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    25 November 2017, Volume 56 Issue 6
    Petrogenesis of two types of late Oligocene granites in Ailaoshan tectonic zone and their tectonic implications
    GUO Xiaofei;WANG Yuejun;LIU Huichuan;ZHANG Yuzhi
    2017, 56(6):  1-14. 
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    The widespread Cenozoic magmatism in the Red RiverAilaoshan tectonic zone is closely related to the IndianEurasian plate collision orogeny. Zircon UPb dating results of two granitic samples exposed in the middle part of the Ailaoshan metamorphic belt are 26.2 ± 0.5 Ma and 26.8 ± 0.5 Ma, respectively. This indicates that the Ailaoshan metamorphic zone is not entirely attributed to the Proterozoic crystalline basement of the Yangtze block, while it also contains Cenozoic magmatic rocks. Zircon εHf(t)values of the samples range from +0.3 to +6.9 and from -9.8 to -0.7 with mean values of +3.4 and -4.3, respectively and their corresponding twostage Hf model ages TDM2 range from 526 to 853 Ma and from 903 to 1 355 Ma. The high εHf(t) granites were derived from partial melting of juvenile crust induced by the asthenospheric mantle heat source, while low εHf(t) granites from Proterozoic metamorphic sandstones of the Ailaoshan group. In combination with previous research results, we suggest that the Red River fault has cut across the lithosphere mantle. In SE Asia, the Gaoligongshan and Ailaoshan strikeslip shear zones on both sides of Indosinian block dismembered different blocks and created conditions for their Oligocene extrusion to the southeast.

    Pedogenic characteristics of Mituosi profile in the upper Hanjiang river valley and its response to climate change
    ZHANG Wentong;PANG Jiangli;ZHOU Yali;HUANG Chunchang;ZHA Xiaochun;WANG Xuejia;WANG Haiyan
    2017, 56(6):  31-37. 
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    The Mituosi(MTS) profile in Yunxian, Hubei of China was served to investigate pedostratigraphy and sedimentary characteristics of the first river terrace of the upper Hanjiang river. Magnetic susceptibility, grainsize distribution, loss on ignition and Rb/Sr were analyzed. The MTS profile recorded the environmental evolution with the stratigraphic series from bottom to top: Malan Loess (L1)→ Transitional Loess (Lt)→ Paleosol (S0)→ Holocene Loess (L0)→ Top soil (TS). Different stratigraphic units show different degree of weathering intensity, with S0>Lt>L0>L1. The weathering intensity change of MTS profile indicates the climate change since Malan loess accumulation. It was cold and arid with gradually intensified southeast monsoon during the early Holocene. The strongest monsoon occurred in the midHolocene. During the late Holocene, the climate became drying with the monsoon recession. A cold climate event was recorded in MTS profile, dating to around 6.48 Ka BP (OSL dating).

    Air temperature variation analysis of the twenty-four solar terms in the North China Plain from 1961-2014
    ZHAO Ruirui;YIN Shuyan;WANG Shuixia
    2017, 56(6):  38-47. 
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    Based on the daily temperature data of 53 stations in the North China Plain from 1961 to 2014, the characteristics of temperature change of 24 solar terms are analyzed by using the trend feature index, Mann-Kendall mutation test, moving T-test and spatial interpolation. The results show that: ① The temperature of 24 solar terms presents a quasi-normal unimodal distribution, and the highest average temperature in a year occurred during Great Heat (30.4 ℃), the minimum average temperature occurred during Greater Cold (7.5 ℃). The temperature fluctuated largely during the days around Pure Brightness and Beginning of Winter. The average temperature showed an increasing trend during 24 solar terms, especially during the spring type solar terms. ② The spring type solar terms became warming in 1990s, and the summer and autumn type solar terms were cool in 1980s and 1970s and became warming after 1990s. The winter type solar terms were cool before 1990s, and the temperature increased obviously during 1990s and 2010s. ③ The average temperature of the Waking of Insects showed a significant warming trend, with a warming rate of 0.459 ℃/10a, and a warm mutation occurred in 1998. The average temperature of the Pure Brightness increased, with a warming rate of 0.43 ℃/10a, and the temperature mutation happened in 1998. The average temperature of the Lesser Fullness of Grain showed a weak trend, with a warming rate of 0.12 ℃/10a. There was no obvious mutation in the past 54 years. The annual average temperature of the Grain in Ear is on the rise, with a warming rate of 0.16 ℃/10a, and the mutation happened in 1998. ④ In the past 54 years, the spatial characteristics of the average temperature of the Waking of Insects and Pure Brightness showed that the temperature in the north of the North China Plain was lower than that in the south of the Plain, and the highest temperature and the lowest temperature appear in Xinyang and Zhangbei, respectively. The spatial characteristics of the average temperature of the Lesser Fullness of Grain and Grain in Ear showed that the temperature in the north and east of the North China Plain was lower than that in the middle and south of the plain, and the highest temperature and the lowest temperature appear in Jinan and Taishan, respectively.

