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    25 March 2017, Volume 56 Issue 2
    Artificial construction of zinc finger protein domain targeting Bombyx mori fibroin heavy chain gene
    LIU Tingting;LIANG Ziqiang;LIANG Anwen;GUO Jixing;LI Guanghong;WANG Fanghai
    2017, 56(2):  1-4. 
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    Many zinc finger units, which can specifically recognize and bind to DNA, are strung together to form zinc finger protein domain. There are many uses to artificially construct the protein molecules, such as various site modification or regulation of the genome, by its integration with the different functional domains of active factors. This study  focused on fibroin heavy chain gene of silkworm. Firstly, a suitable target site was found using Zinc Finger Tools software, and then we used module assembled technology to construct a pair of four zinc finger domain targeting the specific site of fibroin heavy chain gene, through restriction enzyme digesting, fragment recycling, linking, transforming, and other steps. The results would provide a good foundation for the fixedpoint modification or reconstruction of fibroin genes to improve silk quality and production, or to greatly enhance the expression of exogenous protein in the bioreactor of Bombyx mori.

    The H2-K1 gene knockout of mouse ES cells through CRISPR/Cas9 technology
    CHEN Ruijun;LI Weiran;HUANG Yijun;LIU Jianzhong;LI Liangping
    2017, 56(2):  5-12. 
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    The CRISPR/Cas9 technology was used to achieve the H2-K1 gene knockout of mouse ES cells, which will be useful for generation of MHC class Ⅰ gene humanized mice. In this study, two sgRNAs were designed, which are targeting to the Exon2 and Exon3 of H2-K1, respectively. The plasmids expressing the sgRNAs were constructed using pX330 as the matrix plasmid. In order to knockout H2-K1, the constructed plasmids and pSUPERpuro were cotransfected into the mES cells through electroporation. After screening by puromycin, the result of gene targeting was determined by PCR,and H2-K1 knockout mouse ES cells were further confirmed through sequencing and flow cytometry. We found that H2-K1 in the mouse ES cell was knocked out using CRISPR/Cas9 technology. Through PCR, 4 clones were determined as one allele knockout(19.0%),2 clones were determined as two allele knockout(9.5%). 2 clones were further confirmed as two allele knockout clones by sequencing and flow cytometry. The generated H2-K1 knockout mouse ES cells would provide a reference for the knockout and replacement of MHC class Ⅰ gene.

    Mechanism of clock-control gene in SCN involved in resetting circadian rhythm with electro-acupuncture on advances of light/dark cycle model mice
    CHEN Shasha;WANG Ying;WEI Daneng;XUE Hong
    2017, 56(2):  13-21. 
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    This study was to investigate the time phase of circadian rhythm of advances of light/dark cycle model mice, the effect of electro-acupuncture (EA) on their activity rhythms and the molecular regulating mechanism on the clock genes of suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN). 44 male C57BL/6J mice were divided into 4 groups which were the blank group(n=10), the model group(n=12), the binding group(n=12) and the electroacupuncture group (n=10) . We housed mice in LD cycle for 10 days. The control group was kept 12 h∶12 h LD of 20 days, and then SCN collected at ZT18. Then 8 hours advance of light onset every 2 days of 5 times. The model group was collected tissue at ZT18 when model successful. The binding group binds as the same time with the electro-acupuncture group. Electro-acupuncture group was treated at ZT16, on Zhiyang (GV 9) and Ganshu (BL 18) with acupuncture needle one time a day of three days. The SCN were collected at ZT18 at the third day. At last, samples of SCN were measured by PCR Array method to test the gene expression level. The experiment results are:① After the model was established, phase positions and onset of activity rhythms were advanced and period was shorten compared with the control group (P<0.05). After resynchronization, the phase positions and onset of activity rhythms of the electro-acupuncture group were delay respectively compared with the control group and the model group. The period at the 1-st and 2-nd day after resynchronization of the electro-acupuncture group had significant differences with the control group and itself before.② Compared with the control group, there were 8 genes upregulated(Aanat、Crx 、Epo、Nkx2-5、Pax4、Prf1、Rora、Stat5a) and 4 genes decreased(Egr1、Per1 、Per3、Prokr2) of the model group. There were 3 genes upregulated(Esrra、Mat2a、Per3) and 11 genes decreased(Cartpt、Crx、Epo、Kcnma1、Mtnr1b、Nkx25、Nms、Pax4、Prf1、Prkacb、Prkca) of binding group compared with model group; after electroacupuncture there were 6 upregulated(Egr1、Esrra、Mat2a、Per1、Per3、Prokr2) and 21 decreased(Aanat、Arntl、Cartpt、Crx、Csnk1e、Epo、Kcnma1、Mtnr1b、Myod1、Nkx25、Nms、Opn3、Pax4、Prf1、Prkacb、Prkca、Prkcb、Prokr2、Rora、Rorb、Slc9a3、Tgfb1). The results indicate electroacupuncture can regulate onset of activity rhythms and period. Regulating the expressions of some clock genes in SCN of the circadian rhythm disturbance mice was probably one of the molecular mechanisms of electroacupuncture to regulate the activity rhythms of circadian rhythm disturbance animals.

