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    25 July 1995, Volume 34 Issue 4
    A Testing Study and Theoretical Cornputation of the Air Flow Concerning Low-speed Wind Tunnel and Wing Sections
    Guo Jinji; Zhang Yingyuan ;Xie Yaokang
    1995, 34(4):  1-6. 
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     This paper presents the theoretical computation of the air flow of the low-speed wind tunned and wing sections.The Bernoulli energy equation of air flow of theaxis fluid wind tunnel is estabished.Based on the Vanes pale theory of the axis windmechine and relatiuely movement air flow equation, we found the total pressure of thefluid pass through wing sections.Appling to the characteristic curve of wing model,theparameter of air kinetics of the vanes is obtained Through a series of experiments con-ducted on wind tunnel,the resistanca coefficiends of the air fluid has been found.By ap-plying above aquations and experimental data,the total pressure,flow and power effi-ciency of the wind tunnel are calculated here;and they almost coincide.The paperpoints out how the fixing angle of the wing sections can greatly influence the kineties pa-rameters and power efficiency of the wind mechine in the wind tunnel.Some examplesare presented. 

    Attitude Stability Chterion of Spinning-Satellite Fully Filled with Fluid in Lagrangian Case
    1995, 34(4):  7-12. 
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     First,the mathematical model for complicated mechanical system is studied.Then the stability criterion of spinning-satellite fully filled with fluid(in uniform whirlmotion)in Lageriangian case is obtained by using the method of large-scale system withweighted V function. 

    Mking Property for Multiple TAR Models
    Song Xinyuan; Deng Jixian ;Chen Shaoling
    1995, 34(4):  13-16. 
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     We study the recurrence,ergodicity and mixing property of Markov chainformed by the(TAR)model in which the order,thresholds and paramerters are fixed. 

    ρ°-ωMixing Effect on the σ,ωDispersion Relation
    Liu Lianggang
    1995, 34(4):  17-21. 
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     By using meson dielectric function constructured by standard σ-ω mixiingmethod, we calculate the collective excitation spectra(or dispersion relation)ofσ,ωmesons in nuclear matter, The ρ°-ωmixing effect on the collective excitation is studiedand the mixing effect on σ,ω dispersion relation is found small. 

    The Persistent Curretns and Berry Phase in the Mesoscopic Ring
    u Shenshang ̄*; Ji Zherui
    1995, 34(4):  22-25. 
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    We studied the persistent currents and Berry phase of mesoscopic ring in aninhomogeneous magnetic field with a ferromagnetic spin wave. We calculated the excita-tion energy spectrum of the quasiparticles and the charge currents. 

    The Superconductivity of Hubbard-Hirsch Model
    Liu Jinming  ̄*;Gong Di ;Kuang Zhiqiang
    1995, 34(4):  26-30. 
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     By using a perturbative canonical transformation and mean field theory,thesuperconducting transition temperature as a function of the dopping parameter for theHubbard-Hirsch model is calculated.It is shown that superconductivity is possible aslong as the hopping integral is large enough and that the superconductive region be-comes smaller due to existing of exchange integral. 

    Steady and Time-resolved Photolufninesence of the(ZnSe)m(CdSe)n/ZnSe Short Period Superlattice Quamturn Wells
    Xie Cang ̄*;Zhang zhuoliang ;Tang Zhidong;Wang Hezhou ;Lin Weizhu
    1995, 34(4):  31-35. 
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    Steady and transient photoluminesence( PL ) spectra of{(ZnSe)20(ZnSe : Te)20(ZnSe)8+[CdSe)1(ZnSe)3]7+(ZnSe)8(ZnSe : Te)20 ZnSe)70}×1 Short period superlatticeguantum well grown by atomic-layer epitaxy have been investigated. It is observed that the greenband (S1), blue band(S2)or sharp blue line is succesively dominant in PL spetrum at 77K withincreasing excitation density. The peak times and fluorescence Lifetimes of PL bands measured bymeans of time-resolved spectroscopy. The exciton capture and recombinaton processes are also dis-cussed,The paper suggests that the excitation density dependence of PL described above revealsthe exciton state around Ten(n≥2)cluster and single Te are saturatsd succesively as the purnpdensity increases. 