    Existence of global solution for chronic wound by hyperbaric oxygen therapy
    SHAO Shaoxia;FENG Zhaoyong;WEI Xuemei
    2017, 56(6):  48-54. 
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    A mathematical model of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for chronic wound healing is studied. This model contains a nonlinear secondorder parabolic equation describing the concentration of oxygen diffusion,a nonlinear first-order hyperbolic equation for capillary tip density and an ordinary differential equation for blood vessel density. The existence and uniqueness of the global solution is proved by applying the characteristic theory of hyperbolic equation, the Lp-theory,Holder-estimate theory and Banach fixed point theorem.

    Coexistence for a predator-prey model with cross-diffusion
    WANG Jingjing;JIA Yunfeng
    2017, 56(6):  55-59. 
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    The existence of non-constant positive solutions for a new predator-prey model with cross-diffusion is studied. Firstly, a priori estimate of positive solutions is given. Then, the existence of non-constant positive solutions is given by using degree theory. The result shows that for fixed cross-diffusion coefficients, the predator and prey can coexist when the growth rates of them are controlled in a certain range.

    The Felicitous property of composite trees
    ZHANG Mingjun;YANG Sihua;YAO Bing
    2017, 56(6):  60-63. 
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    Multiple trees with set-ordered Felicitous property are coupled with a vertex on set-ordered graceful trees, and a larger composite tree is constructed. It is shown that, the composite tree has set-ordered Felicitous property.

    On rational interpolation to |x|α
    XU Jianghai;ZHAO Yi
    2017, 56(6):  64-67. 
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    The convergence rate of a Newman-α type rational operator approximating a class of nonsmooth functions is studied, and the exact approximation order of the rational function under the group of trigonometric functions is given. The result is superior to the case when the node group is taken as the first and the second Chebyshev nodes group, the rational interpolation of equidistant nodes group and so on.

    Stability of a mixed type functional equation in Banach spaces
    CHENG Lihua
    2017, 56(6):  68-71. 
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    The equivalence of two mixed type functional equations in Banach space is given. By using the fixed point method, the stability of the mixed functional equation in Banach space is built up step by step. Furthermore, the better upper bound is gotten.

    Some results on the minimal members of convex expectations
    JI Ronglin;ZHOU Jinming
    2017, 56(6):  72-75. 
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    Under the framework of nonlinear expectations,the minimal members of convex expectations with some dominating conditions are studied in the view of the Sandwich theorem for a convex expectation and a concave expectation. The conclusions of the minimal members of convex expectations with single or two dominating conditions are proved to be equivalent to the Sandwich theorem.