    Proteomic analysis of inseetieide resistance of Sogatella furcifera to pymetrozine
    LING Shanfeng;XIAO Hanxiang;JIAN Qingmei;Nhuan P. Nghiem;ZHANG Runjie;LI Yanfang
    2017, 56(2):  22-25. 
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    In order to reveal the mechanism of pymetrozine resistance in Sogatella furcifera we performed the proteomic analysis using 2-D PAGE separation and MALDI-TOF MS. Of these spots, 22 proteins were identified by PMF. These proteins display various cellular functions, including:① carbohydrate transport and metabolism; ② protein metabolism and chaperone; ③ energy production and conversion; ④ transcription and translation;⑤ inorganic ion transport and metabolism;⑥ amino acid transport and metabolism; and ⑦ lipid metabolism. Most of these proteins have not previously been reported to be relevant to pymetrozine resistance.

    Re-construction scheme of individual retirement account from the point of stochastic mortality
    AI Wei;ZHU Meng
    2017, 56(2):  26-35. 
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    Yield rate, mortality rate and pension adjustment rate are important for the equilibrium of any generational account in the individual retirement account. Now the yield rate is low in working period and high in retirement period, it is similar to option on the premise of survival. With the constant mortality rate and excessive rate of pension adjustment, all generational accounts have run into the deficit risk. As a result, the individual retirement account in basic old-age insurance is unbalanced. Based on generational accounts, the relation within yield rate, mortality rate and pension adjustment rate will be optimized. The dynamic mortality rate is used to design new withdrawals ratio table. With market return rate and benefit of index annuity, the new individual retirement account system will transform into funded system stably and be with the capacity of sustainable development. The old and new crossed replacement rates can be used to show the stabilization of system transformation. At last, the feasibility plan to realize the system transformation is designed.

    The uniqueness and existence of solutions for the scattering problem for a fully coated penetrable cavity
    LIU Lihan
    2017, 56(2):  36-39. 
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    The uniqueness and existence of solutions for the scattering problem for a fully coated penetrable cavity are studied by using variational method. First, the differential equations are transformed into an integral equation by using the Greens first identity.  Then from the Rellichs lemma and a unique continuation principle, the uniqueness of solutions for the scattering problem for a fully coated penetrable cavity is proven. Next, from the Dirichlet-to-Neumann operator, the trace theorem, the continuous embedding theorem and the Lax-Milgrams lemma, the existence of solutions for the scattering problem for a fully coated penetrable cavity is also proven.

