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    25 September 1988, Volume 27 Issue 4
    New Variational Principles Using Laplace Transforms in the Linear Dynamic Theory of Viscoelasticity
    1988, 27(4):  1-8. 
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     Various new variational principles are derived in a systematic manner from a transformed integral relation in linear theory of dynamic viscoelasticity, and the intrinsic relationship between the various variational principles can be explained clearly. With the new approach proposed by the author, the five-field, four-field, three-field, two-field and one-field new variational principles in terms of Laplace transforms can be established simply and directly. 

    Limit Cycles of a Quasi-Hamiltonian System
    Xu Zhao Yang Zonglian
    1988, 27(4):  9. 
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     We prove some theorems on limit cycles of the system =y2k-1+εP(x, y), =-g(x)+εQ(x,y) and its asymptotic solution is given. To illustrate the use of the results obtained in this paper, two examples are given. 

    On Efficiency of Integer Labellings
    1988, 27(4):  17. 
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     This paper proposes the pre-efficiency based on classical geometric probability as a measurement of efficiency of integer labellings in simplicial fixed point algorithms. Numerical experiment shows that, higher pre-efficiency of labellings results higher efficiency of computations. 

    New Subclasses of the Class of Typically-real Functions
    Liu Xiangyang Lin Hezeng
    1988, 27(4):  30-35. 
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     We prove that the integral operator of the form preserves the class T of typically-real functions if δ and γ satisfy certain restrictions. The subclass T(α, β) of T, which has close relations with the above integral operator is defined. When β=1, T(α, 1) is the class of α-typically-real functions introduced by Skalska. Properties of T (α, β) are discussed and two radius problems are solved. 

    Further Study on the AC Stark Effect in the Optically Pumped FIR Lasers
    1988, 27(4):  36-42. 
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     AC Stark effect of optically pumped FIR lasers had becn studied theorctically and experimentally by many authors. All analysis were based on the assumption that the FIR signal intensity was much smaller than the pumping field intensity and the pumping power density was kept constant everywhere throughout the sample tube. This was not true, because there were energy exchange between the pumping and FIR signals, so the pumping power density decayed continuously along the sample tube and at the same time the FIR power density grew relevantly. So the AC Stark splitting measured at the output end of an optically pumped FIR laser(OPFIRL) systems with sample tube of different length should not be the same.According to the theoretical analysis, we concluded as follows: For an actual optical pumped FIR laser excited by pumping laser of constant power density with pumping detuning x=0, the AC Stark splitting and its spectral line width observed at the output end should not be the same for different length of sample tube. The longer the length of the sample tube, the AC Stark splitting would be smaller and the line width of the laser line would be broader. These effects would be more considerable if the pumping power density was smaller.

    The Transverse Doppler Effect and General Relativity
    1988, 27(4):  43-49. 
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     Most experiments which test the transverse Doppler effect use the Mossbauer effect on a rotating dish—rotator. Because they are related to a rotational coordinate systera, they can be analysed in view of either special or general relativity. However, the former analyses in general relativity often simply use the principle of equivalence and thus can only explain the relative simple experiments. For more complex problems, it is difficult to explain perfectly if only the principle of equivalence is used. In this paper, we start from the general formula which was deduced by the fundamental principles of general relativity theory—the general relativity principle and the principle of equivalence, and use it to analyse the rotating dish experiment which tests the transverse Doppler effect. The formula can illustrate not only the simple experiments, but also the relative complex problems, and gives a better answer in general relativity theory. Thus, we affirm that the general relativity theory is of universal significance.

    Radiation Dose Characteristics of Alanine ESR Dosimeter
    Luo Daling Li Mianfeng Zhang Chunxiang Li Chenshui
    1988, 27(4):  50-54. 
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    The alanine ESR dosimeter is a new dosimeter which is used for measureing absorbed dose based on the quantitative evaluation of radiation induced free radicals by electron spin resonance spectrometer. The dose-responses of alanine for gamma-ray and for 2 Mev electron beam have been determined with ESR spectrometer of Model JES FEIXG. The zero dose reading, the lowest detection limit, the linarity and saturation regions of dose-response curves, and the effect of relative humidity during storage have been investigated. Meanwhile the D37 value has been given. 

    The Synthesis of Cyclo-[(gly)The-Pro-Leu-Val(L&D)-(gln) Thz]
    1988, 27(4):  55-62. 
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    Cyclo-[(gly) Thz-Pro-Leu-Val-(L&D)-(gln) Thz] (2) was synthesized. In this process, the thiazole amino acid, z-(L&D)(gln)ThzOH (6), was obtained by directly condensing a thioamide with bromopyruvic acid; the formation of peptide bond was carried out with DCC and azide methods and the cyclzation with DPPA in high dilution (10-3-10-4M). The product has mp. 180-186℃ (uncorr.), [α]D19-28.9℃(c 0.19, EtOH). 2 is structurally similar but not identical to Dolastatin-3. The preliminary physiological activity test shows that 6 has an effect of inhibiting lung cancer A-549 cell in concentration at 30-50μg/ml and 2 in 10-30μg/ml, and z-(gly)Thz-Pro-Leu-ValOH has not such activity. In addition, the preparation of γ-benzyl glutamate was improved.