    Fabrication of 3D aligned electrospun naofibers to enhance the proliferation of stem cells
    WANG Dandan;ZHONG Huixiang;XUAN Liuyang;MA Shuangshuang;LI Yan;JIANG Lelun;JIANG Qing
    2017, 56(6):  76-82. 
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    In order to mimic the in vivo 3D micro environment and compare proliferation rate of adipose derived stem cells (ADSCs) on 2D and 3D aligned nanofiber sheets, 3D aligned poly(caprolactone) (PCL) fiber scaffolds were prepared by improving the collector for electrospinning. The fibers were around capillaries in diameter of 300 μm, which were aligned very well and with fiber diameter in the range of 300~400 nm. After surface modification, ADSCs were seeded and it was found these cells were spread very well. Regardless 2D or 3D scaffolds, on aligned fibers cells were nearly all aligned along the fiber direction. When compared with that on 2D membranes, cells proliferated faster on 3D fiber scaffolds, showing the higher potential of 3D fiber scaffolds to be applied for tissue engineering applications.

    Numerical analysis on the influence of deep metro excavation construction on adjacent pipelines
    SHI Youzhi;GE Xiurun;LI Xiufang;LIN Shuzhi
    2017, 56(6):  83-93. 
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    The deep metro excavation will lead to the deformation of adjacent pipelines. Knowing the influence of excavation construction on pipelines has significant meanings for controlling the deformation of pipelines effectively and reducing construction risks. Based on the actual measurement data of some excavation of Xiamen line 1, parametric analysis is applied to the influence of excavation on adjacent pipelines by using the finite element method with the consideration of soil small strain stiffness characteristics. The influential zone of adjacent pipelines is divided combined with control standards on deformation. The study shows that burial depth of pipelines, compared to the horizontal distance of which from excavation, has a larger influence to the maximum settlement of pipelines. The maximum deformation of pipelines has considerable correlation to stratum deformation outside the excavation. The stiffness between pipeline and soil has limited restrictions to the soil displacement. The axial force will increase as the horizon distance from excavation declines. The larger axis stiffness and sectional area are, the bigger the axial force is. With overall consideration of pipelines horizontal distance, burial depth and other factors, the influence of excavation on adjacent pipelines can be divided into main influence area(Ⅰ), minor influence area(Ⅱ), general influence area(Ⅲ) and weak influence area(Ⅳ).

    Plane creep model of loess
    GUO Hong;LUO Yasheng;HU Lianxin;WANG Pengcheng
    2017, 56(6):  94-99. 
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    In geotechnical engineering, agricultural engineering and hydraulic and hydro-Power Engineering etc., many problems such as long-term stability of dam and slope, could be regarded as the plane strain issue. Hence, these questions are always figured out though as the plane creep tests, which are more suitable to the engineering conditions. In order to deeply investigate the plane creep properties of loess soil, a series of laboratory consolidated plane creep tests of loess are conducted by a reformed plane creepmeter in this paper, and the tests results show that the deformation of plane creep is dramatic under high water content, high deviatoric stress and low consolidation condition. Base on the analysis of experimental data, a new empirical model is proposed. In addition, it is found that the two existed models named SinghMitchell and Mesri models, which are usually utilized to model the creep problems of soils, are not suitable for loess in the plane strain condition. However, the model proposed in this paper can better describe the creep proprieties of loess in the plane strain condition, due to its merits in both higher accuracy and fewer parameters.

    The structures and hydrogen storage properties of Li atoms decorated Si5 cluster
    RUAN Wen,SONG Honglian, WU Donglan, LUO Wenlang, YU Xiaoguang, XIE Andong
    2017, 56(6):  100-104. 
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    The geometry structures, electronic properties and hydrogen storage properties of Si5 and Li2Si5 clusters are investigated by using the hybrid density functional theory (DFT) B3LYP method at 6.311+G(d, p) set basis level. Our results indicate that the lowest energy structure of Si5 cluster is a three-dimensional cage, and it can not efficiently store hydrogen molecules for Si5 cage by the same method. It will remarkably improve the hydrogen storage capacity coated by Li atoms. The Si5 cage coated by two Li atoms (Li2Si5) can store up to 10 H2 molecules, in which every Li atom can efficiently adsorb five H2 molecules, corresponding to a maximum mass fraction of 11.554% with an average adsorption energies of 7.259~11.330 kJ/mol per H2 molecule. The results demonstrate that Li decorated Si5 cage can serve as an ideal hydrogen storage material under ambient conditions.

