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    25 January 1981, Volume 20 Issue 1
     Dual Spline Interpolation()——Differential Operator Spline
    1981, 20(1):  3-11. 
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     This paper is concerned with the interpolation problem and its dual by splin-es defined by differential operator,which is the continuation of the article[1].Atfirst,an extended lagrange identity is obtained(Theorem 1).By means of this ide-ntity the cennection of the rank of the interpolation problem and its dual,as wellas the sufficient and necessary condition:sum from (1+1) to (μ-0) sum from (ρμ-1) to (v-0) fv(tμ)[lm-v-1*(D)v(tμ)]=0,VvεI0* ηSp(l*,ρ)for the resolvability of the interpolation problem(Theorem 2,3)are followed.

    An Approach to the Construction of Cubic Curves and Surface
    1981, 20(1):  12-21. 
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    In this paper,an approach to the construction of cubic curves and surfaces is giv-en.In case the values of the function are known,the cubic curves of B-splinetype that depend on“the approximated parameter”are presented.The method thuspresented to give the cubic curves combine the method of spline interpolation withthat of spline fitting.In case the values of the function and its derivative areknown.The cubic curves of Bezier type with“the derivative parameter”are pre-sented.The often used cubic curves of the Bezier aud those of the Hermite in-terpolation are then the special cases of the cubic curves presented.

    Analysis of Character and Calculating Method Concerning Subsonic Air Ejector
    1981, 20(1):  22-33. 
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     This paper presents a principle to discuss the subsonic air ejector.Through a seriesof model experiments,the velocity function of free jet has been found.By appl-ication of fluid mechanical principle to an ejector,calculate the lenght of thefree jet and the pressure concerning mixing chamoer.The problem of how toregulate the free jet is also discussed.It was indicated that the effect of chara-cteristic dimension on character of the ejector under different supply pressure con-ditions,a suggestion is made as to the calculating formulae of the geometric para-meters,it may serse as a reference for the design.The paper also expounded thecase its application in the industry.

    A Matrix Theory for Diffraction of a Scalar Light Field by Plane Screens .The Light Field Representation
    1981, 20(1):  34-44. 
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    A new method of the representation of a scalar light field is proposed in this pa-per.It is also shown that this method can be adopted for representing the scalarlight field over a very extensive range.In comparison with the previous methodsthe advantages of the present method are as follows:It may be more con-veniently used in an extensive range.It can be surely concluded that in generalcases the matrix characterising the action of the optical system can be truncatedto finite order within any given errors.It can display explicitly the symmetries andrestrictions on space range of the light field distribution and may be also usedto represent the three dimensional distributions of the field in the free space.In this representation,the light field distribution in a plane orthogonal to thelight propagation axis expressed by an element in the sequence space 11,and theoptical system therefore may be represented by an action matrix.In the scope oflinear optics,this matrix is independent of the incident and the diffraction field.In this paper the relations between the action matrix of the resultant optical sy-stem and the action matrices of constituent systems are also given.


    Design Considerations of a Scanning Fabry-Perot Interferometer and Its Application to the Analysis of Laser Modes.
    1981, 20(1):  45-49. 
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     In this paper the design considerations of a scanning Fabry-Perot interferometeraccording to different requirements have been discussed.An experimental methodusing a scanning Febry-Perot interferometer with an X-Y recorder for analysingthe laser modes is demonstrated 

    The Measurement of Minority Carrier Generation Lifetime and Surface Generation Velocity of Si—SiO2 System Using C—V Method
    1981, 20(1):  50-57. 
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    The MOS device is drived by triangular—voltage sweep which is sufficient todrive the MOS device into the non—equilibrium mode of operation.The C-Vcharacteristic is the function of sweep rate.From the C—V characteristic weanalyse simultaneously minority carrier lifetion (?)_g and surface generation velocity SThe experiment is undertaken on two groups of MOS devices made by the sameoxidation process but the aluminum gates of these two groups of samples weremade by two different methods(the hot filament evaporation and the electronbeam evaporation)in high vacuum evaporation apparatus respectively.The experi-ment shows that the surface generation velocity Sg of the sample with the gateelectrode produced by electron beam evaporation is increased.

    Weak—Lens Approximation of the Electrostatic Lens Systems of Periodic Fields
    1981, 20(1):  58-69. 
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    By the aid of the“weak—lens approximation”,it can be shown that:the fo-cusing characteristic parameters of the electrostatic lens systems of periodicfields,comprised of n lens elements,are equal to the corresponding parameters ofthe first lens element,divided by n.These relations,well checked with experi-mental results,can be applied both to conventional“einzel—lens”systems and“strong—focusing systems”

    Spectrophometric Determination of Niobium with 5—Br—PADAP
    1981, 20(1):  70-76. 
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     2-[5-Bromo-2-pyridylazo]-5-diethylaminophenol(5-Br-PADAP)is a highly sensitivespectrophotometric reagent for niobium.It reacts with Nb(V)in acid medium(PH 0.5-0.8)to form a violet complex which has a maxium peak at 610nm.Ta(V),Fe3+,ZrO2+,Ti4+,Th4+,Bi3+,Co2+,Cu2+,Cr3+ interfere.In the presence of largeamount of tartaric acid(2g),<40μg of Ta2O5 can be masked,and the molar absorp-tivity of niobium pentoxide is 8.1×104.A new method for the determination of niobium in rocks is described.Afterthe dissolution of the sample,Nb(V)is co-precipitated by antimonic acid inammoniacal medium in the presence of EDTA and oxalate.Many matal ions suchas Fe3+,ZrO2+,Ti4+,Th4+,Bi3+,Co2+,Al3+,Cu2+,Ni2+,Zn2+,Mo(Ⅵ),W(Ⅵ)canthus be separated.After dissolving the precipitate,tartaric acid and 5-Br-PADAPare added,and the absorptivity is measured. 

    Stereoselectivities of Pericyclic Reaction Determined by Perturbation Theory
    1981, 20(1):  77-80. 
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     The perturbation theory has been applied in studying pericyclic reactions.TheHMO energies and the total π—electron energy of the reaction system calculatedby this theory were used to determine the stereosele ctivity of the reaction.

    Study on the Separation of Heavy Metal Ions in Wastewater by Floatation Method Using Lime and Soap .For the Wastewater Containg Co2+,Pb2+,Cd2+,Cu2+,Zn2+
    1981, 20(1):  81-88. 
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     A new method has been established for the separation of heavy metal ions(Co2+,Pb2+,Cd2+,Cu2+,Zn2+)from wastewater by floatation method using a smallquantity of lime and soap.In this floatation process,numerous bubbles carryingthe precipitate have thus been formed the upper layer.The precipitates havebeen found to contain heavy metal ions as expected.Various factors whetherphysical or chemical which affect the floatation mentioned above have also beenstudied.The optimun condition of such separation method for test solutiou of differentconcentration from 1,10 or 30 ppm of a single ion or mixed ions respectivelyhave been obtained,such condition are:The acidity of test solution is pH>3;a sintered—glass disc(№5)is used for gas dispenser;air flow rate is 100ml/min;the bubbling time is 5 min.;200~250 mg or 400mg of lime and 20ml or 40ml of 1%soap solution.In this way,the maximum quantity of heavy metal ions have beenrecovered.Ionic strength little effect on the process.