    Prognostic classification of Alzheimers disease brain image-based on tensor method
    YANG Ning;XU Panpan;LIU Peijia;LI Shulong
    2017, 56(2):  40-47. 
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    A classification method based on the third-order tensors of brain structural magnetic resonance images is proposed to automatically identify Alzheimers disease and mild cognitive impairment. Brain structural magnetic resonance images from 70 AD patients, 112 MCI patients (included patients were converted to AD during follow-up, MCI-C: MCI Converters and patients were not converted to AD during follow-up, MCI-NC: MCI Non-converters) and 70 NCs (normal controls) are collected. The third-order tensors are obtained by extracting image intensity of each voxel of gray matter. In order to obtain the independent components of the third-order tensors, independent component analysis (ICA) is applied. Then, support tensor machine (STM) and recursive feature elimination (RFE) are used to reduce features dimensions and determine dominate features for classification. Finally, the classification of four groups, such as AD-NC, MCI-NC, AD-MCI, MCI-C--MCI-NC, is implemented by using 7-fold cross-validation method. In addition, basic information and cognitive scores are combined with the thirdorder tensor for classification. It is proved that basic information, cognitive scores and image intensity of brain gray matter provide complementary information, which is helpful to improve the classification effect. The experiment results show that this method can achieve excellent classification effect, which contributes to the diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimers disease and mild cognitive impairment.

    Power series J-Armendariz rings
    REN Yanli;LI Min
    2017, 56(2):  48-52. 
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    By introducing the concept of a power series JArmendariz ring, the study of power series Armendariz rings is further extended. It is shown that: ① let T=〖JB((〗〖HL(2〗R〖〗M0〖〗S〖HL)〗〖JB))〗 be a formal triangular matrix ring. Then T is a power seriesJArmendariz ring if and only if R, S are both power series JArmendariz rings; ② let {Rα〖JB(|〗α∈Λ〖JB)〗} be a family of rings. Then ∏〖DD(X〗α∈Λ〖DD)〗Rα is a power series JArmendariz ring if and only if every Rα is a power series JArmendarizring; ③ if R is a power series JArmendarizring and satisfies J(R)[x]=J(R[x]), then R[x]is a power series JArmendariz ring.

    On the inner radius of univalency by pre-Schwarzian derivative
    LIU Xunbing,LIU Yaping,YANG Zongxin
    2017, 56(2):  53-54. 
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    The inner radius of univalency of hyperbolic domains by pre-Schwazian derivative is studied, Some properties for the norm of pre-Schwarzian derivative and inner radius are established. As an application, the bounds of inner radius for angular domains are obtained.

    Finite groups whose every non-super-solvable maximal subgroup is of prime power index
    LI Shiheng;ZHAO Xianhe
    2017, 56(2):  57-61. 
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    Let G be a finite group. If |G∶M| is of prime power for every nonsupersolvable maximal subgroup M of G, then any composition factor of G is of prime order or isomorphic to one of the following: A5,PSL(2,8),PSL(2,11) and PSL(2, p), where p is a prime and p≡±1(8).

    Damage identification based on improved GSO algorithm
    HU Lei,Lv Zhongrong, LIU Jike
    2017, 56(2):  62-65. 
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    An approach based on improved glowworm swarm optimization (GSO) for structure damage detection is presented. The local damage is simulated by a reduction in the elemental Youngs modulus of the beam .In order to enhance accuracy and convergence rate, the perturbation of the glowworm without neighbor is offered and a new search strategy is introduced in the movement phase of GSO to avoid local optima and enhance the GSO algorithm in high dimensions space target function optimization question solution ability. On the other hand, Axial functionally graded (AFG) beam with the assumptions of Euler-Bernoulli beam theory is adopted to establish the dynamic equation. The numerical experiments with a simply supported beam is carried to illustrate the efficiency of the proposed improvement GSO. The result reveals that the proposed method is more accurate compared to the original GSO, leader GSO (LGSO),and the variation step adaptive GSO.