    Structure damage detection based on improved big bang-bigcrunch algorithm
    YIN Zhiyi,ZHANG Aidi, LIN Kaizhao, LU Zhongrong
    2017, 56(6):  105-110. 
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    The Big Bang-Big Crunch (BB-BC) algorithm is an optimization technique of swarm intelligence based on the Big Bang theory. It runs efficiently and can be realized simply, but it is easily trapped in local optimal results. For the purpose of overcoming its shortages, an improved BB-BC algorithm is put forward in this essay, with the changes of the reduced forms of blast radius, the distribution of the random variable, and the treatment of the boundary conditions. Besides, the improved algorithm is applied in damage detection of a simply supported beam with 10 and 20 elements respectively. The numerical simulations indicate that the identified results are excellent even in the great influence of noise, especially for successive elements with tiny damage. A conclusion can be drawn that the improved BBBC algorithm can precisely detect structure damage, and would not be easily trapped into local optimal.

    The influence of supported β-nucleating agent on isothermal crystallization behavior and melting characteristics of polypropylene random copolymer
    LI Mei;ZHANG Zishou;MAI Kancheng
    2017, 56(6):  111-115. 
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    PPR were prepared with supported β-nucleating agent in this paper, the isothermal crystallization behavior and melting characteristics of PPR and β-PPR were studied with Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC). The isothermal crystallization kinetics of PPR and β-PPR were examined by Avrami model. It is indicated that the addition of supported β-nucleating agent improve the crystallization rate of PPR apparently and shorten the half crystallization time. Furthermore, the isothermal crystallization behavior of β-PPR depend little on the crystallization temperature and it mainly formed β-crystal. It is apt to form β-crystal for PPR when crystallization at low temperature.

    The change regularity and control measure of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate nitrogen in closed culture ponds of Litopenaeus vannamei
    LIU Jian;HOU Dongwei;ZENG Shenzheng;ZHONG Zhiwei;GAO Jiefeng;WENG Shaoping;FANG Wei;ZHANG Zhi;HE Jianguo;HUANG Zhijian
    2017, 56(6):  116-122. 
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    Litopenaeus vannamei is a major farmed shrimp species in the world, suffering serious losses because of hepatopancreas necrosis syndrome (HPNS) in recent years. The outbreak of HPNS is believed to be correlated with toxic chemical and physical factors as well as opportunistic pathogens. In 2015, we detected the concentration of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate nitrogen in 43 shrimp ponds of a aquaculture farm in Dianbai county, Guangdong province, China. In the first 22 days of breeding, the concentration of ammonia nitrogen ranged from 0.01 to 0.30 mg·L-1, while nitrite nitrogen was below 0.01 mg·L-1. The concentration of nitrate nitrogen ranged from 0.01 to 0.60 mg·L-1, with a similar tendency to that of ammonia nitrogen. During 22 to 72 days of breeding, the concentration of ammonia nitrogen increased from 0.30 mg·L-1 to 1.50 mg·L-1 in volatility. Unlike ammonia nitrogen, the nitrite nitrogen and nitrate nitrogen were generally stable, slowly and synchronously rising from 0.01 mg·L-1 to 0.80 mg·L-1. After 72 days of breeding, their concentration all enhanced and fluctuated between 0.60 mg·L-1 and 1.50 mg·L-1. Compared with the change of nitrite nitrogen, the sharp fluctuation of ammonia nitrogen was occurred about 26 days in advance. Moreover, we also detected the concentration of ammonia nitrogen after the zeolite and fertilizer were added in five shrimp ponds during breeding. The concentration of ammonia nitrogen was reduced by 19.50% at 1 day and reduced by 37.54% at 2 days after fertilizer addition. After adding zeolite powder, ammonia nitrogen was decreased by 47.62%,23.34%,60.73% and 76.58% in 4 days,respectively. Results also showed that the feed amount was positive correlated with the concentration of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate nitrogen (P<0.01). In summary, this study showed that the ammonia nitrogen was the limiting factor in closed culture of L. vannamei during the middle and late culture period, greatly influenced by climate. Besides, nitrite nitrogen was the restrictive factor, especially in the late culture period. Considering the tendency of ammonia nitrogen and nitrite nitrogen, the ecological system of closed shrimp culture mode can be divided into early ecosystem, medium ecosystem and late ecosystem.