    The Characteristics and Mcchanism of Extraction of Pd(Ⅱ)with 2-Aminobenzothiazole
    Li Huanran ̄*;Wu Jinghong;Rong Qingxin
    1995, 34(4):  42-47. 
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    The characteristics and mechanism of extraction of Pd(Ⅱ)using 2-aminobenzothia-zole(ABT ) as well as the structure of extractable species were studied. The results showed thatpalladium can be extracted quantitatively with ABT into butyl acetate at pH 2. 0 whereas the ex-tractive effiencies of Pt(Ⅳ), Rh(Ⅲ),Ir(Ⅳ)were less than 5%. Palladium in organic phrasecan be stripped with thiourea. The composition of the extractable complex was determined as Pd-Cl2(ABT) 2 by means of the slope method. The infrared spectra of ABT itself and the palladiumcomplex confirmed that ABT is ccordinated to palladium throuth the nitrogen atom of thiazole.The common metal ions and platinum metal ions did not interfere the extraction.A new methodof selective solvent extraction of Pd(Ⅱ)is proposed. 

    The Oxidation Couping Reaction of 3-Hydroxy-1,8-naphthalic Anhydride
    Liu Hanbiao ̄*; Liang Zhibo; Xu Zunle
    1995, 34(4):  48-51. 
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    n the presence of FeCl3.6H2O or Cu(Ⅱ)·amine complex, trie oxltiation couplingreaction of 3-hydroxy-1,8-naphthalic anhydride were studied in methanol,acetonitrile or water,3,3’-Dihydroxy-4 , 4’-bi-1,1’,8,8’-naphthalic anhydride was obtained in good yield. 

    The Crystallization and the Thermal Degradation Behavior of High Viscosity Polyphenylene Sulfide of the Sulfur Method
    He Guoren ̄*;Zeng Hanmin;Yang Guicheng
    1995, 34(4):  52-58. 
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    This paper reports preliminary results of the crystallization and the thermal degradationbChavior of high viscosity polypbenylene sulfide ( PPS ) of the sulfur method by thermoanalysis.The results are compared with PPS of the Na2S method,showing that the crosslinking structure,the thermal stability and the crystalline behavior of PPS of the sulfur method are affected by theimpurity. 

    Rcsidue and Fate of DDT in Subtropical Paddy Rice
    Liu Zhensheng ̄*;Lin Haibo
    1995, 34(4):  59-63. 
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     The Residue and fate of DDT in paddy rice of subtropical environment were studied byradionuclear tracing. The results obtained were as follows:Loss rate of DDT was rapidly underthe subtropical agroecosystem in Guangzhou, Using normal spray dosage in agroecosystem,DDTresidue in spikes of paddy rice is not over the trace standard( 7 mg/kg),The DDT residue was2. 1 mg/kg in rice bran,1.8 mg/kg in grain residue was 5. 8 mg/kg in rice bran,4.5 mg/kg ingrain of rice when applicated three times at tillering stage,booting stage and filling stage, It main-lv exists in stems and leaves.Therefore ,using normal spray dosage 1000 mg/kg DDT of 15 daysbefore harvesting stage in subtropical crops is safe. 

    Studies on the Propagation of the Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus of the Cotton Leafoworm,Spodoptera litura F.
    Huang Yaxin
    1995, 34(4):  64-69. 
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     This paper dealed with mass individual rearing the larvae of the cotton leafworm,Spodptera litura F, on an artificial diet for propagating S, litura nuclear polyhedrosis virus(SINPV).The use of different combinations of six virus concentrations with three inoculating in-stars , six rearing temperatures with two inoculating instars and an artificial diet with a natural di-et,to sereen an optimal condition,The results showed that the maximal yield of SINPV wasmade when the larvae were treated with 3.85×10 ̄5 PIBs/mL in 3rd instar and3.85×10 ̄7 PIBs/mL in 4th instar.The optimal temperature was 2 4~27℃ when the larvae were infeeted in 4thinstar,nd the yield of the SINPV was higher rearing the larvae in an artificial diet than in a natural diet. here was a linear correlation between the cadver weights and the SINPV yields respectively (P<0. 01).The mortality rate of the infected larvae was directly proportional to temperature。 

    Anatomical Structures and Ecologcal Adaptations of Mangrove propagules
    Chen Yueqin; Lan Chongyu; Wang Yushan; Nora F.Y.Tam
    1995, 34(4):  70-75. 
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    The anatomical structures and ecological adaptations of Kandelia candel and Bruguteragymnorrhiza propagules were shown in this paper,The results showed that several peculiar struc-tures happened in mangrove propagules,for example,the differentiation of cotyledon.the endo-genecy of radicle and the existing of pericycle in hypocotyl etc。 ,which have never been found inother dicotyledons.It was demonstrated that the structural peculiarities of propagules and the phe-nomenon of vivipary in mangrove were the result of adaptation to the relatively saline habitat。The studies also exhibited convergent adaptation on both plant propagules。 