    Gridding emission inventory of vehicle exhaust in Foshan based on dynamic traffic flow information
    LI Li; LIU Yonghong;DENG Sixin;SI TU Shupin;HUANG Jianzhang
    2017, 56(2):  66-75. 
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    On the ArcGIS platform, gridding emission inventory of vehicle exhaust in Foshan in 2013 was built using a new method of bottomup approach based on dynamic traffic flow and emission factors data. The actual road emission characteristics of temporal and spatial distribution of the pollutant emissions were also analyzed. The results showed that the emissions of CO, NOx, VOCs and PM were 1.29×105, 2.19 ×104 , 3.61×104, 1.15×103 t respectively. Motor vehicle emissions mainly concentrated in the center of the city and outward road network. And the pollution emission peak was corresponded to the traffic peak, namely 7:00-9:00 and 17:00-19:00. The emissions during the morning and evening peak should be concerned in central city, and primary roads were the emphases on exhaust emission control. Light passenger cars with State 0 standard and motorcycles with State 0, State Ⅰ standard should be regulate to controlled CO and VOCs emissions, while trucks with State 0, heavy passenger cars and buses with State Ⅲ were the key to reduce NOx and PM emissions.

    Sliding mode chaos synchronization of a class of fractional-order Genesio-Tesi systems
    MAO Beixing;LI Qiaoli
    2017, 56(2):  76-79. 
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    The sliding mode chaos synchronization problem of Genesio-Tesi systems using is studied based on Lyapunov stability theory and fractional-order caculurs. The sufficient conditions for the master-slave systems realized chaos synchronization are concluded. The study illustrated that emotion models are sliding mode chaos synchronization under certain conditions choosing proper controller.

    The preprocessing algorithm for point by point luminance correction
    HAO Yaru;DENG Zhaoqi;YAN Fei
    2017, 56(2):  80-87. 
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    Based on the brightness correction algorithm, a pre-processor scheme is proposed. The processor can realize the function of point by point correction for image data of arbitrary resolution and arbitrary transmission format. The pre-processor is completely independent of the display control system. Firstly, the model of point by point luminance correction algorithm is introduced. On the basis of the model, the model of point by point correction algorithm which is used to the preprocessor is derived. Then the design structure of the current hardware condition is analyzed based on this model, which mainly to SDRAM SDR frequency as the bottleneck analysis, According to the aggregation characteristics of the correction parameters, the method and numerical reconstruction of the range of compression correction parameters are adopted. The frequency of SDR SDRAM was indirectly improved. The data of any resolution and arbitrary transmission format can be handled by the point by point correction technology which is in the pre-processor. Finally, The application effect of pre method and post method is analyzed. It is concluded that the effect of pre method is worse than that of the post method, especially on the performance of low gray level uniformity. The flexibility and versatility of the prefix method is superior to the post method.

    Damage identification using the simulated annealing and ABC algorithm
    ZHOU Zitan;LIU Jike;Lv Zhongrong;DING Zhenghao
    2017, 56(2):  88-92. 
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    Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm is an optimization method based on simulating the bees behavior. It is a kind of swarm intelligence and used widely for engineering problem. Its main character is just to make the comparison between the solutions, at last acquiring the global optimal solution. Its convergence speed is fast but it is easy to trap into the local optimum. Simulated Annealing process is introduced in the algorithm to overcome the shortage. In the damage identification, an objective function is defined based on the residual force vector, and then the proposed method is used to identify the structural damage. A planar truss is studied as an example to illustrate the correctness and efficiency of the present method. Study shows excellent identified results can be obtained even with noisy measurements. Compared with original algorithm, the modified one has a quicker convergence rate and gets a better result, and it is not sensitive to artificial measurement noise.