    The Study of Effects of an Amorphous Copolymer P(VA-VP) on the Crystallization Behavior of PVA
    Feng Rongyin Liang Guomei Mo Bin
    1988, 27(4):  63-68. 
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     The crystallization behaviors and thermalproperties of the blends composed of poly (vinylalcohol-n-vinylpyrrolidone) (P(VA—VP)) hydrolyzed from poly (vinylacetate-n-vinylpyrrolidone) (P(VAC—VP)) and polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) have been studied by means of DSC, The relationship between the glass transition temperatures of the blends and their compositions is fitted for the Fox equation quite well, suggesting that the blends are compatible. The results show that the melting point, the enthalpy of fusion, the crystal lamella thickness and the crystallinity of PVA decrease with an increase in P(VA—VP) content in the blends, but the mechanism of nucleation and the growth of the PVA crystals do not change. The effects of the blend composition on the half time and the kinetic rate constant of crystallization also have been discussed

    Probing into the Mechanism of Generation and Development of the Monsoon Depression over South China Sea
    Liu Sichen Liang Biqi
    1988, 27(4):  77-88. 
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    The diagnostic analyses are made on a case of Monsoon Depression over South China Sea in the Middle of Aug., 1979. The FGGE3B data, the diagnostic balance model and the cumulus parameterization scheme are used. The results show that the decisive physical process to the genesis and development of the depression is latent heating, among which the cumulus convection heating is the largest, meanwhile the temperature advection and vorticity advection are also obvious. The contribution of the other terms is small. The development of the depression attributes to the feedback between cumulus convection and the largescale environment field. The genesis and development of the depression can be explained by CISK mechanism

    Effects of Triacetonamine-HCl(TAA) on Myocardial Transmembrane Potentials I. The Antiarrhythmic Mechanism of Triacetonamine
    Xu Shibo Wang Zhtguo Feng Jianlin Lin Yongcheng Long Kanghou
    1988, 27(4):  89-96. 
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     Triacetonamine-HCl(TAA) is synthesized artificially based on the molecular structure of the substance isolated from South China Sea Juncella squamata. The electrophysiological effects of TAA on transmembrane potentials of isolated guinea pig papillary and atrial muscles were studied using conventional intracellular microelectrode technique.1. Under normal superfusion condition, TAA(5, 7.5, 10mM) caused a significant increase in ERP, APD and ERP/APD90, and a slight decrease in the level of plateau. But RP, APA, Vmax were not influenced, and this suggested that TAA has no effects on INa and the conductability.2. TAA (1mM or 5mM) effectively inhibited the automaticity in normal superfusion, the spontaneous rhythm induced by Ba2+ (0.4mM) and the automaticity occuring during superfusion with O2—free Tyrode solution. The results gave a hint that TAA may increase Ik2 or decrease INa,b.3. TAA (0.2, 1, 5ml) significantly suppressed the slow response action potential caused by duperfusion with 17.5mM K+. The inhibition of APA and Vmax showed freqency-dependent manner. Verapamil had the same action in our experiment. The Antagonism was observed between TAA(5mM) and Ca2+ (5.4mM) on action potential. The results indicated that TAA has a diroctly inhibitory effect on the slow inward current (Isi).4. TAA(1mM or 5mM) evidently prolonged the latent period of action potential and raised the threshold stimulus of muscles. It showed that TAA decreases the excitability.5. TAA (lmM or 5mM) lengthened APD shortened by pretreatment with lidocaine or acetycholine. Thus TAA is infered to inhibit Ix1 and Ik1

    Seedling Growth Vigor and 32P, 14C Distributed in Tillers of Hybrid Rice
    Wang Yongrui Chen Kunchao Zhou Xiaoyang Yi Ping Liu Zhenshang
    1988, 27(4):  97. 
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     Hybrid rice D-You-63, D-You-64, Ging-You-Zhong, Xie-You-64, Wei-You-64, Wei-You-35 and Hua-You-63 have more tillering capability and tiller number over their parents and CK variety ’Shuang-Gui-36’ with positive superdominance heterosis (hp) respectively, but L30lAx R29 has less tillers than the sterile line. Between tiller number and 32P distributed (%) in tillers of Ging-You-Zhong, Xie-You-64, Wei-You-64, Wei-You-35, Hua-You-63 and D-You-63 positive correlation has shown except D-You-64 and L30lA x R29. Negative correlation is between tiller number and 14C distributed (%) in tillers of Ging-You-Zhong, Wei-You-64, Wei-You-35, Hua-You-63 withuot D-You-63 D-You-64. and Xie-You-64, Seedling plant dry weight of D-You-63, D-You-64, Xie-You-64 and Hua-You-63 have exceeded to their parents and CK variety. In seedling plant height Ging-You-Zhong, Xie-You-64, Hua-You-63, D-You-64 have higher than their parents and CK variety.The relationship between the grain yield and seedling plant vigor has been discussed in this paper.