    Conceptual Issues in the Development of English一Chinese Bilingual Botanical Databases
    Li Mingguang; Zhaoran Xu; Guan Duofei,Robert R; Haynes Chang; Hong-ta; Ren Shanxiang Xuemei Du; Xie Qing Jian; Shi Yongling
    1995, 34(4):  76-81. 
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    In order to make the Chinese language comprehensible to Western people,earlier Wade一Giles,and more recently,pinyin, have been used to phonectically transcribe Chinese personaland geographic names into Roman alphabets.Phonetically synonymous characters are common inthe Chinese language,and one pinyin syllable on average accounts for 16 different commonly usedcharacters plus 20 additional characters of less common usage, This phonectic synonymy resultsin loss of information when chinese personal and geographic names are transcribed into syllablesbecause these names alone have no context to help correctly interpret the original writing.There-fore,a monolingual database that convert and store Chinese data in Roman alphabets will presentambiguous information to both Western and Chinese colleagues.A bilingual(and possibly multi-lingual)database is preferable because it can archive the original information and simultaneouslypresents a translation of the original data in English,making the data comprehensible to a largeraudjence. An English一Chinese bilingual information system should possess the following functions :1) the database can store two formats of data ,i.e. Roman(English ) alphabets and Chinesecharacters :2 ) users may retrieve data in monolingual format(either English or Chinese ) orbilingual format(the same piece of data being displayed in both English and Chinese);and 3) thesvstem can automatically convert the key data from one format to the Other.Therefore,a bilin-gual information system will not require double data entry time in comparison to a monolingualsystem.We have built English -Chinese Bilingual Botanical Information System (BBIS95).Thesystem is compiled with the dBase langllage and UCDOS is taken as the Chinese platform。Oursystem provides all the three functions mentioned above, In addition,the system contains eithteenbilingual dictionaries with more than 250 000 records of taxonomic,geographic,personal,insti-tutional and referential data concerning Chinese and American plants.Data of multiple annota-tions from a single specimen sheet and multiple duplicates of a single collection deposited in differ-ent herbaria are properly recorded. The system also include interface with Geographic Informa-Department of Biology, Zhongshan University,Guangzhou 510275tion System(GIS) ,Image Processing and Multimedia。Some bilingual collection data from theherbarium of Sun Yatsen University(SYS ) have been made available on the Southeastern Re-gional Floristic Information System(SERFIS)at the University of Alabama,which is accessiblethrough the Internet computer network(Email to zxu@serfis.by.ua,edu for detail ).In the fu-ture, more Chinese data are expected on-line in similar ways。

    A Study on the Occurrence of Gold in Hetai Gold Deposit
    Yao Dexian; Sun Xiaoming;Yang Rongyong
    1995, 34(4):  82-87. 
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    The gold in large-scale Hetai gold deposit exists in two forms:isolate gold-mineraland dispersion phase,The former is mainly native gold,which occurs in inclusion,intracrys-talline failure and crack.ICP,electron microsprobe analyses and Au X-ray plane scanning showthat some of the gold may occur in the crystal lattice of sulfides as dispersion phase。Gold-bear-ing tellurobismuthite was first discovered in the mining area。 

    Discovery of Sonneratia Pollen in the Late Pleistocene Sediments along Guangdong Coasts
    Zheng Zhuo; Zhou Kunshu
    1995, 34(4):  88-92. 
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     Sonneratia is a genus of mangrove living in the tropical coasts.Its most concentratedarea is located in the coast line of South Asia,There are 4 species(S。 alba ,S,caseolaris,S. ovataand S。 hainanensis)occurring in extreme south of China,where their distribution is limited in theHainan island,about 19 degrees north latitude. Palynological studies undertaking along the coastsof south一east China,where the present mongrove is abeent of Sonneratia, revealed that Some ofpollen types belonging to this genus( especially S, alba and S, caseolaris)occurred in the sedi-ments of Late Pleistocene,particularly in the period between 40000 and 25000 a BP,Pollen as-semblages of this age contain a number of taxa, having affinities with modern tropical species andgroups.A sharp decrease and lately disappearance of this genus from Guangdong coast line tookplace at about 20000 a BP, which reflects the influence of environmental change during the latestglaciation episode, New mangrove associations restored during the Holocene is similar to that oftoday(absence of Sonneratia) ,which is living under the climate of pronounced mnscon patern。 