    Screening of antibacterial strains from mangrove endophytic fungi based on bacterial/fungal interactions
    ZHANG Liuhong;LI Yanran;LI Yunlong;NING Jiaying;ZHOU Yaohang;XIONG Zhiyao;LI Jiaxin;WANG Yuru;HUANG Zhijian;LIU Lan
    2017, 56(2):  93-101. 
    Asbtract ( 193 )   PDF (2127KB) ( 179 )  
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    In order to screen out mangrove endophytic fungal strains with antibacterial activity and abundant secondary metabolites, two strains of aquatic pathogenic bacteria named as Vibrio parahaemolyticus B1 and Acinetobacter johnsonii B2 were co-cultured with 616 strains of mangrove endophytic fungi, which were collected from Guangdong Zhuahai QiaoDangan island nature reserve in 2014, respectively. And then some of the endophytic fungi with obvious changes in the morphology of the colonies or produce inhibition zones after co-culture were investigated. The crude extracts of pure cultures and co-cultures were analyzed by HPLC fingerprints to find out some fungal strains that could induce new secondary metabolites and increase antibacterial effect in co-culture conditions. In addition, their antibacterial activity against V. parahaemolyticus B1 and A. johnsonii B2 were evaluated. It is a new strategy for these strains to produce novel antibacterial compounds.

    Metagemomic analysis on characteristics of antibiotic resistance genes in the deep ocean and Pearl River Estuary sediments
    LIN Lan;LIN Lin;CHEN Enzhong;CHEN Baowei;WANG Xiaowei;CHEN Qing
    2017, 56(2):  112-116. 
    Asbtract ( 162 )   PDF (2931KB) ( 208 )  
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    Antibiotic resistance is one of the most important environmental issues in the world. The relationship between antibiotic use and antibiotic resistance of environmental bacteria were investigated using metagenomic analysis of antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs) in the sediments collected from the Western Pacific (WP) and the Pearl River Estuary (PRE) in this work. The result indicated that multidrug resistance genes (MRGs) were accounted as 77.8% of the total ARGs in the WP sediments, and the PRE sediments as 27.2%. ARGs in the PRE sediments were characterized by increasing abundance of ARGs specific to common antibiotics (e.g., sulfonamides, macrolides, aminoglycoside, etc.) and decreasing relative percentage of MRGs. A total of 45 ARG subtypes were identified in the sediments, and thereof 7 subtypes, including acrB, amrB, bacA, ceoB, macB, mexB and smeE, concurrently existed in all sediments. Approximately 0.3% of ARGs in the WP sediments were potentially carried by the plasmids. Different from the WP, relative percentage of plasmidcarrying ARGs in the PRE sediments was higher than 40%. It was suggested that the abundance and diversity of ARGs in the PRE environment were substantially increased probably due to wide use of antibiotics in the nearby regions.

    The characteristics and factors that influence space-time paths of middle-class daily activities in Guangzhou, China
    DAI Dandan;ZHOU Chunshan;LIANG Shijin
    2017, 56(2):  117-130. 
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    This paper mainly discusses the characteristics and factors that influence space-time paths of middle-class daily activities, using the time geography and multilevel clustering methods, on the basis of the questionnaire survey on the working and weekend day activity diaries of 881 middle classes in 36 middle-class neighborhoods. The results show that the activity paths of middle class have differential forms on the working day according to the work locations, and can be clustered into 5 types including the straight path without work and other curve paths with stable jobs but different commuting distance. While, the activity paths of middle class have diversified forms on the weekend day according to the activity distances and durations, and can be clustered into 6 types such as curve path with short distance, middle-short distance of middle-class shopping and dining primarily, middle-long distance of middle-class shopping and errands primarily, and long distance of middle-class leisure and dinning primarily from home, etc. In addition, the characteristics of activity paths are various with different natural, socioeconomic and environmental middle classes. On the whole, the individual futures, urban space structure, industrial and institutional factors comprehensively play a vital role on the daily activities of middle classes, which lead to the space-time paths of those having unique characteristics. The study on the spacetime paths of middle-class daily activities contributes to reveal the daily routine of the middle class, and provides important basis for urban socioeconomic dynamic and urban refined management.