    Determination of Calycosin-7-O-β-D-glucoside and Calycosin in Bufeihuoxue Capsules by HPLC
    TANG Qing;ZHU Xiaoxiao;ZHENG Yuying;GUAN Minyi;PENG Wei;SU Weiwei
    2017, 56(6):  123-127. 
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    The HPLC method was established for determination of Calycosin-7-O-β-D-glucoside and Calycosin in Bufeihuoxue Capsules. The separation was performed on Hitachi High-Tech C18 (5 μm,4.6 mm×250 mm) column eluted with the mobile phase consisting of acetonitrile and 02% formic acid solution in gradient elution mode at the flow rate of 0.8 mL/min. The detection wavelength was 260 nm and the column temperature was 25 ℃. The method was validated and shown that Calycosin-7-O-β-D-glucoside and Calycosin had a good linear relationship in the range of 0.022 5~0.901 8 μg (R2=1), 0.007 5~0.299 0 μg(R2=1), respectively. The average recovery rates were 93.87% (RSD=3.46%)、90.04% ( RSD=3.25%), respectively. The established method is simple, rapid and reproducible, which is suitable for the determination of Calycosin-7-O-β-D-glucoside and Calycosin from Bufeihuoxue Capsules.

    The hypoglycemic effect of Ophiopogonis japonicas oligosaccharide on db/db diabetic mice
    WU Wanzheng;SU Weiwei;WANG Yonggang;PENG Wei;WU Zhong;LI Peibo
    2017, 56(6):  128-133. 
    Asbtract ( 109 )   PDF (746KB) ( 142 )  
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    In order to investigate the hypoglycemic effect of Ophiopogonis japonicas oligosaccharide on type 2 diabetes mellitus,the db/db diabetic mice were intragastrically administered with Ophiopogonis japonicas oligosaccharide for 8 weeks.The body weight and general physical signs were observed during the treatment.The fasting blood glucose levels were determined after 4 and 8 weeks of administration.The changes in 24 h urinary albumin excretion and 24 h urine protein amounts, glycosylated serum protein(GSP), total cholesterol(TC), triglyceride(TG), high density lipoprotein cholesterol(HDL-C) and low density lipoprotein cholesterol(LDL-C), urea nitrogen and creatinine levels in serum were measured after 8 weeks of treatment.Results showed that Ophiopogonis japonicas oligosaccharide could significantly lower the body weights, blood glucose levels and the AUCs during oral glucose tolerance test, and inhibited the changes of 24 h urinary albumin excretion and 24 h urine protein amounts, GSP, TC, TG, HDL-C and LDL-C, urea nitrogen and creatinine levels in serum of db/db diabetic mice by comparison with db/m mice. In conclusion, Ophiopogonis japonicas oligosaccharide exerts remarkable hypoglycemic and protective effects in db/db mice, thus showing its potential for use in the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus.