    Bioassay of 6-Benzoylaminopurine and 6-Furoylaminopurine (Two New Synthetic Cytokinins)
    1988, 27(4):  104. 
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     6-Benzoylaminopurine(xj-4) and 6-Furoylaminopurine (xj-5) are two new synthetic cytokinins prepared by department of chemistry, zhongshan university. Two bioassay were used to detect the activities of these two cytokinins, namely the method of redish cotyledon and the synergistic of cytokinin with IAA or Ca++ to release ethylene. The activity of 6-benzoylaminopurine(xj-4) is higher than that of 6-furoylaminopurine (xj-5).The optimal concentration of 6-benzoylaminopurine is 5—10 mg/1, and that of 6-furoylaminopurine is 10—15 mg/1. Becauce of the structure of 6-benzoylaminopurine resemblance to that of 6-BA, their activities are very close. Due to its high activity and low production cost, 6-BA can be replaced by 6-benzoylaminopurine. Although the activity of 6-furoylaminopurine(xj-5)is more or less lower than xj-4, it is still one available new synthetic cytokinin due to its low production cost

    Establishment of a Cell Line from Spodoptera litura and its Susceptibility to Nuclear Polyhedrosis Viruses
    Xie Weidong Qu Shirui Pang Yi Wang XunZkang Pu Zhelong
    1988, 27(4):  113. 
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    A cell line, ZSU-SL-1, initiated in September, 1986, from embryos of cotton leafworm, Spodoptera litura was in 44th passages in September, 1987. The cell line consists of single, epithelial-like cells that are polyploid with chromosome numbefs ranging from 56 to 260. The growth rate was determined at 27℃ and 20℃, and doubting time was between 100-144 hr. The cell culture of Spodoptera litura can be heavily infected with both Spodoptera litura NPY and Trichoplusia ni NPV. 

    Studies on Three Strains of Trypanosoma Evansi Isolated from Horses and Buffaloes in China Ⅱ. A study of Polymorphism in Trypanosoma Evansi
    1988, 27(4):  117. 
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     The present paper reports the polymorphism occurring the three strains of Trypanosoma evansi found in South China (akinetoplast strain, horse strain and buffalo strain). A new form not previously reported is described here as a variant form. The cytoplasm and nucleus of this variant form is loose so that can be easily distinguied from the other forms such as slender form, short form and stumpy form. The average size of this new form is 20.2(l8.4~27.3)μm X 3.8(3.0~4.6)μm. It has been demonstrated by continous examinations of blood smears of infected mice for two full years that this variant form is a commonly present in all of the three strains of T. evansi in this country. This variant form can also be found in the blood smears of mice infected by the clones of the above three strains of T. evansi

    Study of the Relation between the Speed of Bloch Wall and the Rate of External Field in (BiTm)3 (FeGa)5 O12 Film
    1988, 27(4):  122. 
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    The movement of Bloch wall in (BiTm)3(FeGa)5O12 film has been studied under different increasing rates of external magnetic field by means of photography. The obtained result shows that the relation between the speed of domain wall and the increasing rate of external field is consistent with that given by dynamic equation of moving wall. 

    Study on the Melting Process of PBT/PET Blends by DSC
    Yang Hua Yang Shikun Chen Yujun
    1988, 27(4):  125-129. 
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     The melting process of poly(butylene terephthalate) (PBT)/poly(ethylene terephthalate) (PET) blends has been studied by DSC. It has been found that components in the blends prepared by codissolution-coprecipitation crystallize separately, and the existence of PET suppresses the crystaliization of PBT. On the other hand, the melting behavior of blends made by melting mixture varies, changing from two melting peaks to one melting peak with increase of mixing time, which is ascribed to the ester exchange during mixing

    Determination of Carbonhydrate Components of Fruit Juice by ~1H NMR
    1988, 27(4):  130-133. 
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    WATR method of 1H NMR has been applied to direct determination of fresh fruit juice at the observe frequency of 89.55 MHz, proton exchange reagent 0.5-1.0 M NH4CI solution and pH=6.2. Thus the carbonhydrate components of various fruit juice were determined.