    Grain-size composition of Chafangcun loess-paleosol sequence in Shangdan Basin,Shanxi and their significance
    WANG Haiyan;PANG Jiangli;HUANG Chunchang;ZHOU Yali ;GAO Pengkun;WANG Leibin
    2017, 56(2):  131-139. 
    Asbtract ( 123 )   PDF (5402KB) ( 209 )  
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    Loesspaleosol sequences have been applied to retrieve palaeoenvironment change in the study of the paleoclimatic evolution. Chafangcun (CFC) at Shangdan basin, Shaanxi provides such a loesspaleosol profile. At this profile, loess sequence's color and structure were investigated, and 210 samples were systematically collected for grain-size analysis. The results showed that: ① Chafangcun loess-paleosol sequence in the first river terrace with typical atmospheric dust sediment along the Danjiang River, has formed since 55 000 a BP. ② This loess sequence is mainly composed of silt (5~50 μm) and clay (<5 μm), with an average proportion of 86.65%. The coarse silt of 10~50 μm in size is dominant composition in CFC profile, accounting for 46.81% on average, and clay (<5 μm in size) accounts for 23.94% in total composition. The sequence's grain-size composition varies from bottom to top stratigraphic unit, and the paleosol is smaller in grain size than that of their loess stratum. These properties reflect that the weathering intensity in paleosol is stronger than in loess. ③ The grain-size characteristics in the Shangdan Basin reveal that the palaeo-climate changed successively in the following four stages: a cold and dry climate during the last glacial (55 000~11 500 a BP), a climate from dry & cold to warm & humid during the early Holocene (11 500~8 500 a BP), a warm and humid climate during the middle Holocene (8 500~3 100 a BP), and the lower temperature and reduced precipitation climate during the late Holocene (3 100~0 a BP).

    The maximum irrigation area and overload situations of the mainstream of Tarim river basin
    GUO Hongwei;XU Hailiang;ZHAO Xinfeng;LING Hongbo
    2017, 56(2):  140-150. 
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    The changes of cultivated land area in the Tarim River Basin in recent years were analyzed with Mannkendall monotonic trend test and future trend change Hurst index based on water resources quantity and water resources utilization level data in Tarim River Basin and combined with the 〖WTBX〗Measures of Tarim River Basin Project and Non-project Implementation Plan for Five Year. The following factors were calculated for four source streams and mainstream of the Tarim River Basin: maximum irrigation area in 2010 and 2020, irrigation area overload situations in 2010, planning irrigation area overload situations and ecological water guarantee situations at different runoff frequencies in 2020. The results showed that: ① The cultivated land area increased significantly during 1990-2010, and it will keep increasing in the following years. ② The maximum irrigation area of the Tarim River basin in 2010 is 129.06×104 hm2. All basins except for the Hotan River Basin are overloaded, and total overload area is 43.33×104 hm2③ In 2020, all basins except for KaiKong River Basin are not overloaded at 25% runoff frequency, but equal planning irrigation area will be overloaded in dry season. The formulation of planning irrigation area should refer to the maximum irrigation area that the basin can carry in dry season; planning irrigation area of the basin is seriously overloaded at 50%, 75% and 90% runoff frequency, respectively, so management department should recognize the problems in planning irrigation area and put forward more scientific planning schemes. ④ Guarantee rates of ecological water in the basin at water frequencies of 25%, 50%, 75% and 90% are 95.7%,81.2%,61.4%,44.2%, respectively, suggesting that in the planning year there is a certain pressure on the ecological water supply during the dry season. This study provides a basis for the containment of the ecological and environmental deterioration of the Tarim River Basin, and it is also significant for the determination of artificial oasis scale of the basin according to the water resources quantity, optimization of water resource utilization planning and water distribution.