    Mild hypothermia reduces neurons apoptosis after OGD by up-regulating Sirt1
    YIN Meixian;HU Chunlin;WEI Hongyan;LIAO Xiaoxing;LI Hengjie;YANG Yan;LI Hui;JING Xiaoli;LI Haoming
    2017, 56(6):  134-140. 
    Asbtract ( 134 )   PDF (1559KB) ( 185 )  
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    To investigate the primary neurons autophagy and apoptosis after Oxygen Glucose Deprivation/Re-oxygenation (OGD/R), and to explore the effect of mild hypothermia on autophagy and apoptosis, following methods were used: Primary neurons culture and OGD/R model was established; the neurons were divided into the normal temperature group (37 ℃) and the mild hypothermia group (MH, 34 ℃); The cells viability were measured by CCK8; cell apoptosis were measured by TUNEL; The protein expressions of Sirt1, Foxo1, p53, Rab7 and autophagy related genes such as Beclin1, LC3 were detected by western blot at each time point; The neurons autophagy flows were detected through transfection of adenovirus mRFP-GFP-LC3. The primary neuron cultures were successfully developed, and the OGD/R models were established; Westernblot showed that the expressions of Sirt1, P-Foxo1, Rab7, Beclin1 and LC3b/LC3a were gradually reduced, especially at 12 h after OGD/R, P<0.05; However, the expression of p53 was increased, P<0.05; In MH group, the expressions of Sirt1, P-Foxo1, Rab7, Beclin1, LC3b/LC3a were obviously higher than those in NT group, P<0.05; And the expression of p53 was obviously lower than that in NT group, P<0.05; in R6 h+MH group, the rate of neuron cells apoptosis were 20%±6.7%, lower than 56.8%±7.6% in R6 h+NT group, P<0.05; mRFPGFPLC3 adenovirus was transfected into primary neurons, the autophagy flow was detected by fluorescence microscopy. Compared with control group, the autolysosomes were reduced, but autophagosomes were increased after OGD/R, P<0.05; however, compared with NT group, the autophagosomes were reduced and the autolysosomes were increased in MH group, P<0.05. In conclusion, mild hypothermia therapy could increase the expression of Sirt1, Foxo1, beclin1 and LC3b/LC3a, but decrease the expression of p53, so as to promote autophagy and reduce apoptosis.

    Influence of different hosts on the development and oviposition of Thrips hawaiiensis
    CAO Yu;SHANG Baozhen;RAN Guangmei;ZHAO Yanqun;LI Can;ZHANG Runzhi
    2017, 56(6):  141-146. 
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    Thrips hawaiiensis is an important flower inhabiting thrip pest, widely distributed in the Asian regions. The development, survival and oviposition of T. hawaiiensis on four flower hosts (Rosa rugose, Tulipa gesneriana, Dianthus caryophyllus and Lilium brownie var. viridulum) were studied in this paper, in order to discuss the damage difference and damage mechanism to different plant hosts. The results showed that the shortest developmental period of T. hawaiiensis was on Rosa rugose flower, which needed 10.07 d to complete one generation. The longest was on Lilium brownie var. viridulum flower, which needed 11.22 d to complete one generation. The highest survival rate was on T. gesneriana flower, while the lowest was on D. caryophyllus flower, with the values of 0.76 and 0.64, respectively. According to different treatments for oviposition in short time, we found that T. gesnerian flower was the most preferred host for oviposition by T. hawaiiensis, while Lilium brownie var. viridulum flower was the least preferred host. In summary, according to the performance of development, survival and oviposition of T. hawaiiensis on the four flower hosts, T. gesnerianawas the most suitable host for T. hawaiiensis, while L. browniivar. viridulum was the least.

    Characteristics of Proteinases Produced by a feather-degrading Streptomyces sp.DJ Strian
    KE Ye;ZHU Yanmei;YU Guoxing;YE Jiezhou;LIU Yuping;LIU Yuanyuan;ZHU Yongli
    2017, 56(6):  147-152. 
    Asbtract ( 163 )   PDF (3660KB) ( 138 )  
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    A DJ strain with a high efficience of feather-degrading capability was isolated from the soil of feather waste by the enrichment culture and the screening process.The strain was identified as Streptomyces sp. according to morphologic observation, 16S rDNA sequence alignment, and phylogenetic trees analysis. After fermenting at 32 ℃ for 10 days, the feather degradation rate reached 50%, and the feather hydrolysate was found to contain amino acids. The protease produced by the DJ strain had a maximal activity at 45 ℃, and the optimum reactive pH at 10.0. The protease displayed a higher hydrolysis activity to feather than Alcalase and Papain, and had a strong hydrolysis ability to the hydrophobic or hydrophilic natural substrates. The results indicated that the DJ strain and its protease was of potential application prospects.