    The Divisions of Guangdong Province on New Structure Motion一also Disussing the Effect of New Structure Motion on Coastline Development
    Liu Shangren
    1995, 34(4):  93-99. 
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    The divisons of Guangdong province on new structure motion are:I Guangdonggreat massif area, Ⅱ Leizhou Peninsula area ; the Ⅰarea is further divided into:1 second areaof big river head,I2 second area of Guangdong massif,I3 second area of Chaoshan Plain。Some places in the dividing lines,e.g. Zhanjiang, Dengta, and the turning points of basic trendsof coastline, are identical.The differences of building landform motion by most NE faults havenot been clear since Pleistocene Epoch。 

    Failure Probability Prognosis of Slopes Based onthe Lnformation Method and Mapping
    Tang Liansheng; Zhou Cuiying
    1995, 34(4):  100-105. 
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    In the paper,based on the prognosis of space instabilities of slopes and their mapping inChongqing city by information method,the random searching for the location of sliding surfacesand their failure probability prediction are made by selecting typical seetions from the two kindsof instable slopes.At the same time,the failure probability values( FP_s ) for this two kinds ofslopes are gaven。 Here,the shearing strength coefficients c and tan are considered as the ran-dom variables.Finally,the FP values are combined with the colour map which is drawn auto-matically by computer to show the instability degrees of slopes in Chongqing city。 

    To Study Object and Object Model
    Xiao Jinsheng;Ruan Wenjiang;Liu Danqing
    1995, 34(4):  106-108. 
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     This paper discusses firstly two basic concepts in object-oriented technic :object and class, and then provides a object model which is used to analyse, design andimplement software system。 

    Transfer Factor for Radioildine in Soil-Vegetable System
    Luo Daling;Li Mianfeng;Weng Senhan;T .Cheung; K.N.Yu
    1995, 34(4):  109-113. 
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    Soil一vegetable transfer factors for radioiodine were measured by γ spectrom-etry as well as by total β counts method after ̄(131)I solution was added to soil surface。The values of transfer factor with various migration periods and concentrations of ̄(131)Iin soil and with various growth periods of vegetables are determined.The frequencydistributions and the variability of transfer factors are presented. From experimental da-ta measured with γ spectrometry, it is shown that the range of observed values is 1.28×10 ̄(-2)~2. 10×10 ̄(-1) and the geometric mean and geometric standard deviation are 5.05×10 ̄(-2)and 1. 96 respectively. Furthermore,it is observed that the values of transferfactors vary with the mass of vegetable and the temprerature and relative humidity in various seasons. 

    Studies on the Chemical Constituents of the Soft Coral Sarcophyton molle
    Zeng Zhi;Zeng Longmei
    1995, 34(4):  114-116. 
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    The chemical constituents of the soft coral Sarcophyton ,molle collected fromthe South China Sea have been studied.his paper reports the isolation and structuralelucidation of three compounds,i.e.gorgosterol, 24-methyl-cholesterol and batyl al-cohol by means of spectroscopies and GC-MS.These compounds were first discoveredfrom Sarcophyton molle. 

    Studies on the Chemical Constituents of the Shatinyu Seeds
    Lai Zuoqi;Fu Xiong
    1995, 34(4):  117-121. 
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     A limonoid was isolated from shatinyu[Citrus grandis(L,)Osbeck]seedscolleted from Mei Xian,Its structure has been established as nomilin using elementalanalysis, MS, IR,  ̄1H NMR and  ̄(13)C NMR。 

    Study on the Spatial Distribution Pattern of Hemiberlesia pitysophila Takagi
    Chen Yongge;Gu Dexiang
    1995, 34(4):  122-124. 
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    Distributions of Hemiberlesia pitysophila Takagi in both parasite-releasingand check fields were negative binomial ones with the same k value,the difference in av-erage number of female adult scale per bunch of needles was ascribed to the parasitiza-tion. 

    Investigation of Leachate Treatment System and Its Pollution in Wufeng Refuse Landfill Site,Foshan
    Zhang Shujuan; James P,C,Fung; Chua Hong
    1995, 34(4):  125-129. 
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    The seasonal variations of COD and BOD5 of leachate liquid from wufengrefuse landfill site are studied. It also gives the assessment about the wastewater treat-ment system by investigations,