase,The cell gains a new UM,and a normal cytopharynx,and about two thirds of cells have buccal cirrus.The number of new AZM membranelles and other cirri is more reduced in contrast to the cell after the first reorganization. The third round follows closely the second.During the period,the development of ciliary primordia exhibits the same temporal sequence and spatial pattern as in physiological reorganization,but behavior of all 3-9 macronuclei which merge into a single whole first and then divide repeatedly is similar to that in binary fission,After the third reorganization,the cell possesses normal ciliature,but the number of membranelles and cirri remains reduced.Finally,the fourth round comes when the cell has about 20(13 ~ 30 ) macronuclei.The process and the way in the fourth is the same as in the third.After the fourth reorganization,the cell recovers the normal ciliature of the vegetative cell and undergoes the first binary after conjugation in one day. 

    Studies on the Site Selection of Acanthocephalan Worms of Fishes in the Intestine of Hosts in the Qinghai Lake
    Yang Tingbao
    1995, 34(2):  79-83. 
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     Gymnocypris przewalskii przewalskii (Kessler)and Nemachilus scleropterus Herzensteinare the only fish in te Qinghai Lake. Both of them are parasitized by two species ofacanthocephalans,Neoechinorhynchus qinghaiensis Liu et al.and Echinorhynchus gymnocyrii Liu etal.,which harbour in the intestine of the hosts. In the former host,E. gymnocyprii locates in theanterior section and N.qinghaiensis in the posterior section,but in the later host,the sites of twoacanthocephalan worms are not obviously different.Comparing concurrent infection with singlespecies infection,the site of N,qinghaiensis in the host G,przewalskii przewalskii moves backobviously and its intensity of infection in the host N.scleropterus decreased significantly,theniche overlaps of two parasites in two hosts decreased.The negative interspecific association oftwo acanthocephalan worms in two fishes are not significant. 

    New Record of Choeradodis and One New Species of Mantoda from China
    Wang Tianqi; Liang Geqiu
    1995, 34(2):  84-85. 
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    In this paper,Choeradodis is reported as one new record from China,At the same time,one new species is described. he type specimen is kept in the Research Institute of Entomology,Zhongshan University,Guangzhou. Choeradodis yunnanensis,sp.nov. This species is closely related to C,Squilla Saussure 1869,but differs from the latter by following characters:the body length(45mm)is shorter than that of the tegmina (46mm)while the pronotum is apparently shorter than that of C. squilla. Female: unknown. Holotype:Jinghong County,Yunnan Province, 1987-Ⅳ-4,colleoted by Chen Zhen 一V8O。 

    Dynamic Structures and Their Sedimentation Effects in Huangmaohai Estuary
    Wu Chaoyu
    1995, 34(2):  86-94. 
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    Based on hydrographical surveys carried out during the period of 1985~1991,theoretical consideration and numerical models,the present paper provides a brief analysis on thedynamics of huangmaohai estuary,emphasizing on the low frequency flow patterns andcirculation. Labeled water parcel trajectories reveals the important formation mechanism of themid-estuary bar. Four small scale dynamic structures are found in the estuary along the Northand East Channel which have profound effects on the sedimentation,They are from north to south(1)the vasf Yamen bi-direction jet systam,(2)vertical density driven circulation,(3)gorge jet current and(4)horizontal circulation. The effects of estuarine dynamics on the sedimentation processes,especially those concerning the river mouth bar are discussed. 

    Approach to the Depositional Environment of Baini Formation in the Zhujiang Delta
    Wang Jianhua; Zheng Zhuo
    1995, 34(2):  95-102. 
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    Baini formation,age of middle pleistocens,have been discovered recently in the northpart of the Zhujiang Delta. Its origin,age and paleoenvironmental signijicance lead to many con-troversies.However,on research on systematic sedimentological analysis had been done for thesedeposits.The authors,after a series of observations in the fields and analysis in laboratory,pte-liminarily affirm:①Baini Formation lays on the second-order rock-bed river terrace,and pos-sess a duality layer structure of fluvial sediments.②The granulometric,morphometric,andquartz surface features of the clasts show that the deposition took place in the fluvial environmentof which the hydrological ch a racters are different from the recent river system of the ZhujiangDeIta。③The pollen and clay mineral characteristics show that the deposit can not represent anevent of marine transRression,④Although the depositing age may be considered as Middle pleis-tocene,the accuracy of the TL dating data in some profiles needs further study. 

    Environmental Conditions of Genesis ofHard Rain in Zhujians Delta
    Wang Peilin; Xu Lizhang
    1995, 34(2):  103-107. 
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     By using the daily data of rainfall amount in Zhujiang Delta and Guangzhou’ s sound-ing from March to August of 1976 ̄ 1983, the favorable and unfavorable environmental condi-tions of genesis of hard rain in Zhujiang Delta, which is situated in the tropics, are analysed.And the conditions obtained are compared with those in the extratropics. The conclusion in this pa-per could be helpful to the forecasting and understanding of hard rain in the area. 

    The Deciding Algorithm for a Matrix Problem
    Xiao Jinsheng; Zhou Zuoling
    1995, 34(2):  108-110. 
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     This paper gives an effective algorithm for deciding of irreducibility and aperi-odicity of nonnegative matrices.As a nonconstructive algorithm for solutions,this is a typical example. 

    Studies of Measurement on Transfer Coefficients for Nuclide with ICP
    Li Mianfeng; Luo Daling; Shenghan; Cheng T; Yu K N
    1995, 34(2):  111-113. 
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    The measurement on transfer coemcients from soilto greens for nuclides with ICP are reported briefly.The transfer coefficients from soil to Guangdong cabbageand rapeflower for Ba,Sr,Y,Zr are measured. 

    Synthesis and PhotophysicalBehaviour of Trioxinatoaluminium
    He Yi; Gong Menglian; Dong Ping; Huang Xuguang
    1995, 34(2):  114-119. 
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     The solid complex trioxinatoaluminium (AI (Ox)3) was synthesized with ayeild of 93. 6%, and its physicochemical constants and the photophysical constants weremeasured. In aromatic solvents, the fluorescence quantum yeilds(Φf) are low. On theother hand, Φf and the fluorescence lifetimes are increased in non-aromatic solvents withthe increase of the viscosity of the solvents. The radiative and nonradiative decay rateconstants (kr and knr , respectively) were calculated and found that the increase of Φf wasrelated to the decrease of knr. A comparison of the fluorescence behavibur of AI(Ox)3 invarious phase media was made. 

    The GC-MS Analysis of water-soluble Aromatic Components in Shaddock Peel
    Deng Qinying; Yang Shunjuan; Chen Xiaoya;Xie Ximei
    1995, 34(2):  120-123. 
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    The water-soluble aromatic components in shaddock peel were analyzed by GC-MS and 41 compounds were identified including limonene,3-carene,linalool,terpi- neol,nootkatone etc. 

    Germination and Changes of Activitiesof Peptidases During Development of PeanutEmbryos in Vitro and Effect of Abscisic Acid on Them
    Lin Lu; Fu Jiarui
    1995, 34(2):  124-130. 
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    Aminopeptidase activity had two peaks during development of peanut(Arachis hypogaea L. ) embryos, which coincided with the synthesis of storage pro-teins. A weak activity peak of carboxypeptidase emerged in the late stage of develop-ment of embryo. Aminopeptidase might have an important role in modifying the struc-ture of peptides of storage proteins. Abscisic acid inhibited germination of embryos invitro, decreased activities of endopeptidase and carboxypeptidase, but aminopeptidaseactivitiy was not affected. Degradation of storage proteins in germinating embryos invitro during development was dependent upon carboxypeptidase. Endogenous ABA con-tent declined in germinating embryos. Results from Act-D and CHM treatment showedthat carboxypeptidase existed in cells of matured embryos but its activity was mainly in-hibited. 

    Hot Spring Genesis of the Changkeng Gold-Silver Deposit in Guangdong Province and Its Geological Significance
    Sun Xiaoming;Chen Binghui
    1995, 34(2):  131-133. 
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     With a large amount of evidence,this paper first confirmed that the new-discovered Changkeng gold-silver deposit in central Guangdong province is the biggestand richest hot spring genetic precious metal mine in China before now. The metalloge-netic processes have also been inquired into primarily.